Flames qualify 9

Busy Day.

According to the Flames, they have qualified the 9 guys listed above. Greg Nemisz and Paul Byron both get another chance, as I guessed they would in an earlier post today, although I suspect it’s entirely for organizational depth purposes and not because they are seen as legit prospects anymore. 

Absent from the list are Bryan Cameron, Gaelan Patterson, Brady Lamb and Akim Aliu.

Cameron was a free agent signing out of the OHL three years ago. A high goal scorer at the time, he never found a way to translate that succes at the AHL level. Patterson is a former 7th round pick of the Flames who beat the odds by simply playing 3 years of pro hockey, albeit most of them were in the ECHL.

Akim Aliu was a heartwarming story when he was acquired by the Flames, but it was fairly clear on multiple viewings that he didn’t have the skills to be an NHL regular. He has bounced around for years since being picked in the second round by Chicago and I miagine he’ll have a tough time landing another contract, at least as far as the AHL is concerned.

Lamb is perhaps the most surprising of the guys not being retained. A college free agent signing, Lamb only played 51 games for the Heat and apparently didn’t show enough to garner another deal.


  • RexLibris

    So Nemisz gets another shot.

    I’m a little surprised, and I also would have thought they might make a choice between Byron and Bouma. Feaster has done some work on the NHL roster, I’ll be curious to see what he does later this summer to address the Heat.

    • MattyFranchise

      I don’t think it’s as much about giving Nemisz another shot, I figure it’s more about keeping him on the farm to be a good role model for the younger players coming up. I guess before last season he did a ton in the off season to stay in game shape and all that. He’s a real team player, a character guy that’s good to have around.

  • beloch

    I actually thought Aliu had some upside and might develop into a NHL player… if only he had a bit more discipline. He’s also a bit lacking in the sense department, which the Flames seem to be placing a premium on these days. I’m willing to bet he’ll be picked up by another team.

  • RexLibris

    Omark not qualified by the Oilers.

    Presumably this would make him a free-agent, and an NHL-ready right wing powerplay specialist whose possession numbers aren’t too bad.

    The Flames are pretty quickly filling up roster spots, so I doubt there is strong interest, but it would make for a very interesting storyline and one could argue you’d have one heck of a motivated player, at least for the BoA games.

    *Correction, it appears the Oilers retained his rights due to a qualifying offer left over from last year. My mistake.*

    • RexLibris

      Sorry I jumped the gun there, I think.

      Some conflicting opinions in OilerLand. The Oilers qualified him last year and he hasn’t officially signed an NHL deal so as a stage 2 RFA he is basically in hockey limbo.

      Feaster could probably get him for a 2015 3rd round pick at this point.

      *I’m not starting a new thread to debate the trade value of Omark, please, so please, no 40-comment thread on whether he is worth a 3rd or a 5th or a box of hockey tape.*


    • BurningSensation

      Couturier will be the teams 3rd line C and likely get a break playing against the heavies now that Lecavalier is on board to do some heavy lifting.

      He’s everybody’s target, and unlikely to be going anywhere.

    • RexLibris

      This is the Flyers, from what high perch have they descended?

      Now Gillis is taking a good roster and running it right off the rails. I can’t wait to see how Luongo deals with the organization and Tortorella after this latest episode.

      The problem with the Flyers, at least from an outsider’s perspective, is that they end up falling into so many good prospects like drafting Couturier at 8th overall, and it just allows them to keep operating this way.

      They really do seem to be one of the last holdovers from the old pre-cap spending days, trying to buy a team.

    • BurningSensation

      Yeah, -380k salary cap room, and only Steve Mason signed as a goalie. Next year, Giroux, Schenn, and Coutourier all FA’s hahahahahah. Giroux at least needs a big raise.

  • Colin.S

    Well at least all the playres that should be qualified were and bunch of them let go. Now hoping to hear a Brodie and Backlund contract in the near future.

    Also RE: Cameron, from what I understand he was described as a bad skater when we signed him, and kinda like the Howse situation, just cause the guy can put up points in junior, he need some sort of skating ability to even think about translating those points to the NHL.

    • jeremywilhelm

      Indeed, though with Cameron he put up that 50 goal season as an overager, whereas with Howse.. hard to say really what happened to him, only that he didn’t play a pro game, and thus his numbers didn’t translate.

      And yes, it certainly helped that he didn’t move all that well for a smallish guy. Though he did have a decent top speed IIRC.

      • flamesburn89

        If I remember correctly, Howse showed up in his first pro camp out of shape. Fell out of favour quickly. When I watched him in Chilliwack back in his WHL career, all I really noticed was his shot. He had a great shot, but he had bad skating, as you and Colin both mentioned.

        I guess the fact that he was a completely one-dimensional player sunk his chances at a shot in the pros.

