Flames Sign 3 more, including Monahan


Jay Feaster continues to cross items off his summer "to-do" list. This weekend RFA’s Lance Bouma and Paul Byron were inked to 1-year, two-way deals while word came down today that 6th overall pick Sean Monahan has been signed to a 3-year entry level contract. Like many high-level draft picks, Monahan’s deal features a few performance bonuses that push up the annual average cap hit to $1.775M per season.

Monahan may be in the mix to make the parent club this year, although unless the Flames figure he will be a Gabriel Landeskog or Sean Couturier level talent right off the bat, it would probably make a lot more sense to send him back to junior for one more season. No doubt he gets a 9-game try-out to start the year either way.

There are only two bits of business remaining for Feaster at this point: the Tj Brodie contract, which is a complicated, and RFA Carter Bancks, which should be a lot easier. No doubt Bancks will be inked within the next week or two (assuming the team plans on keeping him) and then it’s just down to waiting for Brodie’s bridge deal to be finalized.


  • Colin.S

    All that’s left is Brodie and one of the kids from Abby. Guess the negotiations with Brodie’s camp probably not going so well if they’ve lasted this long now, especially with Feaster saying they are a “priority” now.

  • Michael

    The Flames need to thin the herd and weed out the weaker / no upside guys like Bryon.
    Bryon has no NHL potential, so other than a warm body for the farm, i don’t see a lot of point in resigning him.

    • McRib

      I’m Baffled that we resigned Paul Byron… He has never done anything likeable for me in two years and was injured half the time anyway… Why he isn’t signing with a Swedish/Suisse Elite League Team rather than us is questionable. Lance Bouma deserves a chance but with our rapidly improving prospect pool his window for making the big club is closing quickly, he must stay healthy.

    • NHL93

      I bet $10 that Feaster is keeping Byron as he illustrates the return for Regier/Kotalik/2nd rounder. But I agree, what can he bring? The dude is like John Stamos with the Beach Boys.

      • everton fc

        Saving face…

        A lot of guys in the development camp have more upside/potential than Byron right now. The only other reason would be he can play a full season in Abby. He certainly can’t be one of the first “emergency call ups” if injuries hit.

        @Ryan I could see the Flames actually moving Jackman. They probably won’t, but they could, if they needed a roster spot, for he’d be valuable to quite a few teams, and McGrattan may actually score more goals, as he did last season. Bouma may need a stint in Abby. Time will tell, but I’m not convinced he makes the team out of camp. Yet. Knight seems penciled in by everyone, due to his being a right-handed centre. But he may end up on the farm, as well, if he proves in pre-season he’s not ready.

        I’d send Monahan back to the OHL. Bouma or Horak can be the 4th centre. Unless he truly tears it up in pre-season. I get a sense they may keep him on the big team. A bit of a gamble, but like S – if he’s an obvious NHL talent, why send him back to the OHL? Like Skinner, he may be ready. We need to take that chance. Perhaps. But I do appreciate and respect this quote, by Kurt, above: “This is what Detroit would do. Rushing a 6th overall pick into the league is what Edmonton or the Islanders do.”

        Blair Jones should be a two-way option if someone gets hurt. Nut if you move him and Jackman, you have two more roster spots. Does Reinhart play a full season in Abby now that he lost his jersey #?!

        @sean charles You may have nailed it below, though I don’t think their looking to put Knight on the 4th line, it may be best, to see that he offer. I see no way Galiardi sits in the press box. He could get 82 games, on this team. And as long as they have Blair Jones signed, he also gets the chance to come up, when time is earned. Nemisz will never get another look in the NHL. And that 3rd line below will put up some points, me thinks.





        “Trade Jackman cause youll probably have 8 dman on the team.” – Yep.

        “Give Horak/Reinhart/Hanowski/Nemisz/Granlund (if in N.A.) injury recalls based on AHL performance.” Replace Nemisz with B. Jones. If Granlund stays in Europe, and Ferland goes to Abby and gets his act together, Ferland goes on this list.

        Neeless to say, a lot of open issues. Which makes it fun to be a fan, this camp.

