Paying Tj Brodie

    – pic via kkthemook The Calgary Flames only have two pending restricted free agents of serious importance this summer: Mikael Backlund and TJ Brodie. Last year, it was an open question whether Mikael would get another contract with the Flames after an injury and percentages hampered season. This year he got hurt again,…


Flames Darkhorse Targets: Eric Roy

   – pic via CanesCast Usually the hype generated about the NHL Entry Draft in any given year is due to the top players in that class. Not much thought is given to those ranked outside of the Top 30, although if you looks back through previous drafts you’ll find each class hosts a couple…


Ice-Time Leaders In The Last Five Minutes

    On the heels of a lockout-shortened 2013 NHL season, we stats wonks can look at a silver lining of sorts – a 48-game schedule is a bit easier to compile situational data on than an 82-game one (although it’s also less powerful). As an example, let’s take a look at something that’s always…


Random Thoughts – Jarome Revealed and picking Zach Fucale

  – pic via seventwentysk   Jarome Iginla’s attempt to pull a Ray Bourque was put to rest by the Boston Bruins recently, a grimly ironic result after the whole "Iginla to the Bruins" kerfuffle. Some are no doubt pointing to karmic retribution, but, really, the post-season is where dreams get crushed without mercy all…


Fn Weekend Open Thread – FN shirt Designs

    Now that we’ve more or less determined what kind of shirt slogans we want for the upcoming FlamesNation Gear batch we’re realeasing at the end of the month, I figured it was time to share some desgins to go with them. Here’s a selection of what a reader has sent over so far…


Flames Darkhorse Targets: Jordan Subban

  – pic via Chance Taylor The youngest of the Subban brothers is the relatively diminutive Jordan Subban, a defender for the OHL’s Belleville Bulls. At 5’9" and 180 pounds, Jordan doesn’t have the size of elder sibling and probable Norris trophy winner PK Subban, but he does have a similar offensive flair. If he…


Flames Top 15 Prospects 2013: #8 Lance Bouma

  – pic via Paul Clarke This past season seemed poised to be Lance Bouma’s best chance yet at being able to make himself a permanent fixture on the big club. However, we never got to see if that was going to be the case.


Five things: It’s all getting closer now

1. Ramo is locked up It may have been just a formality at this point, and no they can’t reveal terms until July 5, but I guess it’s nice to have some level of confirmation that they got the Karri Ramo contract done in something resembling a timely fashion. I’m not surprised by the multi-year term…


Flames Reportedly Come to Terms with Ramo

  – pic via Lisa Nevostrueva According to Andy Strickland, the Flames have come to terms with Karri Ramo on a multiple year deal. The deal can’t be officially confirmed/announced until July 5th, the date that Ramo’s KHL contract ends.


The Flames Age-Gap Challenge

  – pic via Lisa Gansky   When you watch the NHL’s conference finals from a Flames perspective, it’s hard not to get a bit jealous. The four teams involved have recently been incredibly smart – and, let’s face it, lucky – drafters, but they’ve also managed to build their clubs in a specific way….


Compliance Buyout Candidates: Eastern Conference

Pic via Bridget Samuels This summer, I think compliance buyouts will be more focused on guys who can’t play anymore and guys who just suck. I believe we’ll see the “skill” guys bought out next year, when a decision absolutely has to be made one way or another. Guys like Lecavalier, Richards and Bourque will likely…


Flames first round targets 2013: Valeri Nichushkin

  Nate MacKinnon, Seth Jones and Jonathan Drouin are roundly considered the best three talents in the upcoming 2013 NHL Draft. However, many scouts have wondered if maybe you could expand that group a bit – make it a formidable 4. The reason being, there’s a kid from Russia who some believe to be right…