FGD: Singing the Blues


The second to last game of this mercifully short season for the Flames will be played tonight at the Scotttrade Centre in St. Louis (which, according to wi, is an awesome place to watch a hockey game).

The game itself is mostly meaningless aside from playoff positioning – but let’s be real, here: Chicago, Los Angeles and Vancouver are all making it out of the first round. Unless St. Louis loses its way to the 7 seed, they’re done in the first.

The Flames will take on Jay Bouwmeester and the St. Louis Blues, who clinched a playoff spot a couple of nights ago, leading to this reaction from Jbo:

It’s good, I guess.

 What a guy.

Line Up

  • Mike Cammalleri – Matt Stajan – Lee Stempniak
  • Sven Baertschi – Mikael Backlund – Jiri Hudler
  • Paul Byron – Roman Horak – Roman Cervenka
  • Max Reinhart – Blair Jones – Tim Jackman
  • Mark Giordano – Dennis Wideman
  • TJ Brodie – Mark Cundari
  • Chris Butler – Anton Babchuk
  • Joey MacDonald

Chris Butler will be playing for the US in the upcoming World Championships – which is hilarious because he is awful. This leads me to the conclusion the US team is awful, which can’t be too far off since Butler is a member of it. Baertschi will be playing for the Swiss and Hudler will suit up for the Czechs.

MacDonald gets the start in net tonight, which is kinda sad because a. Kipper has one game left in his career and should be starting b. we’re missing a glorious chance to see Leland Irving get lit up one last time for old time’s sake.

Bancks, Hanowski, Aliu, Street and Carson will be in the press box tonight, which seems like the right call: none of these guys are NHLers and barring a major step forward will likely spend the rest of their career in the minors as tweeners.

The Enemy

  • Jaden Schwartz – David Backes – Alexander Steen
  • Andy McDonald – Vladimir Sobotka – Chris Stewart
  • David Perron – Patrik Berglund – Vladimir Tarasenko
  • Adam Cracknell – Chris Porter – Ryan Reaves
  • Jay Bouwmeester – Alex Pietrangelo
  • Jordan Leopold – Kevin Shattenkirk
  • Kris Russell – Roman Polak
  • Brian Elliott

Bouwmeester has a goal and 5 assists in 12 games since being traded to the Blues. He won’t keep up that pace forever, but scoring like that while playing against the toughest the league has to offer (again) is impressive as hell.

TJ Oshie is done for the rest of the season due to an ankle injury. I always like watching Oshie play: there’s not one thing he’s amazing at, but he’s very good at everything. Special player.

Brian Elliott has managed to salvage his season, as he’s improved his EVSV% to above replacement level (.916). Both of the Blues’ other goaltenders are at .911 EVSV%, so it’s probably best to roll with Elliott for now. I don’t think Elliott is the best of the three, but it’s a lot closer than most people think.

Possible Playoff Clinchers

West: Minnesota (CBJ loss in regulation) and Detroit (getting one more point than CBJ does tonight).

East: Ottawa (getting one more point than WPG does tonight) and New York (getting one more point than WPG does tonight).

Draft Pick Watch

NJ, BUF, PHI, CAR, EDM, NSH, TB, COL and FLA are all in the draft pick hunt along with the Flames. The first 4 are ahead of the Flames and the last 5 are behind them. If the Flames lose in regulation tonight, the best they can finish is 24th.

Sum It Up

Watch the game, drink some beer, don’t worry too much about the results. Game starts at 6 PM on SNET.

Go Flames.

    • McRib

      Hahah, Damn you just beat me to the punch!!!! Tampa winning against Florida tomorrow puts us in a Tie with them as well if we loose to Chicago, Lol. Goals for and against would put us ahead of Carolina in draft standings?!?!?

  • McRib

    Carolina picks up a point tonight!!! We are tied with them… What is they Tie beaker after points and wins?!?!? Tampa will most likely win against Florida…. Fifth or even fourth overall is within reach!!!! Go Edmonton Go!!!

  • McRib

    Carolina picks up a point tonight!!! We are tied with them… What is the tie beaker after points and wins?!?!? Tampa will most likely win against Florida…. Fifth or even fourth overall is within reach!!!! Go Edmonton Go!!!

    • RKD

      Also, Calgary has more regulation wins than any of the other teams picking ahead of us. This explains why Columbus would need to pass Detroit in points outright because Detroit has 20 regulation wins and Columbus only has 17. We lose all tiebreakers with our 19 regulation wins.

      • McRib

        Ya crap we are still behind them!!! They have one shootout win we have none, obviously!! Those wins against Anaheim and Minnesota could have cost us Mackinnon/Drouin…

          • RKD

            ISS on Lindholm: Superior hockey IQ. 2-way player. Work ethic 2nd to none. Complete player in all 3 zones. Drouin probably has the highest ceiling but may not reach it. McKinnon is probably most likely to reach his ceiling.

          • McRib

            Or a JT Compher who is having a SOLID U18s!!! Every prospect this year seems to keep getting better as the season progresses… Why its such a deep draft. Even a Morgan Kilimchuk is looking great at the U18s we could get him with our third first rounder!!! Not very often someone drafts a player of his caliber with their third pick. Nic Petan would be an interest third picks as well, although we might need more size.

          • McRib

            Ya Lindholm very well could be, one thing is for certain in a weaker draft year… i.e. any other year, he would not be available to us at the range he is this year.

  • McRib

    I googled it after wins/losses its…The greater number of games won by the Club (excluding games won in the Shootout). Then the greater differential between goals scored for and against by clubs having equal standing under priority (d)…. Unfortunately I think Carolina would still be ahead of us considering we never win in shootouts….

  • RKD

    We have had a lot of discussions on the value of grit, size and toughness on this site. People like me get criticized for valuing it as apparently it can’t be measured. Teams that value it seem to be doing ok as we are witnessing tonight.

  • McRib

    We’re gonna need the help from the HOCKEY GODS to get the 4th or 5th pick. Im guessing we get 6th. That’s ok I’m sure jay swaps with the other first rounders. It’s great to just know that our cupboards are being restocked. I was thrilled with Sven tonight! He’s our main guy now! Poor winter peg fans! They feel how we’ve felt since 06, barely missing and mid draft pick! I think they should come up with a limit on how many consecutive yrs you can have the top pick…. ie oil !

  • Everyone thinks that the Flames actually WANT that top pick. They don’t even want to use the word rebuild, why would they want to get a high draft pick? They already have Jankowski in the pipelines, and he’s going to be that 100+, #1 centre they always needed. Already have him, don’t need more. Yep, that’s Feaster’s motto.

    The Flames are going to trade their own first rounder + others (probably someone good, Baertschi or Backlund) for Ryan Miller. Mark my words. Flames management wants playoffs next year? We will have Ryan Miller in net.

  • No way all the teams ahead of us lose out the stretch. No way we beat Chicago.

    We’re picking 4-6.

    At that spot, we’ll be able to grab a solid C.

    There is not a chance we ice a competitive team next year unless other teams are handcuffed & have to deal capable players.

  • Craig

    I would love more than anything for all of our stars to align and for us to draft 4th overall, and for us to take Barkov. The best thing about this kid is his age, he’s two weeks away from being draft eligible next year (!) and he’s putting up numbers like he is in a mens league. But it’s more likely that we’ll draft 6-7th in which I would not be mad at drafting Lindholm, and would be ok with Monahan. If we go off the board in this top ten, then the organisation is doomed.