        • everton fc

          I don’t know that Reinhart cares all that much about his jersey #. He wears #25 in Abby, and wore #20 when he was drafted (IIRC). Seems like the sort of bloke who’ll switch if it’s available, but won’t make an issue of it.

          Though one must wonder why the Flames gave #23 to Sean… near-sightedness, I guess.

          Has anyone else noticed that Bouma is now listed at #17 on the Flames website?

  • Michael

    The Sam Gagner saga unfolding in Edmonton gives us a chance to learn from the Oilers mistakes. Send Monahan down!!!

    The lack of UFA signings of any ‘bridge’ type players scares me Feaster isn’t thinking the same.

    I have a hard time trying to figure out a reason why we should keep him here this year. I honestly can’t rationally think of 1. Unless you think he is too good for the CHL (I don’t)

    The Oilers today were forced to pay $4.8 mil or create the youngest UFA in the history of the NHL would would have got a windfall on the open market. I’m surprised he took a discount to stay with the Oilers, he could have gone to arbitration and got a boatload of cash next July 1.

    Lets not make the same mistake and burn ELC years at ground zero of this thing. The team will be in better contract shape, and he’ll be a better player for it.

  • McRib

    I would be shocked if Sean Monahan didn’t make the Flames this season with how weak we are down the middle. He just out performed Sven Baertschi and 40-50% of the Abbostford Heat team this season at the developmental camp…. Scratch that he dominated!!

    If he played a full season he would have had 97 Points with zero help on the worst team in the OHL last year (I can only imagine the points he would have put up with some help 110-130?). If he was born a month earlier he would have been a Top. 3 Pick last season. He is physically mature and has nothing more to prove in Junior. Sean Couturier is actually a low end projection for me as to what we can expect this season. As Monahan is twice as smart as Couturier the learning curve will be much shorter thanks to plus Hockey IQ.

    I know FN likes to be conservative but Sean Monahan didn’t just light up a Flames Developmental he lit up the deepest one in two decades. Playing against guys like Sven Baertschi who were point a game players in the last ten games with the big club last year.

    • McRib

      What is the point in burning a year of ELC? Unless you really think he is too good for the CHL, which seems like a stretch to me. Let him tear up junior, play a lead role at the WJC.

      Seeing Gagner force the Oilers hand should just reinforce how important asset mgmt is.

      • RexLibris

        The Oilers made a mistake in bringing him into the NHL immediately after he was drafted 6th overall in 2007, alongside two other 1st round picks in part because they were atrocious down the middle and were trying to rebound quickly from a bad season.

        Sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it?

        To the point though, the Oilers also mishandled his contract and development at various other stages (playing the 4th line under Pat Quinn, Tambellini only giving him a one-year deal last summer at $3.2 million, etc).

        It wasn’t only his being introduced to the NHL as an 18-year-old, but that is where it began all the same.

        The Flames would do well to take a page out of San Jose’s playbook and what they chose to do with Logan Couture, although they have slightly different draft circumstances, but it would mean management accepting their fate for this season.

      • Truculence

        Who cares if we burn up a year of his ELC. The real question is, “Is he ready for the NHL?” If so, good; if not, back to junior.

        Another point to keep in mind is that Monahan will be turning 19 in October. If his professional contract began this season, his second would begin when he was 22. That is on par for most top-ten picks (forwards).

    • Parallex

      I really hope they don’t waste a year of his ELC and start his free agency clock on what is sure to be a throw away season. Send him to the OHL let Stajan, Backlund, Knight, Whoever man the Flames center position this year. It’s a foolish waste to do otherwise.

  • piscera.infada

    Don’t get me wrong I am very excited about Monohan but give him 9 games and send him down to junior for another year. UNLESS he shows he truly fits as a 18 year old and can protect himself. I really worry about rushing him and injury. We are not gonna compete to win a cup so one more year really wont hurt waiting for him.

  • Im okay with Monahan making the show if he arrives fully formed: ie; he can drive play like a decent level NHLer already.

    The worst of both worlds is he comes up, struggles for most of the season, the Flames stink anyways and the first year of his artificially cheap ELC is flushed down the commode for no good reason.

