Flames in on Corban Knight – Update: Confirmed


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It was noted this evening by Edmonton radio host Bob Stauffer that the Flames may be making a play for former Panthers 5th rounder Corban Knight. A 22-year old center from High River, Knight recently completed his fourth season at the University of North Dakota where he scored 49 points in 41 games.

Knight’s stock has increased since being picked by Florida in 2009. He was a better than a point-per-game producer in college after his freshman season and at 6’2", 200 pounds has the sort of size people are looking for in centermen.

Jason Gregor wrote an excellent profile of Knight recently:

Knight was very poised, polite and extremely humble during our phone interview. I’d say he offers more than just little offensive upside.

He was one of the 10 finalists for the 2013 Hobey Baker Award, handed out annually to the top NCAA men’s hockey player. Knight had a stellar senior year at UND. His accomplishments include:

Finishing in the top 10 in scoring in the nation;

A 19-game point streak, the longest at UND in the last 25 years;

Getting points in 29 games, second most in the nation;

Winning 60 per cent of his faceoffs. In fact, Knight’s past three seasons have been very consistent as he’s averaged 58 per cent in the faceoff dot.

Knight was very adamant that the strengths of his game are his defensive awareness and faceoffs, but he clearly possesses an offensive touch. He has steadily improved as a player, but he believes college allowed him to grow as a person.

Knight and his agent recently told the Panthers organization they would opt for free agency, which is why the player is available. He sounds like he falls in the org’s wheelhouse given how much Weisbrod and company have foregrounded things like character, hockey sense and collegiate atheletes since taking over.

Knight would also add another decent prospect at center, which is where the team would desperately like to build strength moving forward. I don’t think he has a high upside as a scorer in the show given his numbers, but at 22 and already a complete two-way player he could be much closer to jumping in and providing value relative to any of the kids the Flames will be taking in the draft.

Assuming they actually acquire and sign him of course. We’ll update this article if that happens.


Flames have announced this morning they have acquired Knight from the Panthers. No word on the price yet, but we’ll update in the comments when that is released. Sounds like a 4th round pick. A very low cost to pay. 

Knight is a good addition to the Flames prospect pool. In the current top-15 rankings, he’d likey slot in the top-5 at the very least.

  • svat

    I don’t think you can ever really have a logjam at center. Looking at the Bruins, you can see that having a bunch of centers is beneficial as long as you have a few quality wingers, you can move talented centers to the wing and it will work out. If Feaster comes out of this draft with two centers in the first round I’ll be happy.

  • How about that, seemingly a win for the flames! This is absolutely excellent. Keep em coming. It sure would be nice to get a hold of Barkov to add to the pool. Either way 3 first should work out nicely and now no pressure to win at 4th round instead we have a known asset.

        • seve927

          I think it’s good business to pay a more than reasonable price than try to make a complete theft. It’s still a huge win in the trade, why try to get greedy? Keep the relations with Florida civil, keep working on that 2nd overall!

        • BurningSensation

          That is a presumption, not a fact.

          The rumour is that he wanted to be in Alberta and was courted hard by Edm as well.

          I think you have to work pretty hard to see any negatives with this move by Feaster. He gets an asset (a developed prospect, plays C, perfect age, can win faceoffs, defensively responsible, 3rd line upside) for a 4th rnd lottery ticket that is highly unlikely to ever pay off.

          More please.

    • loudogYYC

      I read an article that said Florida gave teams permission to talk to Knight’s agent as long as they were willing to enter trade negotiations if they remained interested.
      So yeah, Feaster could’ve played dumb and waited until Aug 15 to sign him, but he would end up looking like a douche to all for doing it. Smart on Florida’s behalf. There’s probably no better GM at acquiring draft picks than Tallon.

  • piscera.infada

    Pleased at this transaction. A local kid who has performed at every level. Looks like he brings some solid tools to the pro ranks and an ability in the faceoff circle.

  • McRib

    Great pick up for the Flames nice work FN for featuring it beforehand. When Corbin Knight decided not to sign with Florida it seemed to me like he would be a great fit for us, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would come true!!! Haha.

    Most people are saying third line upside, I think that’s worst-case for me he was one of the most pro ready prospect in all of the NCAA. No word of a lie Gaudreau and Knight were my best bets to win the Hobey Baker after the Top. 10 were announced, but as usual they chose the best “story”.

