Flames Sign Josh Jooris



– pic via Kaitlynn Pena


Word from the NY Daily Gazette today that Flames development camp invitee Josh Jooris is leaving Union college of the ECAC to sign a pro contract with Calgary. The 6’1", 190 pound center is 23 years old and has three years of college experience under his belt.

The Ontario native scored 116 points in his final season in the OJHL, though he was 19/20 years old at the time. He also put together an impressive freshman season for union, scoring nine goals and 32 points in 40 games. He seemed to run in place after that impressive debut, however, scoring a combined 56 points points in the next 77 games. Last year was his best goal scoring output in his collegiate career (12).

Jooris doesn’t have a Corban Knight type ceiling or pedigree, so he will fight for a spot on the Abbotsford Heat this September. If he makes the farm team as a regular, we’ll be able to better determine just what kind of pro future the kid has ahead of him.


  • Jeff Lebowski

    This is a useful signing IMO. Having more skill in the org pays off. The value of other assets increase if he can produce with them. There is also the relatively low probability he becomes a useful player for the Flames as well.

    I think Dan O’Donoghue or Linden Penner will get a contract next.

    • seve927

      We’re starting to get back close to the 50 contract limit. I don’t think there will be any more signings, leaving room for all the college guys (our own, and FA’s) at the end of the year.

      • McRib

        Ben Hanowski, Roman Horak, Paul Byron, Chris Breen, Greg Nemisz, Ryan Howse, Lance Bouma, James Martin, Ben Street, Chad Billins, David Eddy, etc are all coming off contracts at the end of this season.

        Linden Penner is worth signing at this point to secure his services down the road. Rather than using a draft pick as he will most likely go with a good season in Everett where he will be getting a lot of ice time.

        Really not concerned about hitting the 50 Contract Limit when we will have at least 10+ opening up at the end of next season anyway.

        • seve927

          We still have to ice a team. We can’t just dump Cammalleri, Stajan, Stempniak and not re-sign anyone, or get contracts back. We have to reach the salary floor, and that’s not trivial if we’re dumping another 20 million and the floor will likely be going up considerably next year.

    • prendrefeu

      Agreed. I really liked this kid at development camp. Interesting to see how he does at the prospect tourney. He was a standout at camp with aggressive forechecking, tenacity and skating. I like this signing as a depth move with potential down the road. Also fills an org need.

  • McRib

    The Flames clearly didn’t want another former Burlington Cougar and Developmental camp invite to slip through their hands like Cory Conacher!! Hahaha.

    Liked Josh Jooris at camp think he should be a serviceable AHLer and you never know. Can we please sign Linden Penner and we will have gotten the two best free agent invites that attended camp.

  • McRib

    Maybe we should have a template header: The Flames Do Something Random.

    Re: Linden Penner. Can the Flames actually sign him? I think he’s re-entering the draft (the same reason the Flyers couldn’t sign Tomas Hyka after inviting him to camp, subsequently losing him to Los Angeles in the draft).

    • McRib

      They can sign him LA did so with Alex Roach (He looks like a massive steal for them) two seasons ago, but if they don’t sign him he goes back into the draft. We did the same with Turner Elson its a bit risky as you are signing a player before he hits his peak junior figures, but could save us a middle round draft pick as well. The Flyers could have signed Tomas Hyka, but because they didn’t he re-entered the draft.

      Penner scored two goals against top NCAA/Major Junior Talentin as many games. Considering he is going to have an opportunity to play on Everetts first line he should produce against more watered down talent.

  • supra steve

    “If he makes the farm team as a regular, we’ll be able to better determine just what kind of pro future the kid has ahead of him.”

    Prudent position on a young player of 23 years.

    Unfortunate that Janko, at 18 years, cannot be afforded the same patience because of his draft position and because the impatient among us want to know NOW what he will become in 4-5 years time.

    • SmellOfVictory

      I really have trouble seeing him going beyond the AHL. I don’t care how well he did at camp; he didn’t put up much for numbers in college and he’s turning 24 next month. Unless he’s got a very unique translation to higher leagues (which admittedly does happen) or he’s a very late bloomer, he’s AHL for life. Not that it’s a bad thing, just not really anything to get worked up about as a Flames fan.

      • McRib

        Nothing like being judgemental on the negative side. Easy to do.

        Do you think the Flames scouts have intel on this guy that has more depth than your sparce judgement?

        Glass is have full for now…thanks.

        • SmellOfVictory

          Or being realistic? If you were to read most of my comments (I don’t recommend it, but just saying), you wouldn’t see pessimism. I’m just being realistic.

        • supra steve

          even if the flames scouts have more info, doesn’t change the fact that he’s scored just okay in the ncaa.

          fact: most hockey players don’t play in the nhl.

          he isn’t being negative, he’s being realistic and pragmatic

  • Lordmork

    Would it be possible to take a look at the Heat and their potential lineup for the coming season? I’m really hopeful the organization can improve the Heat for depth reasons.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Cap geek says 46 with Jorris, add TJB and we ARE 47, still room for the top college guys. Now lets thing do we really need to consider Grabbie and the other Leaf. If we can trade a guy like Butler and UFA at the end of the season to Leafs, maybe.

    • SmellOfVictory

      That’s including Monahan and Sieloff, who are on sliding contracts. If they go back to junior next season, their contracts slide and don’t count against the limit.