    • But what is the purpose? Do you feel he is too good or the CHL? Or that he will develop better? I don’t see either of those… But maybe I guess…

      Just feels like very small benefits to burn a year of ELC

      • Ideally, I’d send him down regardless, but Im resigned to the fact that management will be motivated to keep him up and will certainly do so if he can play.

        Im okay with it if he can actually keep his head above water, because then at least he’s contributing and improving, even if it won’t be enough to really matter to the overall success rate of the club this year.

        The alternative is the front office wants to sell hope regardless of his readiness, things get ugly and that cheap first year is totally wasted on all fronts.

        • Unless they move a couple bodies, I think the NHL roster is MOSTLY set.

          11 bodies have one-ways (Cammalleri, Glencross, Hudler, Stajan, Stempniak, Backlund, D. Jones, B. Jones, Jackman, McGrattan and Galiardi). So they probably bury (Blair) Jones in the AHL and have four forward spots left.

          Knight, Horak, Bouma and Baertschi probably have the inside track. Monahan would have to displace one of those four.

          • Michael

            Your one-way contract point is a good one. However, Jackman and McGrattan seem redundant. There was trade interest in Jackman a couple of years ago. Maybe there still is. If so, there would be five spots (Knight, Horak, Bouma, Baerstsch)including one for Monahan if he is judged NHL ready after the exhibition season and nine games.

            On another note, I’m one of the few not ready to count the Flames out yet. I want to see how legitimate an NHL goalie Ramo is. There is somewhat more size this year although scoring concerns me and Hartley’s style is not defensive, so I agree they’re likely to give up a lot of goals again.

          • ChinookArchYYC

            Pretty much the same way I have things pegged (notwithstanding an early season trade that didn’t involve B. Jones). Flames fans will be patient in year 1 of the rebuild anyway, so the team braintrust will benefit from selling hope next year (2014/15). Let Monohan kill it in the CHL and World Juniors.

            As for allowing players to mature properly, taking full advantage of ELC’s and developing a winning mindset on successful teams – all of these are very important at any stage of a young players career.

          • RedMan

            I think you nailed it except for the fact that Bouma, Jackman, McGratton and Galiardi will all share time rotating through the press box…leaving some ice time for Monohan as needed

          • Colin.S

            But that’s a terrible Idea, “leaving some ice time for Monahan as needed”. He shouldn’t be rotating in and out of the fourth(or third) line.

            I don’t know where to look for it anymore, but it’s one of the only sane things that Don Cherry has said in the last few years. Your top prospects are not served in any ways sitting in the press box or doing spot duty on the fourth(or third) line. If the choice is Monahan rotating in and out of the fourth or third line/press box in the NHL, or playing top line minutes, first team PP/PK in the OHL, I’m picking the OHL 10 times out of 10 (for his Draft +1 year anyways). Give him a place to get high minutes and big situations(like Team Canada, won’t be going if he is on the Flames).

        • BurningSensation

          The counter argument for keeping himup rests on the principle that if he can legitimately hold down a top six role against men right now, then his development might not be advanced any if you send him down.

          He should compete at the highest level of competition that he can excel at.

          If he is excelling in the NHL? Burn the year, the kid earned it, and his development is better served facing heavy competition.

          If he earns a top six role and you send him back down just to save money for his next contract you send the wrong message to both him and the team. Monohan because you are openly being cheap with him (and just try and ask for a hometown discount on his next contract), and the team because mgt is selling this whole thing as a meritocracy.

          The only question is then, can he cut it in a top 6 role?

    • RedMan

      I agree.

      Why is it so far fetched he plays this year? The 5 players drafted before him are all expected to play in the NHL next season. So is Nicushkan.

      This year is a deeper draft at the top. Monahan would have went top3 in most years. He is bigger than Ganger and stronger as well.

      He could play this year and I wouldnt be surprised. He is talented for his age and has size and faceoff ability to boot.

      If he cant beat out 1 of the better top 9 players on our team and play an important role here then send him back. But if he does play well then let him stay because even though there are players that are hindered by making the jump right away. There are also other great players that have made the jump right away and been fine, usually because they are so good or are just both skillfully and physically ready.





