FN Weekend Open Thread – FlamesNation Gear Round 2



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So as everyone may or may not know, we plan to roll out some FN shirts this month. As explained here, we’re leaving the design/slogan on them up to FN readers. We got a lot of interesting suggestions last time, so we’re going to narrow things down by putting some of the top ones to a vote.

Vote on the candidates. Pick your top 3 choices of the options below:

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Once we narrow down the field, we’ll need actual design submissions (ie; graphic photoshopped deals, like the header pic above) to move on to the next step and give away some shirts. If you submit a winning design, you’ll get the first 5 shirts of that design in whatever sizes you want*.

If there is something you’d like to see that isn’t on above list, feel free to add it in the comments. If it has enough support from others, we can include it in the design phase of the contest as well.

*Legal stuff – by submitting a design and accepting a prize in this contest, you agree that FlamesNation and the Nation Network owns the rights to that design in perpetuity going forward.