Flames Finish 25th…



…And are in line to draft 6th overall in the draft, absent an lottery enduced changes. Calgary has an 6.2% chance to win the lottery and pick first overall. It’s also possible someone back in the order wins the thing, which would bump the Flames to 7th.

The Flames franchise has never picked in the top-5 in the NHL draft and there’s a 94% chance that won’t happen this June, despite the club’s best efforts to finish as low as possible. The only other time the organization has picked as high as 6th, they chose Rico Fata and Daniel Tkaczuk.

*a chill wind blows across Calgary*

Sixth also means the Flames are likely out of range for any of the top tier talents (MacKinnon, Jones, Drouin, Barkov) although it would only take one or two non-consensus picks by teams before them for one of those guys to drop within range. For now, though, it seems the team will have to content itself with some of the other admittedly strong talents in the projected top-10.

We’ll have much more detail on this in the off-season. For now, speculate and discuss.

  • supra steve

    I know it’s fun to speculate and imagine where the Flames will draft and who the Flames will select with any and all of their first rounders (god knows I spend to much time doing just that). However, if last year’s first taught me anything, it is that the team will have a list and that list will be “unique”…and they are going to stick to that list.

    I can easily imagine Feaster calling out the name Nichushkin, even if some of you and some other teams have turned up their noses due to the “Russian” factor. I’m not advocating the Russian (or any player), but this scouting department has surprised us in the recent past, and I can’t yet claim that they have bungled any picks in that recent past. Most important to me now is that they get to know these kids, so that they have an idea where their futures lie. Pretty easy to cross a player off the list just because of where he plays/was born or to add one because of his dad’s bloodlines, but that would be really dumb at this time with these picks.

    Good luck to the Flames at Monday’s lotto, and here’s hoping that their final draft list is guided by the hand of GOD! He/She is a Flames fan after all.

    • gotommygo

      ‘ However, if last year’s first taught me anything, it is that the team will have a list and that list will be “unique”…and they are going to stick to that list.’

      That’s my thoughts exactly. Nichushkin wouldn’t surprise me as our first pick, or as RexLibris has suggested, someone a little further down the line like Shinkaruk or Domi.

      I’m ready to expect the unexpected. It would be unexpected for us to win the lottery.

    • BurningSensation

      I’m really coming around on Nichushkin too, with the latest reason being that he has apparently had more than a few stints at centre in the KHL.

      A 6’4″, 200lb, fast skating, high skill C/W who can shoot the lights out?

      Yes please.

      I get that Monahan has the right country of origin, but he just doesn’t have the high ceiling that Nichushkin has been flashing.

  • supra steve

    Well 6th pick isn’t ideal but if we get Lindholm or Monahan that is ok. We will be back in the fight for 1st overall next year and perhaps the year after as we will rebuilding for awhile.

    • Franko J

      If Calgary is in the top 3 for 2015 I wouldn’t mind that all. Can you say McDavid ?
      That guy is already projected to go 1st overall.

      As for next year Ekbland appears to be intriguing.

  • BobB

    Hey Kent.

    I think it’s Pulock not Poluck. (in the poll)

    He is a right shooting “d” but somehow I’m not convinced. People are saying “ceiling… Al Macinnis”… I’m thinking ceiling Dennis Wideman.

    I’d go hard after him with our St.Louis pick, but being a right shooter there is no way he hangs around till the 25th pick.

  • fretsey

    Just to play Devils Advocate….Feaster should have suspended Kipper for refusing a trade,Hartley would have HAD to play Irving and MacBackup and we would now be in 30th place.

  • joey joe joe jr shabadoo

    What nonsense. Some of you are really naive or really, really young.

    to think teams just ‘roll over’ is laughable. The NHL is the top league in the world and every single player, coach, manager, etc, etc, has had to make huge compromises and has had to work their entire life to get there. If you think for a second that those guys aren’t out there competing for their livelihood and a chance to live their dream, I would have to say you haven’t experienced much of the world.

    Do you think a guy like Nate Thompson cares if the lighting pick 3rd or 6th overall? You don’t think Paul Gaustad isn’t out there playing for his next contract? If those guys don’t care or aren’t motivated, then their career would be over before they knew it. There are literally hundreds, thousands, of guys across the world who would take their jobs in a heartbeat if they had the chance. And they would fight as long and as hard as they could to keep it once they got there. Somehow ‘tanking’ games or playing to lose doesn’t seem like a sound strategy if you want to earn your spot or play in the NHL for very long.


    • fretsey

      I think it is naive to ignore all the people that sign giant contracts and then phone it in for 5-10 years. Not everyone is competing at an optimal level all of the time. Perhaps people don’t intentionally crap the bed, but they certainly start to phone it in.

    • It’s a little insulting to think that you know more than the rest of us because we’re “naive or young”. I’m 27, and have been following this team since I was a child. World experience? Don’t even get me started. That’s a very presumptuous and arrogant statement. I’m not naive, I’ve just watched this team, through good and bad, and have become absolutely frustrated with the entire state of things.

      Sure, maybe some of the frustration is taken out on the wrong people. But who is to blame? They’ve gone through countless coaches, they burned out Jarome Iginla (who has been fantastic since he left) and Miikka Kiprusoff, so what now? What’s the problem?

