Flames take Emile Poirer 22nd overall


Émile Poirier

– pic via flovalser

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Although consensus top-10 offensive talent (and Calgary born) Hunter Shinkaruk was still on the board when the Flames took the podium, the Flames instead chose to be the first team to go well off-board in the first round by choosing QMJHL left winger Emile Poirier.

Ranked 57th in the NHLNumbers concensus rankings, Poirier scored 70 points in 65 games for Gatineau, including 32 goals (NHLE = 25). He also had 101 PIM’s, suggesting a bit of an edge to his game. Poirier is 6’1" and 183 pounds and known for good speed and quality offensive instincts.

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Jay Feaster claimed the team had Poirier amongst their top-10 available prospects. The 18-year old led his team in scoring by a full 16 points, and the guy who was second is 19 years old, so Calgary may have found something with this pick. It’s too bad they weren’t willing to gamble by waiting to see if he could drop to 28 given his consensus rankings, but we’ll see how things sort out down the road.

  • RKD

    Time will tell who wins this pick, does it say something the Poirier was taken higher and Hunter dropped from a potential top 10-15 and fell to 24? Why did so many other teams pass on this guy?

  • Robb

    I was surprised at the pick but our draft record since Weisbrod took over tells me to give them the benefit of the doubt. Remember, we were not the only team to pass on Shinkaruk..

  • Truculence

    Here`s the Mckeens report:

    Led Gatineau in goals, assists, and points during a breakout second
    season – and was an even bigger driving force in the playoffs
    (10-6-4-10, 39 shots) .. the Montreal native was selected 38th
    overall in the 2011 QMJHL draft .. SCOUTING REPORT .. a bustling
    sparkplug with skill, poise, and smarts .. powered by an exceptional
    engine and great tenacity – sticks with plays .. suffocating 200-
    foot presence – all over the ice .. skating can progress in areas ..
    needs to work on improving his lateral skating – and smooth out
    a stride that is slightly stiff and features an odd lunging shuffle ..
    feet stumble and move like flippers, altering angles unpredictably
    .. despite his mechanics however, he boasts a lethal acceleration
    gear .. shoots off the mark boosted by a rapid second and thirdstep
    burst that gets him to top speed rapidly – and is sustained by
    a steady, determined stride pattern .. dials up instant intensity ..
    opportunistic – and with a flair for getting breakaways .. creates
    opportunities with his hustle, game-reading, and startup quickness
    – and can capitalize thanks to fine stickhandling abilities and some
    sweet in-close finishing moves .. manages the puck intelligently,
    demonstrating excellent positional awareness and execution skills ..
    assesses risk judiciously – refrains from attempting low-percentage
    plays that might sacrifice possession .. adept at one-timers – packs
    a heavy, accurate slapshot .. productive and diligent player away
    from the puck – provides steady and stout lane coverage .. goes
    hard to the net – and to the heart of traffic – taking directs routes
    .. proficient at busting the zone, closing gaps, and rushing an
    opponent into premature actions .. excels as a defensive leftwing
    lock for linemates – igniting release plays exploiting his solid
    passing skills and his ability to slow the game down and process
    alternatives .. a well-rounded prospect and heart-and-soul type who
    will go to the wall.

  • Truculence

    In other words, the kid`s got high-level puck possession player with top-six scoring prowess written all over him if this write-up is to be believed. The Flames apparently think so as well.

    • piscera.infada

      I like that write-up. Pronman (the FN bible author) also thinks highly of him – both in his ability to finish, make plays, and drive possession.
      -I’m not a huge fan of the pick, but I get it.

      As for Shinkaruk, methinks there has to be some reason he tumbled so far. I’ve heard from some buddies in the ‘dub that he’s a renowned ass in the dressing room, and his teammates would rather not play with him (not taking it as gospel, but there could be something to it).

      • Truculence

        Yeah, I was pretty amazed myself that they didn`t take Shinkaruk at 22, but there must be a reason he fell to the Canucks. He might make all the teams that decided to pass on him look silly in the future like Eberle, but there must be some big question marks.

        Really, really like Poirier, though. Isn`t there a liquor named after him, too? That would be a bonus!!!!!

  • piscera.infada

    I think this kid is going to surprise allot of flames fans, Montreal was really high on him. He has allot of really good tools in his arsenal and can make dmen look silly…

    Got to wonder if there is still a deal I bthe works with Seguin and Johnny hockey? Boston has made no secret that they want him…

  • lionlager

    I was livid when Shinkaruk wasn’t called, but I’m slowly getting over it. This Poirier kid has crazy wheels on him. Craig Button had him at 18 or something. He was going to get picked by MTL, so Feaster and company’s hands were forced. I guess.

    The bigger question is why did Shinkaruk drop so far? Might be something about him that many teams didn’t like… something that maybe came out during the meetings. Attitude perhaps?

    I love the Klimchuk pick. The kid is pretty well spoken as well. That was Iggy’s pic he was chosen with. No pressure kid!

  • everton fc

    Only thing I can think now is that he is just across the river in Gatineau from Ottawa so the Flames – obviously – would have scouted the shiznat out of Monahan… they probably have seen Poirier a lot and have a better book on him than many of the other teams…

    Maybe they were worried the Habs would take him at 25? Maybe Mcarron was payback taking one of Weisbrod’s College guys?