      Trade Jackman cause youll probably have 8 dman on the team.

      Give Horak/Reinhart/Hanowski/Nemisz/Granlund (if in N.A.) injury recalls based on AHL performance.

  • supra steve

    So…..are we all (mostly) in agreement? If Monahan is good enough to play, he can stay. If he does not belong, then send him down, preferably before he plays 10 games.

    I know its July, and its hot, and there’s no hockey, but if this is the extent of the deep thinking we can come up with….

    • Jeff Lebowski

      Since I appear to be the only one not in agreement here is what I think (although Kent did note ideally he’d send him down and that his acceptance of him staying is based on a resignation to the motivations of mgmt).

      Here is what I’d do if I was Feaster. I would make a clear choice now that he is going back. Every decision I make from now until camp and beyond would involve him going back for 1 more year of CHL, and bringing him up to the Heat or possibly a cup of tea in the NHL when his season ends. He CAN go to the AHL after his season ends – Eberle did this in Edmonton.

      I can’t decide if I would tell the kid this or not. I think it might be helpful to actually explain the plan so he feels part of it, instead of discouraged. But I may keep the plan quiet. Either way I would openly muse to the media about him going down to remove any fan expectations and media pressure. I’d start this musing now, and not waiver once, so that fans/media and everyone knows clearly what the plan is. No pressure on the kid.

      I would look for a player or two in UFA to bridge the gap if we feel the team is completely devoid of NHL players to fill out the roster. But I don’t want the kid anywhere near the complete sh1t show that this year will be. He doesn’t need to come up and learn how to get destroyed and lose every game for a season.

      Next year he comes to camp with 10+ AHL games under his belt, another WJC and 5-10lbs of extra muscle and his full ELC. We hopefully have another top 5 pick, and then fan expectations and pressure can be split between him and whoever we draft next year.

      • supra steve

        I would assume, when Monahan signed his contract, he was told by the organization that he COULD play in the NHL this season if he EARNED a spot (that’s what all teams tell all prospects). So, if he clearly earns a spot and they tell him he’s still going back to the OHL, what does that do to the kid and his relationship with the Calgary Flames? I know how I would feel, and how that might influence my future dealings with the organization. Then, do other prospect consider such moves (eg. Johnny Hockey) before signing with the Flames?

        If he does not EARN it, then yeah, send him back.

        • MC Hockey

          I hear you. But I think you sit him down and say its not about this year. Its about the next decade. Involve him from day 1 in open discussions and be honest that baring MVP play he is going back for his own good.

          I think what damages relationships is leaving players dangling in the wind wondering what the plan is (or even if a plan exists, which has been unclear with Feaster as recently as the ROR debacle).

          Letting media and fan hype frame the discussion and put expectations on him is what can blow this thing up. What if mgmt really truly wants to send him down but he piles up some soft points during his 9 games with weak underlying stats. Then if they send him down it’ll feel like a kick in the junk and everyone will be in an uproar.

          Anyways, I think how this is handled from a communication perspective is almost as important to what happens in the end.

          Its sure fun to talk about this stuff though! I find it way more exciting than complaining about Iggy, his trade situation and praying for the final playoff spot for another decade running.

          • piscera.infada

            I agree with you about being open and honest with the player. But I have some hesitation when it comes to being open with the media and the fans about it. What is Feaster going to say? “He’s not ready, so we’ll wait”? I’m not sure that’s the most pragmatic way to go about it.

            Not only does it seem disingenuous from an optics point of view, it opens you up to a world of media vultures that I’m not sure you want to have buzzing around the player. I think once it is made clear to Monahan that unless he does something really special (and I do mean really special), the organization feels its best that he play and train in an environment more conducive to his development, I’m not sure you owe the fans all that much of an explanation. I think this is exactly the kind of situation where management needs to be able to say to the fans, media, naysayers, et cetera; “we are smarter than you in this particular regard – we know what is happening in our player’s development better than you do” (obviously this shouldn’t be quoted verbatim). I understand this is probably an unpopular belief to hold, but look at what Brian Burke did with Kadri. He we crucified by the media when he continually sent Kadri back to the AHL. Now the kid looks to be legit.