      • Truculence

        The main issues with Howse (and a lot of prospects I imagine) are the little things like diet and being in shape and doing the things necessary to commit to becoming a pro athlete. It is not easy and it is not the life for everyone.

  • Burnward

    How does Holmgren have a job? This just oozes with desperation! This guy wizzes more money away than any gm out there! Buy out old garbage and then sign old garbage! Is he slipping something in the owners drinks or what? This is hideous. Complete cap hell!!!!!! Nice work by jay getting galliardi! Cheap utility player . Safe to say cammi is all but gone with another LW on the roster! Hope we at least get a pick for em. So nice to have a load of dough to spend and maybe Monahan makes the team! Excited for our season ahead!

    • MC Hockey

      See comment 34. Pronger on LTIR gains you 4.9M cap space so lots of room to sign a goalie. He is re-making his roster to be more competitive and complete.

      • SmellOfVictory

        You’re defending Holmgren? Wow! Holmgren is a Sutter certified moron! I don’t care how much cap space he cleared! He’s hosed this team for yrs and 5 yrs for a crap vinni? Come on!

        • MC Hockey

          Vinny can fit it nicely behind Giroux on that team so for that team it makes sense. I agree however that Holmgren picks too many “big guys” or “big stars” to play there…such as the first round draft choice which was a reach.

    • Part of the reason the Oilers were 30th is because they went with players like Hordichuk rather than Omark.

      I don’t think Linus works for the Flames at this point frankly. But he probably deserves another shot at the NHL considering some of the other players who pull paychecks in the league.

  • aloudoun

    Reading over on OilersNation, it looks like Jonathon Blum will not get a QO if they can’t trade him, when are QO’s due? And should we just give Nashville a 7th to get his rights to give him a QO.

    I know we are ripe with bottom defenders, however he fits the current Feaster Mold, early 20s, bit of an underacheiver. His Corsi is better than Weber/Josi, he was tied for best on-ice SV%, and reading what ON said about him, is that he’s seen as an offensive guy with Defensive liabilities, quite frankly I don’t see why we don’t pick him up for the year, probably is an improvement over Butler.

    • Truculence

      He is also said to have played upwards of 30 mins a night. If that’s true you have to question his ability to produce points. Not saying he’s not NHL caliber, but maybe not top 6.

      Just a different take on how to break down the stats coming out of junior. We shall see.

      • RexLibris

        All depends what zone he is playing 30 minutes in, if he is playing pretty well 90% of the time in the defensize zone (not likely but his team was BAD, VERY BAD!) then there is little oppurtunity to put up points. It’s to bad there isn’t a lot more stat keeping or public stats shown on a lot more of these situations, because without that knowledge it’s a lot of guess work.

      • RexLibris

        And MacKinnon didn’t? Their scoring rates are actually not that far off (SM 1.34, NM 1.7) when you consider that MacKinnon had a winger that put up better than 2 points per game.

        If that’s a concern with Monahan, it’s DEFINITELY a concern with the #1 pick.

  • RexLibris

    So, impromptu poll: Do Flames fans want to see Monahan play for the NHL team this coming season?

    Regardless of what is in his best interests, but if he plays the first twelve games of the 2013-2014 season on the Flames’ roster, will you be excited and happy to see him?

    Just curious as to the thoughts of fans on which direction they want to see this coming season go.

    • RexLibris

      NO to him playing at all on the Flames, there is ZERO benefit to it. Think of the Baertschi scenario where he put up a bunch of goals during his emergency call up. If something like that happened they’d play him more than the 11/12 games and start up his ELC when we don’t need to next year. This team is shaping up nicely to get another top 5 pick with the young guns already playing. Putting Monahan on the team isn’t going to affect the standings all that much, maybe moves us from the 4th overall to the 6th overall at best, no sense right now.

    • BurningSensation

      What I want most is for Monahan to dominate and thrive. If he’s ready and able to do so at the NHL level, then he can stay and I will be happy for the Flames to burn a year of his ELC. If he’s not ready to take on the NHL, send him back to jr so he can have success there.

      If we bring him up to anchor a 4th line checking unit for 5min a night it hurts him in every way possible, while burning a year of his contract – which is how the Oilers do things.

    • Burnward

      If he makes the team and is ready to go…I’m fine with seeing him in the show next year.

      If it’s clear in pre-season that he is over his head and they force feed him to the wolves…then I’m going to have a real problem with it.

    • Burnward

      I guess Rex, if looks good in preseason then give him some games at the start before sending him back to the OHL. Like many here, expectations are very low next year, to the point of a top 5 pick in 2014. Now if he is just killing it & is playing at a Calder nominee pace, how do you not keep him up? I Nugent put up some good points but his body size was not NHL level & the Oil may have caused this kid to be Hemsky 2, lots of talent, always getting injured. Yapukov was fine & so was Hall but these kids had size to them just like Monohan. But I don’t think too many Flames fans are expecting Monohan to step in & lead us to the promise land. I don’t think Flames Management is either hence the trades for the likes of Jones & Galiardi.

