Development Camp 2013: Sean Monahan



The first thing you notice about Sean Monahan is his deep voice. He’s also incredibly well-spoken. Calgary’s sixth overall selection in the 2013 NHL Draft comes across as incredibly focused on improving as a hockey player and challenging for a roster spot in Calgary in the fall.

I had the chance to chat with Monahan briefly in-between sessions at Calgary Flames development camp this past week.


Sean Monahan: I honestly don’t think anything’s changed. I’m just trying to be the same person, same player, no matter what. I think that, obviously you’re drafted to an NHL team now, you’re got something to look forward to. I’m trying to make the NHL, so that’s I guess the biggest thing. There’s an opportunity there, so I think just getting in the gym and on the ice, I’m working that much harder because I’m looking towards something and I’m really looking forward to that.


I think it’s just a lot of hard work. You’ve got to be committed. I think obviously you’ve got to go to the gym for two hours, two and a half hours, whatever it is… You’ve gotta work as hard as you can there. You have to carry yourself well after the gym. You have to eat properly, get the right sleep if you want to be prepared and want to be a pro. All the little things there is throughout the summer until you get to the next camp, if I get invited, I think I’ve got to be ready for that and that’s what I’m looking forward to.


I got to skate with Mike Cammalleri twice now, back home in Toronto. He was there and [I saw him] at my gym and asked me to come out and skate. I got to talk to him and he told me about Calgary and how it’s run. It was encouraging words and I feel really comfortable here. The staff’s great, the coaching staff is obviously great, too. All the players on my team and all the players at this camp make you feel very welcome, and the fans, too.

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  • BurningSensation

    I’m perfectly happy keeping Cammalleri on through the rebuild if this is how he is going to conduct himself.

    The youth will need a mentor and someone to shelter them in high seas, and Cammalleri just might be that guy.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      I have also been returning frequently to see if anything is up yet. Perhaps I’m a bit obsessed?

      I’m always anxious for the FN writers take on things.

        • RickT

          Great to see the enthusiasm but be patient Jeff. He has a lot more positives to write about than in previous years. It was great to see so much skill, speed, size and hockey sense on the ice Jeff. The compete level is tremendous. I am wondering if Agostino would be interested in turning pro this year?

          • piscera.infada

            Agostino already said he wants to finish out his final season in the NCAA.

            I posted this before on another thread, but I want to say it again. Agostino is one of my favorite prospects, and I’m really excited to see him in dev. camp. I have a few friends that go to Yale and started watching a lot of their games this year. As Flames fans, they paid much more attention to Agostino after the Iggy trade, and man did they get me excited. They claim he plays a very similar game to Ryan Callahan – similar build as well. I hope this kid pans out.

          • piscera.infada

            Is he a senior? I love his game. Great compete level and very good skills. He may not be far away from playing. Like you, I am very excited about him. This Iggy trade could work out to be great.

  • First Name Unidentified

    I was at the Dev Camp today till 11am, so I saw most of the guys in group A. Monahan stood out by far. Here are some observations:
    The other guy who looked really good was Knight. Johnny G is fast, like really fast. Michael Ferland has pretty soft hands and good reflex. Morgan Klimchuck is a hard worker, and Jon Gillies will get us to the playoffs in the next 3-4 yrs. He is very solid.

    Ryan, I think I saw you there. I also saw Patty Steinberg. Someone please tell him it’s Stampede wear!!

    Overall, very excited about the kids this season and the next few.

    • everton fc

      Glad to hear this about Ferland. I think he will impress this go-round. He’s a kid with a mean hockey streak. And he does have soft hands and good reflexes.

      I still think he’ll play in the NHL. Sooner, than later.

      • McRib

        By the sounds of it from Scott Cruickshank, Ben Hanowski lost 8-10 pounds to help towards increasing foot speed is now down to 205 lbs. Lets hope they have Micheal Ferland rooming with him and not Mark Jankowski/Johnny Gaudreau!!!!

        While were at it lets also keep him away from Cochrane native Coda Gordon…. Micheal Ferland has the tools to make it to the NHL, but needs to get game/life in check.

          • McRib

            Hopefully he gets over this, no doubt though he has a boat load of raw talent. Think he must shed 10-15 pounds to get to NHL, but between him and Mark Stone on Brandon he actually stood out more often talent wise for me, as his greasy hands in tight are impressive (Stone’s work ethic was far superior). Also managed to salvage last season with a good showing for Saskatoon late playing a more uptempo game, before they blew it in the playoffs. Like you not writing him off yet.


          • everton fc

            You all know I like Dorsett. Ferland could be a similar type player for us. Perhaps with more offencive upside. He may be lugging a few extra kilos, but he can still skate. If he can get intop game shape….

            He’s certainly got that nastiness we lack.

            Here’s hoping, anyways.

          • everton fc

            Desbiens. Forever a millstone around my neck.

            Perhaps I should leave Ferland be? He may end up toiling on buses in the AHL, next to Desbiens, via my curse!

            Ferland has the tools to play at the NHL level. And he’ll be top of the GRITCHART, if he makes it. He likes scrapping. Gets him into the game sometimes, he says…

            I want this kid to make it, simply because of his story. He hasn’t been playing that long, you know. Amazing progression in such a short period of time. And he’s not another Aliu.

            The right mentor, and he may have a chance. He needs to be around some vets. And coaches who’ve been patient with challenging players.