            Look, I understand there’s little love for Flames management around here, but sometimes I do feel we need to give them the benefit of the doubt. I feel that we should give Monahan the 9 games and send him back to the O. However, if management feels his development is better suited to playing against men and higher competition, I’m not going to go Rambo because of an ELC. Likewise, why should Feaster have to stand up on a podium and tell the entire hockey world why ‘a kid’ isn’t cut out to play more than 9 games in the NHL this year?

    • Colin.S

      Good enough? In what Role? Depends on what he becomes after the 9 games I guess, if he is the best 1st/2nd line center we have, I guess he forces your hand and you can’t send him down, if he’s spinning his tires on the 3rd or 4th, what’s the point? Sure it’s great to know he can handle himself on the 3rd and 4th, but you are wasting a year of his ELC for him to be a bottom 6er, when the team is most likely going to be crap at best and the worst team in the league at less than best. He’s going to get more minutes at the OHL and he can develop himself and be more ready for the NHL next year, there is no rush here. Unless he FORCES you by being better than Stajan/Backlund, there is no reason for him to be on the Flames longer than 9 games.

      I think it’s a similar scenario to when Baertchi was called up for that 3 or 4 game stretch. You give Monahan a taste of what the NHL is like with his 9 games, what he needs to train for and the strength with which the game is played and send him back to junior to play lights out hockey and get ready for next year.

  • icedawg_42

    Theres more than enough precedent that you could demonstrate – with many examples, that rushing him could ruin his career. If he’s smart he’d be cool with coming up the right way. Flames are in the toilet anyway, and Monahan being with the big club will not impact that significantly one way or another. Don’t sacrifice this kid’s career to (hypothetically) sell a few more tickets on hope.

    Give him his 9 games and send him to junior.

      • Jeff Lebowski


        Can we send Monahan to junior right away? … or say give him like 4 games then send him to junior and then bring him up for the reamining five or however many at the end of the season… once Stajan has been dealt and once the 67s have been knocked out..

        It is an olympic year so the nhl season will likely run late again.

        Can we do that without burning a year of his elc?

        I just think games at the end of the season would be more beneficial than putting Mon in games at the beginning of the year…

        • Jeff Lebowski

          Its 9 games, doesn’t matter when they happen.

          And once his season is over he CAN play for the Heat. IMO this would benefit him a ton.

          Jordan Eberle was sent back to junior after his draft. He had his WJC heroics that year. Then year end he went to the AHL for 10’ish games and played PPG hockey in the AHL. I actually think he may have done this for 2 years (junior > AHL)

          Whatever the case, I think he is the only prospect the Oilers handled properly. The kid comes to NHL camp ready to make the team, with experience playing pro hockey against men from his stint in the AHL. AND he also has a clear understanding of the difference between CHL > AHL > NHL. He has a full summer to train for the NHL camp after his AHL stint.

          I can’t think of a reason why this isn’t ideal, unless you care about selling jersey’s and merchandise this year (I don’t).

          This is what Detroit would do. Rushing a 6th overall pick into the league is what Edmonton or the Islanders do.

          • everton fc

            And the WJC is a sticking point for me as well… that is a cool experience and they shouldn’t deprive him of that…

            same as Philly with Couturier…

            Although it does seem that the 1st overall gets into the show no matter what now… I think Nashville expects Jones to be there.

            Monahan might be ready for the NHL I don’t know… and I have a feeling that burning a year off the ELC will not be a problem for Feaster…

            Whether he is or not, don’t we have the luxury in that we don’t need to be that competitive next year. Might as well take advantage of it…

            Then there is the whole what injuries can do to young players which is another reason to give him that extra year as you say where he understands what it will be to play in the NHL

  • RKD

    Unless Monahan can lead his team in scoring like Nazem Kadri did with the Leafs then only play him 9 games and send him down. Kadri played 119 games in the AHL and it paid big dividends last season. Rushing kids is a mistake unless they are truly ready. Look up north, they rushed the Nuge. You need seasoning before you can play with the big boys.

    We should be expecting Baertschi to outperform Monahan. Baertschi will be with the big club but he’s only played 32 AHL games. He needs to be a consistent performer and keep progressing, he doesn’t need to take a big giant step in one season but I want to see him get better year after year.

