Flames Reportedly Come to Terms with Ramo



– pic via Lisa Nevostrueva

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According to Andy Strickland, the Flames have come to terms with Karri Ramo on a multiple year deal. The deal can’t be officially confirmed/announced until July 5th, the date that Ramo’s KHL contract ends.

We’ll treat this as "rumor" for now, but Strickland is reputable and is pretty cut and dried in his article. It’s interesting the Flames would go with a "mulit-year" deal since Ramo is still kind of an unknown NHL commodity. That said, a 2+ year contract was likely part of the price of convincing Ramo to leave the KHL given his level of success and (likely) the size of contracts he could have commanded had he stayed overseas. 

There’s little doubt Ramo will be inked under a one-way deal, so all that’s left to see is the dollar/cap figure.

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  • Jeff Lebowski

    I think that with the goaltending being questionable (in terms of actual ability) it’s going to be a good thing in terms of rebuilding.

    What I mean is, the necessity for a possession built team. Once the team achieves that level of play it will allow a goalie to look good instead of the opposite.

    If all the stars align Calgary will hopefully be a good team when Gillies arrives.

    These other guys (Ramo, Berra etc) are just spit balls where hopefully something sticks.

    On another note, the oilers nation interview with Nurse has me coming away impressed.

  • Scary Gary

    That photo is a beauty Kent! Just look at those locks, this guy has to be good.

    But seriously I’m looking forward to him suiting up with the flaming C to see what he can do.

  • Scary Gary

    Feaster has already won the Bourque-Cammalleri deal, but if this guy works out it’ll be a home run. The Flames don’t usually win trades… hopefully he can play.

  • The Last Big Bear

    I’m guessing $3-4m per year, for 2-3 years. He’s an established pro, you gotta make it worth his while, especially considering that:

    a) he’s probably already making in that ballpark, and

    b) it’s likely to be difficult for him to get another NHL contract because
    the Flames are going to make him look terrible.

    I know the stats guys will say “Only under exceptional circumstances does a goalie’s EV sv% vary significantly with the quality of team in front of them.”

    I agree. This Flames team is likely going to be the future definition of statistically exceptional circumstances. And not in a good way.

    • the forgotten man

      He’s not an establisher NHLer though, we don’t need another Stajan contract where 3-4m a year is wasted if he’s not going to be a starter, as he’s unproven.

    • Double Dion

      Agreed, I think Ramo will be decent. Certainly better than the goaltending we received last year. Of course a shooter-tutor would be better than the goaltending we got last year.

    • BurningSensation

      I have to believe this is dangerously flawed thinking.

      The Flames desperately need elite talent at every position, including goaltender. If it turns out Ramo is an elite goaltender capable of elevating the team into a playoff spot, I would think this would be a cause for celebration.

      • I should be more specific: I don’t want Ramo to have an elite season next year that would be an aberration relative to his actual skill level. Sometimes merely good/average goalies have a strong run and it sends all the wrong signals to the decision makers and hampers draft position for poor clubs. See: Steve Mason.

        Im okay if Ramo arrives and turns out to be legitimately elite.

    • That’s oilers talk! I’m in the business of cheering for my team… this season was painful enough hoping for those final loses for position. If he does turn out to be great, then maybe we can pull an Ottawa and stay interesting, and at least …try.

      • supra steve

        Sorry to rain on your theory, but it kinda has been a bad thing in Calgary. An elite tender on a team like PITT would make them Cup winners, but on a team like Calgary? Were you not paying attention over the last eight years?

        I hope Ramo has a good year and shows flashes of net-minding brilliance, but for 2013-14 (and perhaps 2014-15) we don’t really need/or want elite tending. After that, if he develops into an elite talent, no one will be happier then me.

        Two extra wins this season were the difference between drafting 6th and getting a potential top six forward or drafting 2nd and getting a potential super-star. And if we had Kipper at top form in 2012-13 where would we be?

          • supra steve

            Obviously, he hasn’t been elite for each of the last eight years. I didn’t say that he was.

            But over that span, did he not have an effect on the team? Did he not make them seem better than they probably were? Was he good enough to get us to the dance (playoffs) when the team was not quite good enough to compete once it got there? Over 3 of the last 4 years, was he good enough to make the Flames feel they had a legitimate chance to make the playoffs? Did that effect the way the team was managed and how they utilized their assets?

            If Ramo is elite next year what do you think the net result will be? Would they be good enough to make the playoffs (and lose in the 1st round), or just good enough to place 9th in the conference? What moves would such a run tempt Feaster into making? Trade Sven/Nichushkin/2014 1st rounder for help for the playoff race? Would it be a positive for the future of the organization? Is the goal to make the playoffs, or is the goal to win the Stanley Cup?

          • RexLibris

            Your quote: “Is the goal to make the playoffs, or is the goal to win the Stanley Cup?”

            NAIL ON THE HEAD.

            That to me is the main point fans need to ask. Because those 2 scenarios are completely different. This question is THE question that impacts EVERYTHING. I think management has somehow tricked fans into accepting the goal of making the playoffs. This question impacts every single thing we ever talk about on this website. From drafting to trades to UFAs and even coaching.

