Fn Weekend Open Thread – FN shirt Designs



Now that we’ve more or less determined what kind of shirt slogans we want for the upcoming FlamesNation Gear batch we’re realeasing at the end of the month, I figured it was time to share some desgins to go with them. Here’s a selection of what a reader has sent over so far (including the header graphic above):

(No Post Apex Players)

(Post Apex Player)

Let us know what you like and what you don’t in the comments. Also, vote for what you consider the best design overall (ie; that’s a shirt I’d buy!). If you think you have a better idea for a t-shirt graphic/design, please send it over to Kent.Wilson@gmail.com. As mentioned, if we pick your design, you’ll get 5 free shirts as soon as they are finished being hand stitched by the folks we have stashed away in a basement somewhere.*

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*(Just kidding of course – the shirts are not hand stitched). 


  • piscera.infada

    A note on your disclaimer…

    Are we to assume that, although the shirts are not hand stitched, you DO have folks ‘stashed away in a basement somewhere’?

      • RexLibris

        Dallas Eakins is arguably the most sought after coach available (Tippet isn’t really available). Apparently he picked Edmonton in a bidding war between Vancouver, NYR and Dallas, including 2 meetings with Vancouver this week. This move scares me actually… I hope Vancouver really wanted him though, cause anytime Vancouver loses anything I’m happy.

        PS – whats up with the articles? We need more to talk about than t-shirts and the Oilers.

        • RexLibris

          I’m reluctant to see Krueger dismissed so quickly, but glad that Eakins has been hired. MacTavish certainly isn’t wasting any time putting his plan into place.

          This kind of pace is frenetic compared to Tambellini.

          As for the pace of articles on the Nations, not to put words in Kent’s mouth, but from everything I’ve heard from the media, the Flames are being very tight-lipped, defensive even, about their off-season plans. There was an interview with one of the TSN insiders (sorry, can’t recall who right now) a few weeks ago who was commenting that virtually nothing had been leaked from Flames head office about draft prospects, free-agent plans, and so on.

          Unfortunately, with the Flames season being over so soon (no offense intended) most of the post-mortem has been covered.

          How about this for a discussion topic: if we were to assume that no player taken in this year’s draft becomes an NHL regular this year, and that the Flames start with MacDonald and Ramo in net as well as modest free-agent additions to the wing, what would be a reasonable expectation of where this team finishes next season? Keeping in mind the realignment of the league, in the Pacific Division of 7 teams, could the Flames expect to finish higher than 4th, if everything breaks in their favour? Lower?

          Which teams in their diviion (San Jose, L.A., Vancouver, Edmonton, Anaheim, and Phoenix) could the Flames be said to be stronger than? This is going to start an argument, but at this time I don’t think they have an advantage over any of them.

          The next division has Winnipeg, Dallas, Chicago, Colorado, Minnesota, Nashville, and St. Louis and I can’t honestly say that at this time the Flames have any clear advantage and would put them on par with my expectations of Winnipeg (I expect some modest improvement from Colorado).

          • RexLibris

            Rex – I agree with you. Next year we should finish bottom 2 in the division. No argument here. But I’m basing that on my hopes that Feaster takes a slow methodical approach to the next year, and keeps slowly adding young prospects and restocking. I want to get a top 5 pick next year.

            I think its impossible to predict where we finish next year because like you said the Flames are so tight lipped that we have no idea what is going on…

            The pessimist in me thinks Feaster/Edwards are being honest about hoping to make the playoffs next year and are going to blow $25 million on ridiculous UFAs, dumb trades and bring in a bunch of 33 year olds from whoever wins the cup this year resulting in a solid finish just outside the playoffs.

            I hadn’t thought about how the realignment impacts the playoffs, but it appears to be pretty bleak for us in the near future. I can’t honestly look in the mirror and say with a straight face that we can beat any team in our division… Dangit, I liked it much better when the Oilers were a joke and we could at least slot ourselves up a few spots…. But then again I want a lotto pick next year, so its all good.

          • RexLibris

            When Feaster made that now-infamous “marching orders” comment the first thought that crossed my mind was “have they even considered what realignment does to their chances?”

          • I’d predict CGY and EDM fighting over 6th and 7th, PHX and ANA doing the same for 4th and 5th, while VAN, LA, and SJ take the top 3 spots– with each of the groupings decided by quality of goaltending. Probably predictable but it’s the best I got.

    • loudogYYC

      A buddy of mine brought up an interesting point about Hemsky. I think that’ll be a good way to gauge how Feaster did with JBo. I see them as similar’ish contracts/assets. JBo more $, but more elite. Both on expiring contracts. As a more elite and more unique talent JBo should fetch more than Hemsky, but otherwise its a fairly apples to apples comparison IMO.

      People keep saying its hard to know if Feaster was fleeced on Jbo or if that was just the market and he best he could do. I’m in the camp that approved of the trade before it occurred, but think we got fleeced with the return. If the Oilers get close to what we got for JBo (or better) I’d suggest its fairly cut and dry we got hosed. Time will tell….