    Throwing these guys to the wolves now and it will push back a rebuild to a decade’s length and only will try to be rectified by panic UFA signings.

  • Michael

    I think players like Monahan need to compete in the lower levels before joining the NHL.
    The experience they gain from fighting in the trenches and competing for the playoffs / championships, plus the expereince of being the go to guy in a variety of situations is impossible to replicate. You build a winning organization from the bottom up, with guys who have been in winning situations. The Flames are destined to be a bottom five / ten team, this is not the kind of experience that will benefit Mohahan in the long term.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Monahan should play wherever is best for his development. It’s that simple to me.

    If he plays well (Skinner like) he should play here. That means top 9 with some talent to play with. Going back to OHL (where he has almost 200 games) to play on a bad team isn’t going to improve hs game IMO.

    If he makes Calgary, I’d release him for WJC even if (long shot) he’s Calgary’s best player. I’d bring up another young guy (Reinhart) to fill his shoes.

    Learning with and against NHLers, getting the highest coaching are great for his development IF he can keep his head above water, produce offense AND demonstrate he’s strong enough physically-how I don’t know.

    The relative strength of the roster is immaterial. So is ELC status. The focus should be on where he will improve his game the most.

    • Colin.S

      I disagree with your top 9 assessment, it’s top 6 or back to the OHL. Playing lower minutes on a typical grinder line is not going to improve his game to any meaningful degree. If it’s between 3rd line minutes at the NHL or top line minutes in the OHL, I choose OHL. He’s going to get time at all positions, PP/PK, 1st line center, where as if he’s here on the third line, couple bad games and it might be fourth line duty, he might get PK, but no meaningful PP time here.

      Learning with and against NHLers is okay if he can handle it day in and day out. Look at Beartschi, he had his 5 games and looked pretty good, but after the lockout finished and playing a bunch of games to start the year in the AHL, he still had to be sent back to the AHL cause he wasn’t catching on.

      The ELC is VERY VERY important, cause you can’t be as stupid as Edmonton was with it’s ELCs. If the Flames plan on actually competing for anything other than 97% renewal rate on season tickets they need to manage that now. Just because he could handle himself on a third line is no reason to burn that first year, he’s still going to learn and get better playing in the AHL.

      • Jeff Lebowski

        I’d put Monahan and Sven on the third line and have them dominate the energy guys. Grinders play 4th line. 3rd line NHL speed is better than CHL. He dominates with skill plus his skating willl improve. In OHL he doesn’t face the same physical challenge, even against first line.

        Give them 12 min plus special teams. Put up points, get confidence. Face the toughs on PP/PK occasionally.

        I think already, his playmaking is phenomenal. With Sven I think they tear it up.

        Everything will sort out after 9 games. Look at schedule and look at centres he will face. Good test especially LA, SJ. If he outplays those 3rd line guys (Pavelski, Stoll) he will dominate most of the other third lines.

        • Colin.S

          I think you are really over estimating just how good Monahan is gonna be coming out of junior. Baertschi already had a hard time last year, putting him with a kid just coming out of junior and expecting that line to “dominate” is a dream.

          • Jeff Lebowski

            1. How was Sven used (who did he play with)? What happened when he played with skill? Also physically Sven as rookie compared to Monahan is not even close.
            2. Dominate third liners (energy guys, look at teams 3 line centres). Not Toews or Crosby.

          • Colin.S

            Baertschi was older, had much more experience(played in the AHL), also played on a powerhouse WHL team and still got sent back to the AHL after the start of the NHL season, so while Sven might not have the size of a Monahan, size isn’t everything. If Size was the deciding factor Kanzig would be playing in the NHL this year. And Sven was used up and down the line up before he was sent down.

            You can’t just expect a couple of skilled young kids to go on a line and dominate. If that were true the Oilers would have made the playoffs last year. You can’t just say, we’ll put some young skilled guys together and they will dominate, even against other third liners. Between the two of them they have less than a year of NHL experience, I don’t see them dominating against Stolls and Pavelskis of the NHL.