    • piscera.infada

      I really wouldn’t mind seeing him in a few NHL regular season games, then send him back to the O, with him having knowledge of what he needs to improve on to be successful in the bigs. It’s unfortunate that he has one year of eligibility left in the CHL. I’m not too sure how much he will actually get out of playing for the ’67s, if the team is as bad as it was this past year. Man, do I wish he could go to the AHL this year – I feel like allowing him to play against some grown competition would be best for him. Unless, of course, the 67s get some kind of players that can help him truly dominate.

      • Avalain

        Well, I know what you mean by it being unfortunate that he can’t play in the AHL next year, but technically it’s fortunate for us because it does mean he’s younger and has more potential for improvement.

        • piscera.infada

          Oh, totally agree. I’m not going to say “it’s crappy he’s too young for the AHL” – of course it isn’t. I’m just not so sure how much Monahan actually gains from playing a third year in the OHL on a bad team.

    • Avalain

      Obviously the best scenario is that he is does AMAZING in camp and is ready to play in the NHL. He comes in, adapts really quickly to the level of competition, and thrives. So with that in mind I’d rather see him play in the NHL this year.

      What I don’t want to see is him pushed into it for political/marketing reasons and having him languish on the 4th line for 20 games before being sent back to juniors.

      Basically, if he’s ready to play in the NHL and receive a decent number of minutes, great. If he ends up being the steal of the draft at 6, even better. That being said, as long as he does ok in camp I’d really like to see him get a few games in the NHL just to give him a basis for comparison. I think sometimes it’s hard to focus on how much you need to improve when you’re way ahead of everyone else around you. Not saying that Monahan is like this, but I still think it would be good for him to get a true feel for where he has to be to take the next step.

    • RedMan

      I want him to look great in training camp and play a few (less than 10) games with the Flames early in the season, and then go back to the OHL. Important thing is that they be honest with him, tell him the plan – if this kid is as high character as everyone says, he’ll be OK with the taste of the NHL and it’ll give him something to shoot for the following year.

  • RedMan

    What I am wondering is what Feaster et al are going to do about a goalie? I can’t imagine they start the season as is… with a career mc-backup and a covey of untested long shots.
    Sure, we have lots of prospects, but NOTHING proven.

    • Burnward

      Actually, that’s almost certainly exactly what they’re going to do. Ramo and Berra are both about 27. If they’re ever going to be ready, they already are. The Flames gain nothing by “developing” them, and could potentially lose a lot by bringing in another veteran and having one or both geting fed up and fleeing back to europe.

        • RexLibris

          Yup, now or never. This is the perfect season for the team to see what it has. If they both flop, so what? Team isn’t going anywhere anyways next season and they’d get another high draft choice and move on to something else. If they do work, then that’s good too.

      • BurningSensation

        There is a very thin line that the Flames need to walk in the next few years as they look to develop the talent they have on board (Baertschi, Brodie, and the kids; Agostino, Hanowski, Cundari, Monahan, Poirier, Klimchuk, etc.), and looking to finish low as part of collecting more high draft picks/higer-end talent.

        Sign a few good vets (Horton, Filpulla, etc) + an unexpectedly great season from Ramo and you could find yourself knocking on the doors of the playoffs again, and miss out on the talent needed to rebuild into a winning team.

        Fail to bring in some vets to cushion the kids and you could fail to properly push them in development (because they are guaranteed a spot) and foster a losing/entitled mentality (see: Edmonton), where the kids check out of being part of such a crap team and look to bolt as soon as they can.

        So far though, so good. Feaster landed some really nice pieces at the draft, and has brought in guys (Jones, Gagliardi) who will play balls-out and can take hard minutes without turning us into a surprise contender for the 8th spot.

  • BurningSensation

    Anyone else think Tuebart or Peckham would be worth a look on a 2-3 year term for $8-900K per. Edmonton were so focused on fast tracking their young guys on the front end, they never gave the young guys on the backend a chance.

    • BurningSensation

      Teubert’s rapid fall from grace is fascinating, but his issues (chiefly skating related iirc), don’t appear to be fixable.

      Peckham is probably a legit NHL bottom six D-man, but I am not aware of why he was so unloved last year by the Oilers. The deadmenton team had huge gaps on the blue and yet Peckham still couldn’t find his way on board, so it’s a red flag for sure.

      • MC Hockey

        Agree Peckham COULD be a decent bottom 6 D-man player but apparently makes boneheaded plays sometimes and thus hardly even played up for Oilers last year.

      • BurningSensation

        The word on Peckham was that he was quite out of shape when the lockout ended, and never made it out of Krueger’s dog house. He might be worth a try. Should be cheap.