Flames Darkhorse Targets: Bogdan Yakimov

  One hundred and six. That’s the number of selections between Calgary‘s 28th overall pick and their 134th overall pick in the 5th round. And during those 106 picks Calgary will only speak into the microphone and pick a player once – at 66th overall. The 66th pick is interesting because it promises to have…


YYC Flood, First hand – Updated

Warning: not a hockey related post A close friend of mine happened to be one of the few souls in the downtown core Friday morning when the high waters began to crest the banks and flood the city. He was able to catch some firsthand shots of the devastation before fleeing which he has agreed…



  Terrible times today for our neighbours down the QEII highway as 100,000 people in 26 communities have been evacuated from their homes due to flooding by recent heavy rains.


Be Less Wrong

    Cam Charron pointed out an interesting article by Sabrematrician Phil Birnbaum yesterday entitled Eliminating Stupidity is easier than creating brilliance; a statement I think is pertinent to the state of hockey analysis in general and to the Flames moving forward in particular.


Flames 2013 First Round Targets: Steven Santini

    Ranked 47thamong North American skaters by NHL Central Scouting, defenseman Steven Santini seems to check off a lot of the boxes that one would expect the Calgary Flames look for in a prospect: he’s American. He’s decently big. He’s heading to the NCAA. He’s a defenseman. Depending on how other teams rank him,…


Five things: A shocking amount of Flames items

1. Busy busy busy At this point in the year, it seems logical that most teams would try to keep things pretty quiet, not too intent to tip their hands with relation to trades, front-office shakeups, or really anything else. There’s the odd exception, of course: New York signing Alain Vigneault as coach, Colorado talking…


Moneypuck: Defensemen and Goaltenders

    For as bad as the forward market is this year, the defensive and goaltending markets are likely even worse. There are maybe 6 defensemen in the entire UFA class that I would deem “top-4 quality” (Zidlicky, Scuderi, Lydman, Leopold, Lundin, White).


Flames Darkhorse Targets: JC Lipon

   Via the CHL I’m a bit surprised JC Lipon went undrafted last year. After posting an NHLE of 23 in his 18 year old season, he was passed over 240ish times by every team in Pittsburgh – for Lipon, perhaps the third time is the charm?


Flames Top 15 Prospects 2013: #6 Bill Arnold

  – pic via Bart Hanlon With the recent acquisition of Corban Knight – combined with the drafting in 2012 of college-bound kids Mark Jankowski, Matthew Deblouw and Jon Gillies – it’s pretty obvious that the Calgary Flames are gung-ho about college prospects. This isn’t exactly a brand-new proposition, as it’s a drafting habit that…

Corban Knight Facts

  Corban Knight is the newest Flame. He is also a scholar, a gentleman, a free mason and a superhero. — FlamesNation (@FlamesNation) June 18, 2013   Our own Mr. BookofLoob has been warning folks on twitter that the excitement level surrounding new Flame Corban Knight seems to be a little out of step with how…


Moneypuck: Wingers

    Last week, we took a look at the centres where Jay Feaster could find value. This week, we’ll take a look at the wingers. Certainly, the Flames have a ton of cap space. But Moneypuck isn’t about only finding cheap players; no, it’s more about getting value from the contracts you sign. Anecdotally,…


Flames in on Corban Knight – Update: Confirmed

  – pic via stat19 It was noted this evening by Edmonton radio host Bob Stauffer that the Flames may be making a play for former Panthers 5th rounder Corban Knight. A 22-year old center from High River, Knight recently completed his fourth season at the University of North Dakota where he scored 49 points in…