  • Willi P

    Seems like feaster & Co. are weighing the
    “hockey sense” angle heavily. Smart if the kid interviewed well and actually wants to be here. Which is a tough sell I think.

  • McRib

    Emile Poirier was listed 26 by McKeens and 21st by Red Line Report? How was that a reach?? People were worried apparently Hunter Shinkaruk didn’t interview well at all spoiled rich kid!! Quote from RLR on Poirier “Improved so quickly he’d have been top 15 in 2 more weeks!! Love the pick!! Love all three first rounders! Hate every other pick they had mind you outside of decent value from Eric Roy. Keegan Kanzig was laughable in the third he cannot skate!!

  • McRib

    Emile Poirier and Klimchuk could honestly end up as two of the most dynamic forwards in this draft and Sean Monahan is a 15-20 year first/second liner!! Three home runs in the first round!!

    • Derzie

      This is really a glass half full take on this. Bottom line is that ALL hockey experts had Poirier available MUCH later. Bone-headed move to go that deep to get a player that would have been there later. Or and who besides Eric Roy is a good pick after the 1st round. We should have had a much better day. That is, pick the damn players that have the best odds of success. We are not in a position to gamble. We’re terrible right now.

      • Truculence

        Have you read any of the posts? Redline and Mckeens had him in the mid-twenties in their final draft ranking. Coupled with the fact that the Flames scouts themselves believe he has top-six potential, I don`t know which experts you are talking about. NHL central scouting? lol

        I`ll take the opinion of respected scouting institutions such as Mckeens and Redline, not to mention professional scouts, over the rants of arm-chair general managers who are choked that the team didn`t rubber stamp the so-called research they did over the internet.

        • cunning_linguist

          Couldn’t agree more. Feaster and Co. haven’t even been running drafts long enough for us to qualify a single one of their picks as a bust. Besides, this isn’t even a Janko-style reach. People have just been so worked up looking at the group of names predicted to fall within our range as determined by google.

          There are multiple sources that place this kid right in our range. If you are willing to look and get over your desire for Shinkaruk (who apparently all teams from ~10 to 21 must have somehow been blind as well for not taking), you’ll see that this was a totally sane pick.

          Stop misdirecting Darryl draft hate towards Feaster. It’s way to soon to criticize the new draft strategy.

          • cunning_linguist

            At first I was surprised with some of the picks still on the board but now I agree with both of you. I think this could be a great pick.

            He plays in Gatineau, just across the river from Monahan so I have a feeling that Calgary really scouted this guy, has a good book on him and know what they are getting.

      • Truculence

        Plus, are you psychic? How do you know he would have been available much later? Montreal interviewed this kid multiple times, and the Flames were obviously worried he would not be available after 25.

      • cunning_linguist

        actually not all hockey experts. And not all hockey experts have a team to look at and think this player adds something we don’t have in our line up either.

        I wrote a great point on Ryan’s post about this. Montreal picking at 25 were indeed keen on Poirier and it is believed that they were going to use their late pick on him. IT makes sense given Montreal’s position currently they can afford to take a chance on a player like Poirier because the payoff is big for a 25 pick if he works out but it’s low risk for them given they have some good prospects in their system already.

        That being said. Watch some of the of Poirier skating and picture him driving the net at top speed or coming out of our zone through the neutral zone at top speed given that he can accelerate so quickly. There’s not many players in the league any more who can do this.

        The more i read and the more I watch Poirier skate the wetter I get. lol.

      • McRib

        Easily the two most respected Private Hockey Publications in the business (Red Line/McKeen’s) had this guy 21/26. If you want to believe what ISS is saying you might want to know something… I was at the draft and ISS a firm based out of Florida was giving away copies of their draft guide to fans for free, lol. Red Line Report/McKeen’s have all thirty NHL teams subscribing to them from what I have been told and would never give away anything. I’ll take their opinion thanks, also numerous NHL teams had Poirier well within the 20-30 range. He is also a late bloomer and anyone who watched him say that if the season was a couple months longer he easily would have been a Top. 15, as he was on another level down the stretch.

  • everton fc

    Good stuff here about Poirier. He’s a good open-ice hitter, as well, it seems.

    Eric Roy will hopefully surprise on the farm next season. I’ve liked him for a while.

  • Truculence

    Plus, here`s what Redline Report had to say on Porier, whom they saw being picked 25th:

    `Hear that? It’s the sound of fervent praying
    as the Habs try to subconsciously will the
    rest of the league into staying away from this
    hometown Montreal stud. If they land him at
    #25, it will be the biggest steal of the draft.`

    • McRib

      Red Line Reports Chief Scout is based out of Montreal, where are ISS and Corey Pronman based out of… Florida!! Hahah. Who should have a better read on this kid then… You be the judge, but I think Poirier is looking like a very solid pick and you know Montreal was planning on taking him when after Calgary took him they panicked and took a massive reach in Michael McCarron. They thought this kid was sign sealed delivered to be a Canadien, not so fast.