Flames 2013 Draft Primer



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Rumors and Speculation continue to swirl in advance of the draft. Seems there will be a lot fo fireworks today and the Nation Network will be sure to have you covered.

For the Flames, the main event probably isn’t the trades but the draft itself. For the first time in draft history, the club has 3 first round picks. Calgary has not chosen as high as 6th since 1998 when they took (sigh) Rico Fata. Today is an opportunity for the organization to significantly re-stock their rather barren prospect cupboard and take a firm step towards becoming a contender again.

Flames Draft Picks

The Flames have 8 choices as things stand, including:

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  • 6th overall (their own)
  • 22nd overall (Blues)
  • 28th overall (Pens)
  • 67th
  • 135th
  • 157th
  • 187th
  • 198th

Calgary has no 2nd round pick (Cammalleri trade) or 4th round pick (Corban Knight trade). Word is the club is trying to do deal Mike Cammalleri today, so it’s possible he’ll be moved to fill in the middle round gaps. Assuming anyone wants Im that is.

There is also a wide range of other rumors involving the Flames and such teams as Boston, Philly and Winnipeg, but there’s no guarantee any of that will come to fruition.

Flames Draft Targets

As regular readers know, we have been covering potential draft targets here at FN for the better part of a month. Here’s all those profiles again:

First Round

Darkhorse Targets

Mock Drafts and other Resources

For more information on the draft in general, here are a few links to help you out today…

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Click around before and during the draft. And be prepared to hurl your computer in disgust if the Flames pick Zach Fucale or a "defensive defenseman" with one of their first rounders.

Of course, FN will offer near instant analysis for any Flames related news that occurs today. Here’s hoping Calgary can land some good talent this afternoon. 

Around the Nation

  • RexLibris

    I’d go with “one of”, arguably the day they drafted Nieuwendyk was one of the most important days in franchise history. But the way these things work is that nobody really knew it at the time.

  • Tommynotsohuge

    Christian Roatis just retweeted a rumour of our 28th to Winnipeg for Burmistrov and their 2nd rounder. Would you guys be pumped or bummed? I’d be pumped

    • Stockley

      Provided they were allowed to talk to the player first and convince him not to run off to the KHL I’d be happy with that deal. Outside chance they might even still get a player they wanted at 28th with the Jets 2nd rounder. I like Burmistrov, I think the Jets rushed him and misused him. He’d at least get a realistic chance as a top 6 forward in Calgary.

      • Stockley

        Acquiring Burmistrov might make it a little more appealing to go with Nichushkin if he’s still available at 6th.

        I’m just not sold on Lindholm and I think Monahan is a safe but unspectacular center with a 2nd line ceiling. Yet I keep reading the Russian has top 3 talent, compared to Malkin or a Bure with size.

        • Im the opposite actually. Nichushkin’s results are really blah and he only played 8 minutes a night in the KHL and against lesser players, so he scares me a lot. Everything about him seems like people drooling over his package of skills over what he’s actually accomplished.

          • Stockley

            Valid points. He’s probably another ‘swing for the fences’ selection that either makes the team look stupid or genius. Hard to decide whether I want them to play it real safe and take a sure thing like Monahan, take a gamble that Lindholm continues his improvement in the SEL or grab the Russian and hope against hope he’s as good as some scouts say and questions on his character are exaggerated.

          • Stockley

            Yes! Exactly that, scares me too and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fall.

            I like Lindholm, but man, Monahan just screams as exactly what Calgary needs and cam get at #6.

  • Freakin' Saprykin

    Hey Kent, several anti first round goalie articles? That made me incredibly happy to see. I’m also hoping we stay away from the stay at home defenders in the first. I’m hoping with 28 (unless it goes for Burmistrov, which I’d like) we could take Madison Bowey. I’ve seen him play a bunch, and he’s sold me for sure.

    I’m so excited for this draft, I’ve cancelled all plans and booked work off. Just like I do for the trade deadline every year!

  • I hope the talk with Winnipeg is about Evander Kane, and not Olli “Third time’s a charm” Jokinen (who was hurt most of last season and definitely post-apex).

    Also, Flames won’t get Burmistrov. Apparently he’s close to signing a 2-year deal in the KHL.

    • Stockley

      I think management is aware if they screw this up they will be hanging from trees somewhere in Calgary as soon as they return from Jersey. They cannot screw this up. Too much at stake to be ‘cute’.

  • RedMan

    DRAFT DAY#$%^ So happy.. albeit nervous.

    Hopefully it goes something like.. Trade Gio and 22 over all for the the Oilers 7th. Then draft Monohan and or Lindholm and Nurse. Or Lindholm and Monohan.

    Hows that for a slice of fried gold..heh

  • Michael

    Feaster, the Flames scouts aren’t magically better than the other 29 teams, so lets keep it simple when drafting, and real when describing your picks! No goalies in the first round, and don’t go off the board when our first rounders, that’s what lower picks are for.

    If he is available at six, I would draft Nichushkin’s IF I had other plans to land a top 6 center (Vinny, Brad Richards etc), otherwise I would have to take Lindholm over Monohan (his skating worries me). Trade up from six if we can, but don’t trade down from six.

  • RKD

    Take Monahan or Lindholm or Barkov unless the Flames can trade to get Tyler Seguin. Feaster should trade Cammy today or else he might have to wait until the trade deadline.

    Maybe Cammy might be re-motivated and play well in a contract year just like Stempniak does.

  • Craig

    There’s something about Lindholm that gives me the same feeling that I had about SVEN. It’s a gut feeling, but I’d also be happy with Monohan, I think he’s going to be a leader and a captain.

    I wonder if there’s any chance that Montreal will try and switch picks for our 22 to snag Fucale, It sounds like they really want him and my biggest fear is that we draft him before them with the 22 pick. There are so many good players around that pick, we could have a very solid player.

    I live in Halifax and watched Fucale a lot, and honestly from what I saw I never came away impressed with him. He played on a stacked team and let in a lot of goals. there were moments of brilliance but they were few and far between. Maybe he’s great, but he makes me very nervous.

    I like what I see from that CHL usage chart with regards to Monohan and Petan, I like to see players putting up points against top lines and top defenses.

  • Willi P

    I’m just gonna put this out there: whoever drafts nich will be very disappointed in the future. don’t see him becoming an nhler of much consequence.

    justin’s top 5 available: mackinnon, drouin, barkov, lindholm, jones

  • Craig

    Monahan’s skating doesn’t scare me as much as it might, because he’s still very thin. I feel like when he adds some muscle he’ll take stronger and, hopefully, faster strides.

    That said, I STILL prefer Lindholm. I’m a stubborn bastard.

    My working comparison for Monahan is Jeff Carter, the caveats being that Carter is a faster skater, and Monahan has had better offensive results so far. I just think they play a similar style.