FlamesNation 2013 UFA Open Thread


– pic via Rob the Hockey Guy


For those of you who aren’t still embroiled in the McGrattan post below (which I think takes the shortest post/longest comment string award by a mile), share your hopes, fears and thoughts today as the free agent frenzy gets underway.

Although, it may not be that much of a frenzy given the names involved. A few guys are going to get paid – like David Clarkson – but it’s pretty thin gruel this year overall. With the addition of TJ Galiardi and David Jones recently, Calgary does’t have much need to wade into the fray since there aren’t a lot of obvious upgrades out there. Mikhail Grabovski is the obvious exception, of course, but if the club doesn’t claim him on waivers I don’t see them being able to successfully woo him once he is bought out.

Mason Raymond is a name that has been circulating a bit heading into today. A native Calgarian, Raymond is lightning fast, but has struggled with scoring and consistency, especially since suffering a terrible back injury a few years ago. Like Jones and Galiardi, he’d be an okay middle rotation addition, but isn’t the sort of bet with a the potential to pay off big.

That said, the Flames true goal today should be not to make any big mistakes. Calgary has a lot of budget space, but there is absolutely no reason for the club to go whale hunting given its low potential for success next season. Not to mention the fact there isn’t a single big name UFA talent who could significantly change the team’s fortunes. Any deals the Flames sign today and for the rest of the summer should be relatively cheap and short. Calgary’s ample cap space gives them flexibility and power going forward. They don’t need to invest too much of it in unnecessary pieces or bad bets.

  • RexLibris

    Is Feaster’s pc going to be on their website later? I’d like to watch this for myself.

    I’m hoping to hear his reasoning for why he traded for Russell rather than taking him off waivers.

    • RexLibris

      According to Roger Millions twitter:

      Roger Millions ‏@RogMillions
      Flames did not want to acquire an ARB case..that is why Russell was a sign and trade. STL signed him avoiding ARB..they tradeto CGY

      Roger Millions ‏@RogMillions
      Explains why not picking up Russell on waivers. Did not want arbitration.

      • RexLibris

        That seems like an odd explanation.

        Taking a look at some other deals for this level of player and it is often a 7th round pick.

        Was a 5th round pick worth avoiding arbitration on a player who is right now a 3rd pairing (2nd at best) defenseman? What would Russell’s cap hit have likely been? If he had gone to arbitration and won a one-year award for 20% more than market value would it have crippled the salary situation? Unlikely.

        Worst case scenario, on a one-year deal overpay they could have simply dumped him at the trade deadline for a pick.

        It just sounds like a strange prioritization.

  • Captain Ron

    Well if your in the rebuild camp you probably liked what Feaster had to say. For me it was music to my ears. Skip the lousy expensive FA signings and let the kids play and see what we have.

    If they stay true to this mandate we should have a good chance to draft in the top five next year. Might be tough to watch at times but for the long term this is the only way to go.