      PS – I’m actually sad the Oilers fired their coach. Hadn’t heard that… I approved of the job their coach did last year (ha..) I don’t want there to be any chance of a new coach to come in and really change things up for the better.

      • Jeff Lebowski

        I think if you want to compare the return honestly it would have to be at trade deadline (when JBo was traded).

        I think there is a significantly different dynamic at work when trading at deadline compared to offseason.

      • ChinookArchYYC

        I have been a Flames fan my entire life. I have unfortunately had to bear with living in Oil Country for the last 8 years of my life, but nothing has changed my passion for my hometown team, until now. I have read many forums over the years, but this is my first post on any of, and I promise this post will get back to the tshirt eventually.

        Jay Feaster in my humble opinion has made our beloved Flames a laughing stock of the league

        I agree with the Hemsky/JBO point, there’s just one thing however that I still do not understand.
        What was the need in trading JBO in the first place? Did the player specifically ask to be moved?
        I don’t care what anyone says, he is still an elite defender in the NHL, and unless as I mentioned he wanted out, he would still look pretty darn good in that Flaming C, and may have been open to a smaller contract after his current one expired.
        It just seems to me we freed up all this salary cap, without much available out there that I would consider in the same class as JBO. Its not like we have a couple young stud sure things on the back end sitting in the system. Brodie would be the closest thing I would consider to a full time future NHLer, and I’m still on the fence about that.

        As far as I’m concerned, Jay Feaster is a lawyer. He was hired because he is supposed to know every legal in an out there was. He has hockey people to take care of the hockey matters, and he is supposed to be the legal guru to make everything happen. O’RIELLY?!?!?!?!?!?!? Are you kidding me? “Our interpretation of the rule”. Who’s interpretation of the rules at the end of the day do we think was going to matter? I think we were proper you know what on that one, and we can only thank the hockey gods that Colorado’s legal team appears to be as big a joke as ours.
        Iginla’s return, I can understand. His hands were tied. Iginla was the best thing that ever happened to Calgary and we failed him as an organization not putting the pieces in place to take some of the load off of his back over the years. That man did everything and more for us, and deserves to have had the choice of where he wanted to go to escape this mess. I do not hold a grudge over this trade, other than the obvious one that as a 28 year old man I balled in public when I heard the inevitable news our captain was gone.

        The JBO trade however, I consider a final straw for me with the current regime. For this, although a proud Flames Nation member, I would never put anything to do with that man on my body (IH 2013 design). King, Jay Feaster, get scooting.

        How has Brian Burke’s name never been mentioned in Calgary. He would probably never come here, but look at the teams he’s built that are still competitive, and in the Leaf’s case, appear to have turned a corner. Anaheim, Vancouver, still competitive with his fingerprints still all over them. I would over the moon if we could somehow manage to convince him to come to the Stampede city. But then again I’d be just as happy to hear Jay Feaster has been replaced with a paper bag with a smiley face drawn on it.

        • RexLibris

          Why was Bouwmeester traded? Because he is rapidly approaching 30 and the Flames are a team that is obviously heading for a crater. I don’t see any reason why Bouwmeester would have even considered signed an extension with the Flames, especially considering he HADN’T PLAYED A SINGLE GAME IN THE PLAYOFFS.

          It was trade him or lose him for nothing at the end of the contract. Period. End of story.

          • RexLibris

            A contract he had year left on, so what was the hurry in moving him at this trade deadline? Why not draft time, or next years deadline? I just see what Robyn Regher got in return, and I look at what we got for JBO, and I can’t see any way we didn’t get fleeced. If there wasn’t a deal good enough out there, why not hold off. What other dmen of JBO’s caliber are out there this summer? The market would still be there.

      • RexLibris

        Interesting idea, but I don’t think the two can be easily compared.

        Forward vs defense, salary cap hit, length of term, different seasons and market prices and so on.

        When judging whether Feaster got hosed on the Bouwmeester deal I would compare it to blueliners that were traded last deadline (Murray, Regehr, etc).

        Reports are Horcoff has requested a trade to a contender. What would be really funny is if MacTavish could somehow negotiate a better return for him than Hemsky.

        While I would prefer to abstain from voting on this matter (being one of those heathen fans from the North), were I to exercise my franchise in this regard, I’d go “Got Loob”. Classic.

  • Tommynotsohuge

    Honesty guys. How about we make a text only “got loob?”, intellectual honestly and post apex shirts. Flames Nation logo on the back. Put my order in for 2 shirts of each, because all three are bloody awesome

  • RexLibris

    how bout a shirt with the following logo: the best tshirt not currently in the nhl, hows that for intellectual honesty. on a side note, disco dan blysma is on record sayin fluery is the franchise goalie in pitt going forward, this was post sweep comment.