Flames Sign Sieloff and Cundari


– pic via MiHockeynow


Feaster knocked two more names off the list today, inking former second rounder Patrick Sieloff as well as 23 year old AHL all-star Mark Cundari to a pair of contracts.

Sieloff’s deal is a pretty standard ELC: 3 years, $925k per year. The 200 pound defender had an injury shortened rookie season for the Windsor Spitfires and will likely spend at least one year more in junior before seriously challenging for a pro spot in the organization.

Cundari was acquired from the Blues in the Jay Bouwmeester trade and figures to compete for a top-6 spot on the parent club this year. A smaller, two-way defender taiking a similar NHL path as Mark Giordano, Cundari was never drafted but has worked his way up to near NHL-readiness since signing a pro-deal with the the Blues organization back in 2010. His deal is two-way for one year at $600k.

These are necessary depth signings for the Flames at this juncture. Neither guy figures to be a difference maker in the short term, but both could potentially grow into useful contributors down the road.


  • RKD

    The interesting thing about Sieloff is he’s actually eligible to play in the AHL this year, since he was drafted from USNTDP.

    Not saying he will, just that it’s an option for once.

    • RexLibris

      I wouldn’t worry too much.

      That Feaster is taking care of other details while working on the Brodie front isn’t the worst thing in the world.

      It may be a good thing in the long run that he isn’t rushing into a deal. We’ll have to see what the final contract looks like, but I highly doubt that this won’t get done.

      That is unless the Avalanche decide to offer sheet him… I kid, I kid.

  • RexLibris

    At the end of the season, Feaster commented that ownership was committed to spending to the cap and his “marching orders” were to make the playoffs in 13-14.

    Now the focus seems entirely on signing the prospects. Has something changed? Is he keeping his powder dry for some high impact trades that dramatically improve the team for the upcoming season once salary cap issues force some other teams hands. Or, as many on this site have commented, is he aiming for the top pick next season. If so, what about the goal of building a culture of winning so important at the end of last season that was relevant enough to see the Flames pick 6th instead of in the top 4

    Your thoughts please??

    • Feaster’s options are limited. Internally, the Flames don’t have the talent to compete. Externally there is the trade route, but in order to get you usually have to give. And the Flames have very little to offer besides futures and prospects, both of which they desperately need to retain.

      There’s also the UFA route, but this seasons crop was relatively barren and the Flames predicament means pretty much no one of any consequence is going to consider them as a destination. That’s probably why you’ve seen the club trade for players this summer rather than sign them.

      • Stockley

        Staying out of the free agent market this summer is a rare moment of clarity for Flames management. Whether they stayed away intentionally or whether some of this barren crop just laughed at their offers we might never know. For the moment I’m fine with depth signings, giving kids a chance and even signing local boys who grew up Flames fans. There is no quick fix. There are encouraging signs coming from the prospect crop and with a little luck and proper development some of these kids might be knocking on the door sooner rather than later. Just not too soon, right?

      • Stockley

        According to capgeek the Flames are at $55.2 for 13-14, giving them 9.8 to spend + 5.8 from Kiprusoff = $15.6.

        Do you see Feaster being this far below the spending limit going into the season? He could have picked up Grabovski for sure on waivers — no convincing necessary and had a non-post-apex 1st line center. He didn’t. Still wondering why the dramatic change in focus from end of season till now when the “money isn’t burning a hole in his pocket.”

        Again, the question, have Flames made conscious decision to tank next year or will some moves come through trades with teams which need to unload salary and will take back little in return. That seemed to be F’s line of thinking in May. Has it changed. Is he getting pressure from ownership to ice a team well below the cap?

        • We can only speculate at this point. It’s entirely possible the Flames didn’t like Grabovksi enough to grab him from waivers at this price point and that move doesn’t really reflect a change of philosophy.

          On the other hand, the reality of the situation really seems to be sinking in for the management team. There’s no quick fix here, no obvious way to kick start things and get the Flames back into the playoff picture. It’s bitter medicine time.

        • I think it has become painfully obvious that teams are willing to dole out huge amounts of money for bad contracts to go away & free up that sacred “Cap space” instead of using a 1st or top prospect to dump the problem. The UFA market has nothing that is going to help our rebuild or get you even close to the playoffs. Why go there & have players take up minutes so many of our young hopefuls need badly. I don’t see any of our vets going anywhere, to maintain the mantra, we want to go for the playoffs. & so they should approach the season this way. But notice most acquisitions & signings are on shorter terms. This time next summer, the boys at Flames Nation here are going to be typing their stubby fingers off talking about all the prospects we have who have legit shot at playing in the NHL & even a rightful spot on the Flames roster. Think about this, Monohan(assuming he gets 9-10 games this year & sent back down to Jr.), Wotherspoon(after a year in Abbey), Seiloff(may be ready to challenge), Gaudreau(fingers crossed we see him inked to an ELC in April),Arnold, Agostino. This is a lot of spots that needs to open up, not to mention guys like Cundari & Reinhart playing their way to a permanent spot on the team starting this year.