            No comparison to Howse. You take the issues out of Ferland, and you’ve got a kid perhaps NHL ready in 2-3 years. That’s how I see it.

      • aloudoun

        He just seems a lot like Ryan Howse. I just don’t get the best vibe from him and that whole legal issue doesn’t do much to change my mind. Troy Ward doesn’t seem to like him either.
        Seems like a marginal prospect at best but I would be happy to be proven wrong (or even see him traded).

        • McRib

          I agree with the stuff away from the rink and its worrisome, but Howse was a lazy perimeter Junior scorer that let his linemates do all the work. Ferland offers much more for me as a prospect (Size, Grit, Hands, as good or better finish), but need to get conditioning and effort level in check. IMO, he will at least be a serviceable AHLer could still pan out if he works on things.

        • BurningSensation

          I share your concerns about Ferland, but the comparison to Howse doesn’t work for me. Howse only has one real skill (he can shoot), and needs to drag everything else up to snuff to be a player.

          Ferland has a wider range of abilities (including; GRITCHART), with his conditioning and attitude being his biggest liabilities.

          Conditioning and attitude are correctable items. Howse’s deficiencies aren’t.

  • seve927

    I had pretty much written Ferland off as a prospect, but every time I see him, I see so much potential. He’s big, tough and mean, and still his skill stands out above most others. I think he’s just really lazy, and I don’t know if he can change.

    Corban Knight impressed me more than anyone today. He just looks so solid. The drills are going in both directions at once, so it’s hard to keep up, but somehow he was managing to get back defensively and break up plays. He showed some very smooth hands on multiple occasions as well.

    Janko looks pretty good in the one on one battles (he was up against Kulak, McKenzie and Ramage). His reach is definitely a big advantage. He looked reasonably strong, but I can’t say it looks like he’s bulked up at all over last year.

    Johnny G of course showed the most flash, he was the most fun to watch.

    Poirier did nothing to impress, but he was mostly in the far end, so I didn’t get a real good look.

    Monahan was pretty much as expected, solid and skilled.

    Klimchuk was noticeable for his hustle. I didn’t see a whole lot of skill, but he was always on the puck.

    Kulak is my favourite D prospect, but didn’t look great. Sieloff was about the only D that looked good. Maybe that’s a sign of some more skill in the forward ranks!

  • RedMan

    seems like both team and player are expecting monohan to play this year. interesting. seems its his position to lose. next yeae draft 1 or 2 overall…’tsall good.

    • McRib

      If NJ is going to trade Adam Henrique they might as well pack it in and move to Seattle/QC, although apparently they are bleeding money loosing 30-50 million a year.

  • McRib

    Anyone else watch that Tim Harrison interview on… HE IS NOT FICTIONAL!!!! The kid looks like another Jankowski lite, huge lanky project with decent stride and hands. He also is very well spoken, but he is going to Colgate after all. Which to anyone who doesn’t know is a liberal arts college that is second only to the top Ivy League schools if that. Weisbrod and company seem to have the NCAA players figured out.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Jankowski is the big key for me on a lot of questions. If he looks like a player it kind of validates the Weisbrod philosophy to me. Perhaps unfair for just one guy but Weisbrod was sold on Jankowski’s potential.

    Does he look first round draft pick skilled?

    The scrimmages will be the litmus test.

    • BurningSensation

      I totally agree about Jankowski potentially being a huge key to the Flames’ sucess.

      If he ends up being an average (or better) top 6 forward he’ll have covered the bet on draft day and then some.

      • seve927

        Yeah, everybody seems to be making him out as a boom or bust, but he could still just be 3rd line lw too. The first couple of drills today, I was disappointed, but the 1 on 1 stuff… he really looked like he’s on another level – from our D prospects anyway.

        Still has to gain some weight!

  • loudogYYC

    Henrique is their #1 centre, I doubt they just move him cause they’re bleeding money as an organization.

    I went to the 2pm skate today, it’s not like you can tell a whole lot about a player when you barely ever see him, but I thought Ken Agostino looked solid out there. His skating, puck control and speed all looked good to me – for the 45 minutes it was on display.

    Also, Wotherspoon is pretty smooth and Kanzig looks scary as hell, except when he’s doing crossovers, then he looks kinda funny.

    • McRib

      Keegan Kanzig fought Darren Kramer twice as a 16 year-old they don’t come any tougher, he had a hardtime getting fights later this season as no one wanted to fight him. A third was steep, but of all the big defensive projects drafted from the dub or anywhere for that matter (Wheaton, McNeely) this season at least Kanzig plays big recognizing size is biggest asset. Really don’t mind him as a project, because at least he could be a serviceable fighter worst case. Wheaton, McNeely not so much both soft and slow of foot.

      Never meant to say that NJ should trade Henrique, guess it looks like that, but they were two separate opinions. Meant to say if they traded him fans would have nothing to look forward to for a few years, considering they could be drafting first overal next summer but already lost the pick for the Kovi’s deal. Wonder if NHL gives it back…

  • McRib

    What about my comment above made people think I seriously thought New Jersey would trade Henrique for Cammalleri??????????? Was it the clearly sarcastic closing statement, or the fact that I started the sentence by saying “I would be perfectly fine…” with doing that trade?

    Honestly, that’s probably one of the most obviously sarcastic posts I’ve ever made (well, apparently it isn’t).