            The best thing for Monahan (unless he drops Stajan or Backlund from lines 1 or 2) is for him to get his NHL cup of coffee and back to the OHL.

  • please cancel acct

    I am under the impression that management will be taking advantage of all the opportunities presented by teams over, or close to this year’s salary cap.If that’s true ,than this year’s team is not set. There may be some wild trading before summer’s end.

    Feaster had indicated a month ago that this year’s salary cap had presented a unique opportunity, for teams well under the cap, and owners who were willing to spend for success.

    Teams may be willing to give up young NHL,ers for our prospect’s, to get under the cap.That could be a good thing or a bad thing!

    • Colin.S

      We can’t take to much salary either, as well not long term salary either. We are about 10 Million to the cap with Brodie not signed yet(probably be close to 3.5 or 4) so we have about 6 Million to play with.

      Most likely target will probably be SJ, I think theres a guy or two on there we can help SJ out with.

        • Colin.S

          Forgot about that, that is true, will free up some more cap, give us a bit more. However still against taking on Longer term bad deals, however 1 or 2 year will work.

          With regards to Byron, he isn’t that bad in the AHL, and is a decent depth option. He also had a better PPG than Sylvester and Reinhart. So he doesn’t seem to project to any sort of real NHL talent, but the Flames still want the Heat to be competitive.

    • beloch

      Before the lockout, there was talk that the Flames would not spend to the cap in the 2012/2013 season:


      That didn’t happen, but the Flames ownership could easily decide this is the year to get a jump on financing the new stadium. Cutting costs during the rebuild may have been the plan all along, but that “one more run at the playoffs” thing may have held that up. Given the fan reaction back then, if this is indeed the plan now I’m sure the owners won’t be chatting up Roger about it again!

      Alternatively, if they do decide to spend a little closer to the cap, it would be far better to keep a tight grip on the org’s prospects and focus on package deals with bad contracts. It will be difficult to get anything great in such packages since compliance buyouts will take care of the really poisonous contracts, but the Flames might be able to get something.

      • please cancel acct

        Agree on all accounts! Some really tough decisions would have to be made in regard’s to our prospects and there value.IMO it would come down to a gamble.

        Financing and a jump on the new stadium are understandable, although I don’t think that the fans will support this management until they win at a few moves.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Of course Monahan will play with the Flames this year. Really, the team only has one scoring line and they need all the help they can get. It isn’t always the best to start 18 year olds in the NHL but what choice does the team have? I mean, they at least want to appear entertaining and they have to give something to the season ticket holders. I’m just glad I dumped my tickets. There is no way I would spend $12K a year to watch the s**t show unfold this year and next.

      • MC Hockey

        I am a disgruntled Flames fan. I was a season ticket holder for 20 years. I have just reached a point where I can’t be sold on hope anymore and I decided to quit throwing my money away on watching a declining team. I hope they rebound, I really do. But I have become a harsh realist. They will stink the next couple of years and I voted with my hard earned dollars. Wake me up when the rebuild is over.

        • Scary Gary

          Ahhh come on what else are you going to do on a Wednesday night at 7pm? Buy a Baertschi, Brodie or Backlund jersey and watch the cards fall as they may. You could always go 1/3 of season tickets with two other guys.

        • loudogYYC

          Out of all the years you could’ve dropped the seats, you choose next season? It’s the first season of the forced rebuild where management can no longer sell the BS they’ve been feeding us for 5 years, no more 32 year old veteran “missing piece” signings or trading away 2nd rd picks for rentals. This upcoming season is the most exciting one since 2007!

        • Jeff Lebowski

          real fans suffer the ups and downs of teams. Complaining about it and saying you’ll only watch when they are good is kind of silly. do you suffer from depression? cause seriously every post of yours I’ve ever seen is so down in the dumps and negative. Maybe you should talk to someone….

    • Scary Gary

      Wow I’m glad you’ve cancelled your tickets too, we don’t need negative part-time fans in the building. I’m actually way more excited about this year than I was last year. Having to watch the vets try to grit it out against the leagues best was embarrassing.

  • Franko J

    I say take a “wait and see approach” with Monahan

    First let him play in the prospect tournament in Penticton. See how he does there.