            From my daily reads on this site I’d suggest most fans, even passionate ones on a website like this, are on the ‘make the playoffs’ train, which I find completely frustrating….

          • Parallex

            “Did he not make them seem better than they probably were?”

            Some years he did… but there were other years where he made the team look worse then they were. It’s not like Kipper has been the lipstick on the proverbial pig… he’s been a big part of the pig.

            Really, you’re hoping that the Flames don’t have an elite player so that… they can later draft an elite player? Cognitive dissonance.

          • supra steve

            You are hearing what you want to hear. I said, “if he develops into an elite talent, no one will be happier then me”. Ideally, that happens after we have drafted a few more elite talents. Then we win the Stanley Cup. Then I think we would all be happy.

          • RexLibris

            Yes and no. It becomes a problem if it masks symptoms of mediocrity, or worse.

            Flames fans are perfectly justified, in my opinion, in being suspicious of elite level goaltending (which is still entirely theoretical at this point) ahead of a roster in such obvious disarray.

  • icedawg_42

    if the pens get bounced, should mcfeaster dangle some bait in front of shero for eugene malkin? now that the flames have the 2 best goalies in the world outside the nhl slated to be in the nhl?

  • Parallex

    if the pens get bounced, should mcfeaster dangle some bait in front of shero for eugene malkin? now that the flames have the 2 best goalies in the world outside the nhl slated to be in the nhl?

    • Parallex

      Not to speak for someone else but I think that what they want is for him to not be so good that it masks the true talent level of the remainder of the team… personally I think it’s silly to on the one hand bemoan the lack of elite talent on the team and then with the other actively state a desire for an acquired asset to not be elite.

  • I’ve got this sneaking suspicion that Calgary is going to pull a Florida the next two years.

    Bounce back in terms of goaltending combined with some mediocre veterans acquired through trade/FA will lead to a playoff push though I’m not sure we will quite make it like FLA did because our division will be much tougher.

    Then the next year, injuries and regression hit hard and we bottom out placing us nicely for the McDavid lottery.

    Year 3 a young team with some veteran pieces finishes 9th, like FLA will next year.

    Year 4 the Flames have their own version of Huburdeau, Gubranson, Mackinon and Markstorm in Sven, McDavid, Brodie and Gillies.

    Love it!

  • Ramo’s KHL deal ended on April 30. He can’t sign in the NHL until July 5 under a weird rule in the CBA that notes he’s a qualified RFA (Tampa qualified him before he left for Russia) who defected, and thus he can’t sign until free agency day.

    It’s a weird rule.

  • So now that this is apparently out of the way, are they finaly gonna get to work on TJ Brodie. Apparently reading on Twitter today, the Flames haven’t even approached him about a new contract, REALLY? I have no idea what they could be thinking, are they thinking of trading him at the draft?

  • the forgotten man

    Bwhaahahaha…couldn’t be happier it looks like Iginla will get bounced from the playoffs…thats what happens when you kibosh deals at the twelfth hour…the only joke on us is holding onto him for 2 years too many.

  • RKD

    If Kipper does indeed retire, then my guess its Ramo and MacDonald next season as the tandem. Irving will be gone. I heard Kipper was going to make a decision the first week of June, maybe he told Feaster he is going to retire and there will be a press conference soon.

  • icedawg_42

    I think the real problem is, if Ramo comes in and is replacement or league average, then it stands to reason the team will finish in the 9-11 range once again. …Stuck in the middle, not drafting high, not making playoffs. I’m pretty sick of that.

    • I think the Flames underlying results take a big dive this year, so I doubt a merely average tender will prop them up to any meaningful degree.

      Unless Feaster goes out and signs every middling but expensive vet he can find on the market. Then they might run in place in terms of possession.

  • RexLibris

    I would agree with some of the general sentiment above. The worst case for the Flames is if Ramo (and to a lesser extent MacDonald) perform well and obscure any roster weaknesses, the way they were for years under Kiprusoff.

    Sadly, many managers seem to be blinded by results when the underlying methods are highly suspect. I would hope that management has learned that lesson after this season, but I am skeptical.

  • supra steve

    Wow, good thing Sven didn’t have a Calder type of a year, we might have finished in 9th or 10th. Hopefully Backlund & Brodie don’t take steps to being elite as well next year so we can suck. Cmon, we all know the huge change that had to happen was we needed to get a new core of leaders and star players in this league. That wasn’t going to happen with Iggy & Kipper. The team was built around those two. We have to move forward & find our future elite players & they all aren’t going to show up at one time & they all aren’t going to have the fanfare of a #1 overall splash. I will be delighted to see Ramo step in & kick ass. We need to get a little lucky here too. I am not an advocate for hoping to suck, the suck is going to come because we have no established elite players going into next year. The big changes have finally happened, lets get back to winning with new players as soon as possible. Who ever we put on the ice, lets hope they succeed. Whats wrong that???