Flames Last 3 picks of 2013



With their final three picks, the Flames took a pair of college players and a Russian defender out of the MHL. 

6’3" forward Tim Harrison was chosen 157th overall. Harrison spent his season playing for a prep highschool where he scored 30 points in 17 games. He’s committed to Colgate college next year and wasn’t even ranked by CSS.

Next up (187th overall), Rushan Rafikov became the first Russian player drafted by Calgary since they took Andrei Taratukhin in 2001. Rafikov is 6’01" and 185 pounds and info on him beyond that is scarce.

Finally, at 198 Calgary chose 20 year old defender Paul Gilmour out of Providence College. At just 5’11" and 185 pounds, Gilmour isn’t very big and his offensive numbers are just okay as well. Flames scounts no doubt saw a lot out of Gilmour since he played with Jon Gillies and Mark Jankowski this year.

None of these guys is a prospect of note and probably won’t challenge for a pro job, let alone an NHL spot. Still, sometimes a rare late rounder can surprise.

  • Robb

    Final grade: B-

    Playing the odds is fine, especially in the first, but imo the late rounds are for gut feeling choices. We need some bold choices to get out from behind the sutter 8 ball. If they’ve done the due diligence im ok with all the late round choices. Johnny hockey is a prime example.

    Also, heart, drive, smarts, team chemistry, and the deadly “Tim Erixson factor” need to be accounted for in some form… the x factors not accounted for when you are strictly taking picks straight off the board.

    So good on feaster for at least sticking to his list. However bannanas that list may be…

    Darryl thinking he was the smartest GM in the room is what got us here in the first place. Let us not forget. I’ll save starting to chisel feasters grave stone till after we see what janko turns out to be.

  • Graham

    Maybe my expectations were too high, but I definitely came away from the draft disappointed.

    Monahan is likely to be a solid center likely a number 2, but he isn’t an elite or franchise player to build around. The elephant in the room being his skating ability, its ok, but not top six in ability.
    Given what was on the board the Poirier pick was a blunder, the Klimchuk pick was a solid safe pick. I don’t mind gambling with the later round picks, few if any of these will ever play in the NHL.

    Overall, Feaster couldn’t move up, he couldn’t package one or more of the picks for a top talent, his first round picks were underwhelming. It’s taken Edmonton 6-7 years to rebuild with elite draft picks, the Flames will never finish with prospects they are adding. Feaster deserves a C- for this draft.

    • Robb

      First off, the oilers rebuild is not over yet. Ours just started. Second, the ” elite” draft picks for the oilers have been taken the last few years, not the first few. It’s completely ridiculous to compare our brand new, 3 month old rebuild to their 6-7 year (and counting) rebuild. Our roster is almost certainly going to get us a top 3 pick next season, one that you would call an ” elite prospect”.

      Patience, Flames fans. Many teams made ” strange” ” off the board” picks. Check out Rob Vollman’s tweets from earlier today; he talked about that.

      • Robb

        Patience? These people on here have none of that whatsoever. It seems like whatever the management does, these people will jump on and trash them right away. Even if they trade stajan for crosby, these guys will be like “meh meh meh they should of gotten at least a first round pick with crosby for trading mighty stajan!”

  • Graham

    I’m really amazed that all you negative nancy’s haven’t been hired by the flames yet since you all know exactly what each player will turn into.

    I love how some of you guys are all BPA but then complain about guys(like janko) saying they should have taken so and so cause we need help now not in 3-5 years. That is the kind of thought train that will get your team to suck. Anyway we’re still 2 years away from even beginning to say who turned out better and who we should have maybe picked instead of janko. The free agency market is for you silly help now people, not the draft. There are not that many Crosby’s, Ovechkin’s or Landeskogs that can come in and help instantly.

    So just relax a little and remember the draft is for 2-5 years away in most cases. Let’s not worry about how you could have made better picks(you couldn’t) and just see how this all turns out.

  • Franko J

    Poirier sort of reminds of Burrows with the Canucks. An agitator with some skill and competitiveness to his game.

    Going into a new conference with the likes of LA, Anaheim, and SJ, the Flames will need more players with some size, grit and compete. The skill will come, but you cannot teach a player’s compete level.

    While Kanzig might be a head scratcher with the third pick, one thing the Flames do lack is a player in the lineup who will make the opposition accountable for running the goalies and our skill players. Besides maybe they can deploy him on the power play in front of the goalie.

  • Robb

    Holy panic button …from what I have read Calgary’s second was not a reach at all and they had to take him before Mtl had the chance. Outside of Mongo in the third round it was a solid draft from Calgary. Just because one publication hates his skating I’m not ready to crap on the pick..at least until I see he can’t skate for myself…lol

  • Robb

    Per TSN Craig Button, he rated the this year’s flames draft performance an A while the other 6 Canadian teams scored a B+ or below. Yet most of you “Flames Nation” rate a B- or worst. Way to go professionals! You guys should take over hockey analysis jobs!