      And don’t tell me that teams don’t throw games. Lots of teams have been suspected of doing it for specific playoff matchups. I’m pretty sure there was a hubbub about Detroit doing it a few years ago so they had a more favourable opponent in the first round.

      There was no need to play Macdonald in any of those finals games, especially when he was playing well. Give Irving that final look. Give Taylor a look. That’s why GlenX and the others who were ‘injured’ didn’t play those games. They didn’t matter.

      I simply believe that this team has run out of excuses. “Iginla was a cancer”. “Sutter was an arsehole”. “Butter lost the room”. “Give Feaster season”. These are all the types of things that have been said for 10+ years. Time for something completely new.


  • Haha. My original comment was made under the influence of alcohol while watching the Flames draft pick get lower and lower. On top of that, my two fantasy teams (both in 1st all season), which were both in the championship round, lost on the last day of the NHL season by a point each. Bawwwww.

    Anyways, I still stick by my original opinions. The thing here is that the Flames played sh*tty ALL SEASON. Only when there was nothing left to play for did they start to win. Don’t tell me things like “the players play hard all the time” – you obviously never saw a game this season. Brodie may have played well. Backlund was great. But a couple players does not a team make.

    There was a point where the Flames didn’t have a win unless they scored 4+ goals. That means the other teams were scoring at least 3 goals a game. That’s one sign of a bad defense and a bad goalie (we had both).

    Sure, I don’t want the Flames to just let opposing skaters skate in and score. I love hockey and want to watch a fun game. But it’s not fun when your team decides that “the pressure’s off, now we can just have fun and play hockey”.

    I remember the Flames of the 90s. They said that sh*t all the time. And that’s why they never had a top 5 pick. And still dont’.

  • No real blame belongs to the players, coaches or GM for the Flames year end winning streak. They got the bounces for a few games is all. Even really, really lousy teams win a few games in this league.

    GM did pretty much everything possible to lose down the stretch, short of forfeiting games.

  • EugeneV

    Watched 2 hockey games yesterday, hoping the Lightning and Predators would win to get the Flames up into the 3rd pick in the draft. But NO, both of them give up leads in the 3rd Period and lose. THEN Carolina, having to lose by 5 or more against the Penguins give up 5 unanswered in the 3rd to lose 8-3 and knock the Flames one spot higher up the draft order.
    To TOP IT OFF Jarome Bloody Iginla assisted on the last Penguins goal with 49 seconds left.
    Thanks Jarome. NOT.
    And a BIG shout out to Steve Begin for his 2 fluky goals against Detroit last week as well.
    I blame Begin for this happening.

  • EugeneV

    I also beg to differ on what the definition of a “Franchise Player” is.

    A Franchise Player to me is:

    Current Players:
    Ovechkin (2004), Malkin (2004), Crosby (2005), Toews (2006)

    Retired Players (drafted 1984 or later)
    1984 Lemieux, Roy, Hull,
    1987 Sakic
    1988 Modano
    1989 Sundin, Lidstrom, Bure
    1990 Jagr, Brodeur (still playing)
    1991 Lindros, Forsberg

    So to me it would be VERY foolish to say that there are 4 or 5 “Franchise Players” in this draft. (new age bs term)

    I honestly think that not 1 “Franchise Player” was produced from 1992 – 2003. Some Really good or possibly even great players from that era (Jarome Iginla), but not Franchise Players.

    Franchise Players should not be defined as: Very good, Really good, or even Great. They should be more than that.

    • Truculence

      I agree with most of what you said, especially as it pertains to the way that the term `franchise player`is thrown around. To me a franchise player is one who dominates at his position vis-a-vis his peers over the course of his career.

      However, if you are gonna include Sundin (!), Bure (!) and Modano as franchise players, then you gotta include Iginla. Hell, if we are setting such lofty standards for a franchise player, why Bure- a purely one dimensional player- is on that list is beyond me. The list can also most definitely be expanded to include the likes of Pronger, Yzerman, and Scott Neidermeyer.

      • EugeneV

        I personally never liked Sundin, and could live with taking he and Modano off the list, but Bure was SCARY.
        At least Modano won a cup.
        Yzerman was drafted before ’84.
        Pronger and Niedermeyer? No way.

    • Truculence

      I like Toews, but he’s not in the same stratosphere as Crosby et al. and you forgot Stamkos, btw.

      You include Toews, Sundin, and Modano but not Iginla, Alfredsson, or Thornton. Yeah. Okay.

      It seems your definition of “Franchise player” is as subjective (and arbitrary) as anyone else’s.

      • EugeneV

        Of course it is subjective.

        That’s the point.

        Definitely not Alfredsson or Iginla. Great players, HOF’ers definitely, but not players you REALLY go to watch. I mean Really watch. When Orr or Lemieux were on the ice, they were the only players people looked at. The other 11 were invisible. Iggy? not so much. no offense. good player though.

        Sentimentality gets you nowhere.

        Thornton? Really? HaHaHa

        The point is that historically there is only 1 player in a draft; and not every draft, where you find that “Franchise Player”

        • Truculence

          What the hell are you talking about? Iggy has no offense? Man, I agree with you that only certain players can be considered generational talents, but you`re pretty nuts in regards to everything else.

          And there`s no cosmic rule stating that there can only be one `franchise player`per draft! lol

        • BurningSensation

          dude thornton has played the best comp in the chell his entire career and has scored more than 1100 points doing so. you’re insane if you don’t think he’s a franchise player.