FN Weekend Open Thread – Design FN Swag, Win Prizes



So as many of the regular readers here probably know, OilersNation has a collection of gear, including stickers, hoodies and t-shirts. We want to get something like that going here at FlamesNation, but with a twist – we want FN readers help in designing them.

As you can see from the links, ON gear ranges from cool and clean (hoodies) to comedic (Squee shirts). We’ll take both and everything in between if the design works. Feel free to incorporate the FN logo, inside jokes from the site (keep your feet moving) and maybe even prior photoshop contests.

So the floor is wide open. The focus is t-shirts right now with an view to expanding to other stuff down the road, so keep that in mind. The owners A team of highly trained monkeys and FN contributors will determine some finalists and we’ll likely put the contest to a vote here on FN to determine a winner*.

Send your entries kent.wilson@gmail.com.

*The winner will get 5 free FN shirts with the winning design on them as soon as they come off the assembly line**. The Nations will give credit to the designer but will own the design in perpetuity from then on. If you enter the contest, you agree to these conditions.

**That’s how shirts are made, right?