    My favorite comparison for him has to be Patrice Bergeron, which to me is second line upside and as long as his offensive tools follow, his defensive zone play, face-offs and play away from the puck suggest such a comparison. Here is to hoping he arrives as quickly as former teammate and fellow AJHL grad Matt Frattin.

  • McRib

    The Flames are looking to rebuild their identity a little, so why wouldn’t they play guys like Knight more than just ‘4-10 games’ in order for them to gain valuable experience/audition the players? He could have gone anywhere Aug 15, so the discussions with Calgary must have promised a little more than an AHL spot. Sounds like Edmonton was keen on him, as were some other teams. In the end, you have to earn your spot, but he doesn’t have to compete with the politics of higher draft picks getting a chance first in Florida.

  • McRib

    Wonder if the Flames will now use that 3rd Rounder on fellow North Dakota bound forward Adam Tambellini, that would be great value! He has the best shot for me of anyone out west this season in any league. Watched him at the World Junior A Challange Team West Camp and it was a crime he didn’t make the team hurt his stock big time, scored some nice goals there as well as down the stretch for Surreys RBC Run.

    When John Weisbrod was talking about potential trades using one of our bottom two first rounders, if we can get this kind of return out of a fourth… What could we get from a first? Haha. I know Florida’s card were dealt for them, but still good start to the summer.

  • DSF is an Oilers fan. It’s pretty clear his mission was merely to take a whiz in the cornflakes.

    I am okay with dissenting opinions and arguments when there is some meat to them, but he was bringing nothing to the table in this thread.

    • RexLibris

      Whoa whoa whoa, I think *98% of Oilers fans on ON would like a retraction of his being characterized as a “fan” of the team. 😉

      *The other 2% either have not posted or are currently serving overseas and could not be reached for comment.

      • I’ve read some threads completely hijacked by that clown at OilersNation. I concur nobody would ever call him an oilers fan. He is a trolling know it all Canucks/Wild fan who spews off guarantees that 90% of the time are false. Ignore him and the world will be better.

  • icedawg_42

    Wow, what a bunch of whiners we have here today. I said nothing offensive and people are talking banishment. At least oilers fans fight back, flames fans go crying to Kent.

    Good grief.

    • McRib

      Soooommmmebbbbooooddddyyyyy opened up another aaaacccccccooooouuuunnntttt!! Only way to explain you appearing again out of the blue… That’s dedication!!

      Considering the Oilers were going for Corbin “What they were calling Justin Schultz 2.0” Knight themsevles to just say “he will never pan out” out of pure frustration is trolling and meant to be offensive.

      • DSF

        You’ll quickly learn that every player is a hero until he DOESN’T sign with Oilers and then he becomes a villain.

        Many Oilers fans think Dan Hamhuis is a 3rd pairing defenseman.

        Sone of us, no matter which team we are a fan of, can take a more balanced view of reality.

        • DSF

          I enjoy both ON and FN, now DSF (the real one) that’s a funny comment from you considering every player (Schultz) or coach (Eakins) is a star in your eyes until they sign with Edmonton. That’s when you stop your praising and start finding any stat possible to criticize them.

          YOU are the most hypocritical individual on these forums. You make up stats to try and prove your right, hoping that not everyone has the time to look them up, however you have been busted on it too many times to have any credibility with the well informed people on these sites.

          To the individual copying DSF, I sincerely hope it was a crappy joke.

  • Good move by Feaster and WEisbrod, but will someone please explain to me why these guys seem to love pciking up college players. Jankowski, Agostino, Hanowski, Gillies, Knight, etc.

    I don’t think its a bad move to go the college route to grab talent, but is it just because their both American that they seem to have such a love for collegiate players?

    • BurningSensation

      A. Weisbrod has heavily scouted the NCAA

      B. College prospects tend to be older and are closer to being productive.

      C. The age range they fall in is where the biggest gap in current prospects lies for the team.

      D. All of the above.

      I doubt that being American has anything much to do with it.

  • Michael

    The Flames acquire a center with a 4th round pick and he falls into the top five on our prospect list? What exactly does that say about our prospect pool? The shelves may be filing up, but with what, AHL level marginal NHL talent?