Flames Pick Kanzig with 67th Pick



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After keeping all three 1st Round Picks and turning them into Sean Monahan, Emile Poirier and Morgan Klimchuck, the Calgary Flames opted not to make a move into the 2nd Round where they lacked a pick and used their 3rd Rounder – 67th overall – on Victoria Royal defensive giant, Keegan Kanzig.

he six foot seven, 240 pound blueliner scored no goals and seven points in 70 WHL games along with 159 PIM’s. Kanzig was ranked 90th on NHL Numbers’ prospect ranking for this draft. The scouting report for Kanzig is in line with his 159 PIMs. He’s one the meanest players in the draft, little offensive upside (9 assists in 133 games in the WHL) and sketchy skating ability. Great.

Seems like a waste of Calgary’s only mid-range pick.

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What can I say, #GRITCHART?

    • RexLibris

      No offense (actually maybe that should be Kanzig’s motto), but I think that is a very rosy ceiling for Kanzig.

      Look at his stats this year in junior: 70gp, 0g, 7 assists, 159 PIMS and -10.

      If Feaster really wanted this kind of player they could have just traded a 7th round pick for Cameron Abney.

      • jeremywilhelm

        I was just referring to Kanzig… which I guess they have Breen already so maybe not so much for need. Seems very unlike Feaster… for BPA I was expecting Cammarata (led USHL) or Jordan Subban (lots of reasons to pick this guy)… what about Eric Roy?.. He can score goals

    • It’s a stupid pick. Most 3rd rounders aren’t going to make the show anyways, but it speaks to the decision making process in the front office.

      Reminds me of when the Oilers took Abney in the 3rd round. That pick was flushed down the toilet as soon as they called the dude’s name.

      • SydScout

        You are usually fairly forgiving to Feaster, especially considering his draft record.

        Not getting this pick at all.

        Earlier I defended the Poirier pick as I am not a scout nor have I seen him play. His numbers stack up ok but now I am starting to get a little worried. Even with the Klimchuk pick, I thought there were better picks available.

        I am no authority, but concerning this pick I think we could have picked up a comparable player as a UFA, similar to what we did with Breen.

      • This is my beef. It’s not like many of the 3rd rounders picked by other teams have a great chance either but showing some kind of intelligence in the decision making process should be part of the plan.

        Not sure how you can defend Feaster after this draft. They mind as well have said “pass” when our turn came around.

    • supra steve

      You are correct sir. I have family with a house inside of a lake, Flames 3rd rounder is not a big concern of mine currently. I do think the first round picks have promise.

  • SydScout

    Even Corban Knight needs an Arch-Nemesis… And Keegan Kanzig is just that. Based on this I feel like this was a great selection… Keep your enemies close kind of thing… Other than that this SUCKS

  • Colin.S

    I wouldn’t have a big problem with this pick if his skating was at least rated as normal, or decent, but poor?

    What is the point, if the guy can’t even skate a junior level, how do you ever think he’s going to the NHL.

    I get the theory behind it, he’s big, he’s mean and a 6’7″ guy against smaller forwards should be an advantage. But if the guy is immobile as he is billed, whats the point? He’s going to get caught and be entirely useless.

  • Victoria Flames Fan

    Kanzig was a bit of a laugher the last couple season, but with the injury to Tyler Stahl, he stepped in and was a pretty dominant force in Victoria’s improbable playoff series with the Blazers. He was dominant physically working over Kamloops smaller forwards like Smith and Lipon. He started skating well, clearing the puck and even got a goal. He was definitely the most improved player on our team, granted he started pretty darn low!

    • cunning_linguist

      Thank you. I like to read through the comments section for some insight. Thank god I was able to find one that wasn’t totally useless. Feaster may make some questionable choices, but he’s not a total idiot. He’s publicly acknowledged the emphasis to stay away from picking for size and wouldn’t have made this pick if there wasn’t an ulterior reason for liking the kid. Kanzig’s stats are laughable for sure, but you gotta believe there’s more upside to this kid than size.

      Feaster has gone out of his way, at least with the draft, the course correct from the Sutter mistakes. We’re all smart enough here to recognize there’s probably more to this than meets the eye. Wait til you see Kanzig play before making his picture a coke machine. On that day I’ll be the first to rip Feaster a new one. Until then, it’s just terribly mean. I hope the kid doesn’t stumble across this.

      • Burnward

        Or, better yet…I hope he gets his picture taken next to a coke machine and throws it up on his twitter or something. He’d turn into an instant fan favourite here.

  • Victoria Flames Fan

    Pylon? I hope the kid isn’t a fan of this site, I’d hate too see some poor 17-18 year old kid to go and see what his new teams fans think about him and find a bunch of class acts like this….

    Never ceases to amaze me how those who cant judge and analyze those who are at least trying….

    I bet this pylon can still skate and out plat everyone of you lol.

    • Franko J

      Oh sorry I should have elaborated.

      Matt Pelech.
      Where is he now?

      IMO I just think that the Flames could have done better with the pick.

      Secondly he probably could out skate me, out hit me and out score me, but then again I don’t play hockey professionally. Maybe I’m wrong but last I checked, in order to play in the NHL a player has to have the ability to skate and apparently his skating ability is in dire need of improvement.

      Look how long it has taken Breen?

      • Franko J

        Well let me ask you this…

        Have you ever seen the kid play? Do you have anything else to go by other then the words of a blogger who hasn’t seen much more then a YouTube video?

        Probably not…

        It was going on through the whole build up to the draft. How many times have any of us seen Monahan, Lindholm or Nichuskin play? ZERO!!!!

        Yet everyone thinks they know better then the guys who get paid to do this for a living.

        The management gets ripped, the scouts get ripped and now the 17 year old kid who is busting his ass to realize his dream gets ripped and all by a bunch of arm chair GM’s who have never even played the game.

        Were starting to sound like Toronto Maple leafs fans, want results now but won’t give anyone the time to clean up the cluster f#ck that was left here…

        • Franko J

          Yes you are correct.

          I’m only a fan.

          I’m not a scout. I don’t play the game.

          I’m patient as any fan and I hope the Flames scouting staff will prove me wrong with this draft, but if past history indicates anything with the Flames scouting staff they miss more than they hit when it comes to the draft. Believe me I hope this kid will prove me wrong, but for some reason the Flames record of drafting is not that very good and they more often than struggle at the draft.

          • T&A4Flames

            We were given an A- last year for our drafting by McKenzie I believe. We even took Janko and got that grade.

            Our drafting has been fine the last few years. Everyone relax and see where this all goes.

        • Franko J

          such a silly argument is beneath FN; those are the platitudes of Calgarypuck and intellectually lazy.

          People lauding the pick have never watched some of these kids play either, so how on earth is that opinion considered to be more legitimate? Simply because its positive?

          If criticism required expertise, you might as well not criticize anything except things related to your job or the subject of your degree.

          I can’t criticize picks because I am not a scout? I guess I can’t criticize politicians because I am not in politics too right?

          What made the Maple Leaf fans a laughing stock was how they were myopic in their analysis of their player values, of their prospects, of the quality of their team on the ice.

          That’s whats happening to CP and many Flames fans; that you can no longer criticize anything any without people trotting out the tired meme of “if you are so smart, maybe you should be the Flames GM”.

  • Franko J

    Maybe after our goalies got run at, one of our better players got injured by a cheap hit, this organization is sending a message that in the future with a player like Kanzig liberties will not be taken with this team.