          Many have a valid concern about having no veteran leadership. but we need to sell one more year at the TDL. So any future UFA is open game. Cammi, absolutely. He may say he’ll work with young guys, but come next July 1, you can bet he’s as good as gone, so get an asset for him in Feb. Stempniak, I would bow to Feaster if he could get a 1st for him, but a 2nd wouldn’t be bad either for another pending UFA at the TDL. Stajan, well, a 2nd for him will be kind of a consolation prize. If we give him some prime time & beef up his numbers & then get a 1st, well my knees will really start to ache from all the bowing I would do. Butler, if he’s his usual meh this year, well he may get us a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Any vets with longer contracts like GlenX, Gio, Hudler, Wideman, stay. They are our veterans we have & that’s why they get paid the big bucks. I don’t see any of them having a visible attitude problem with this rebuild. By doing this, we should have another top 5-8 pick & many more draft picks to throw in the cupboards. Then we hope Sven, Brodie, Mono, Backlund, Gaudreau, Ramo become the snowball to getting back respectability & expectation of playoffs. If this is what Feaster is doing, I can get behind it.

          • MC Hockey

            “Stempniak, I would bow to Feaster if he could get a 1st for him, but a 2nd wouldn’t be bad either for another pending UFA at the TDL. Stajan, well, a 2nd for him will be kind of a consolation prize. If we give him some prime time & beef up his numbers & then get a 1st, well my knees will really start to ache from all the bowing I would do. Butler, if he’s his usual meh this year, well he may get us a 2nd or 3rd rounder.”

            You are WAY too optimistic on the potential return for those guys, here is more likely return even if they have great seasons:
            Cammaleri (addressed earlier in your note) – 2nd rounder max, Stempniak – 3rd rounder, Stajan – 3rd rounder, Butler – 5th rounder

    • SydScout

      I think the idea is that we will finish last based on the team on paper. We are not tanking and this way the org can try very hard to win every game yet still come up short most nights. Its like tanking but without intentionally doing so.

      In reality signing a couple mid level UFAs would not improve our situation so why waste the cap room we do have. The problem is the same as it has been for the last 7 years – acquiring top end talent. We have the complimentary pieces and the second tier talent.

      The right move is to keep space for the right opportunity in case something falls into our lap where a top player becomes available on a cap strapped team or the right player becomes available in free agency.

      No doubt the org wants to make the playoffs.. Im sure every team does but it is finally time Feaster delivered on the intellectual honesty he promised… looks like he is doing just that.

      And as far as the playoffs are concerned that should be the mantra of every pro sports team until they are mathematically eliminated.

  • Anyone else listen to the interview with Sven on the Fan 960? Was interesting to hear him talk about how huge Mark Jankowski was. Hope he really makes strides next year & grows even more. Would like to see him in 1 year be 6’4″ & 210lbs.

  • MC Hockey

    The Feasting One may have some tricks up his sleeve with UFAs but really hope he DOES NOT do anything like that except perhaps unload a veteran, perhaps one with a name similar to that great appetizer…you know Calamari. I have been convinced by the Wise Gockey Gurus of Advanced Statistical Analysis of the need to rebuild slowly. As for the calamari thing, I sort of kid but seriously it’s time there was actually enough room for young players to make the Flames AND move up the depth chart…I mean draft picks in future but now just guys like Horak, Cundari, D Jones, and Galiardi. If after trade deadline the team lost 3 veterans it would be great timing to give youngsters the chance to play more minutes in the last 15 or 20 games. Then in 2014-15 the Flames can compete better and have room for Monahan, Seiloff and others. But if the owners stay impatient and have their way, Feasty Guy may sign Grabo, Raymond, and whomever else is decent.

    • PrairieStew

      I am hoping it is 4 or 5 guys moved at the deadline, regardless of how well the team is doing. Cammy, Stajan, Stemp, Jackman, Butler, Smith. Add more picks and bring the younger guys in. The only one of that group I might consider resigning is Stemp.

      The defense is getting interesting. Assuming the top 5 a lock with Gio,Wideman,Brodie,Russel and SOB, that leaves guys w a fair amount of NHL experience in Butler, Smith and Carson (been resigned?) fighting with up and comers Cundari, Billins and Breen. 6 guys fighting for 2 spots is good, to say nothing for the pro debuts of Ramage, Sieloff &Wotherspoon.

        • PrairieStew

          Glencross stays for sure, still has term on his contract. Same for Hudler and Gio, and leadership is why I’d have Stempniak back. You might consider Cammy, but I’m not inclined to pay $6m again. The rest of those veterans are more valuable as trade pieces at the deadline than as guys you work to resign. You can always add some quality guys in the offseason like he has this year with Russell, SOB and Galiardi

          To me Backlund and Brodie can become the leaders to the younger guys – and with a large percentage of potential prospects having been( or are still) college guys, most of them are pretty mature when they (will)get here.

    • SydScout

      Absolutely. Having watched a number of team outside hockey implode and carry out painful and mostly unsuccessful ‘rebuilds’ without veterans that can nurture young potential talent, I’m concerned about dumping all stability for potential.

      So far, Feaster is doing well under this new remit.