    Ultimately if he makes the team it will be based upon how he performs on the ice and how comfortable Hartley feels with him.

    Basically signing him now just shows how confident and excited the Flames management has with him and how determined he wants to play in the NHL.

    Having him signed to a contract is better than not having him under contract.
    Look at how many bloggers at FN have repeatedly referenced the status of Gaudreau due to the fact that he is not under contract. Whether or not he will or will not sign with the Flames.

    With him signed to a contract Feaster has learnt from the Erixon debacle from a few years ago. Eventhough Baertschi is still learning the pro game, if I am not mistaken I think Feaster signed him pretty quickly after he was drafted.

    • Colin.S

      I think Baertschi was same day, or the next day at latest I believe. And Gaudreau can’t be signed as long as he is in College, so these bloggers need to cool it, if he doesn’t sign after this coming year, then I’d worry a little. We don’t lose his rights till I believe after his fourth year of College, he’s only finished 2 so far I believe.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Just for my 2cents worth, I think Monoman knows he will get a guaranteed 9-10 game shot at NHL living. If he rocks, he stays. & why not, if is playing like a calder candidate, why in Gods name would we send him back then. If he sputters by end of November, if Im not correct, I’m pretty sure Flames can let him play on the WJC team in December & then he’s back with the Flames after the tournament. I could be totally wrong about that but I don’t care , it sounds good to me.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    re: Monahan staying up – there’s almost zero downside to him going down, getting stronger, dominating, improving his conidence and offensive game and being a leader at the WJC. Scratch that, there is zero downside.

    On the other hand, there’s too many example to name regarding rushed prospects not fulfilling their potential.

    Great prospect camp or not, he was playing against what are essentially peers his own age. It’s a whole giant leap to play against mature men in the NHL.

    This is such a no-brainer it’s ridiculous. What does the teamor Moanahan lose by playing another year in junior? NOTHING!

    People knock the Oilers for burning off the ELC on all their young stars, including RNH, and are now finding every excuse to bring in Monahan and suddenly not caring about the ELC.

    Give him his 9 games, let him domiante and play at WJC and mature and get stronger. “‘Nuff said.”

    • Jeff Lebowski

      ^^ THIS

      I would point out that depending on your perspective there is more than “zero downside”. The downside is called MERCH. Jersey’s, bobble heads, posters etc. Also the general sense of hope and marketing hype. If ownership cares only about a bit of merch and fuzzy feelings about future hope they may keep him up.

      I’d suggest that how the kid is handled will speak volumes about the place ownership is at in terms of supporting the rebuild or wanting to rush things along.

  • piscera.infada

    After giving this much (partially) sober second (and third) thought, I actually don’t see a feasible way Monahan stays up past his 9 games – unless of course, he clearly beats out Stajan or Backlund in training camp for top-6 minutes (in which case I see a meager Stajan trade right before the season). The wild card here being Knight.

    The org sold Knight as a 3rd line centre with 2nd line potential who is ready to go in that role. As such, I see it being contra his development if they play him in a fourth line role. There is ZERO chance they play Monahan in a fourth line role (as per many of Feaster/Weisbrod/Conny’s sound-bites). Thus, we may see Knight play fourth line minutes for the first 1 to 9 games of the season while Monahan is up. After we send him back to the OHL, Horak (or Bouma) becomes the de-facto fourth line guy, and Knight gets bumped up with plenty of PP2 and PK time.

    I firmly believe Knight is a guy they want to get going – and get going early in this rebuild. He’s actually a guy that when you decipher the organization’s rhetoric surrounding him, plugs in as much more than a stop-gap measure. He is a means to centre depth, and should be played as such. In my mind (all Corban Knight joking aside) he is one of the biggest keys to this rebuild so far, providing he steps up and plays/leads as advertised.

    Thus, when you factor everything in regarding Monahan that was stated in earlier posts coupled with what we know about Knight’s role in this club, I think it’s pretty clear that Monahan will not have the first year of his ELC burned through, unless he supplants either Stajan or Backlund. I see no way they play Knight on the fourth line unless something goes horribly wrong.