TJ Brodie Signs

TJ Brodie

TJ Brodie has finally put his mark on a new contract with the Flames.

The 23-year-old defenseman and Jay Feaster came to an agreement today on a 2-year, $4.25 million deal (AAV $2.125).

The merits of signing Brodie long-term were obvious, but for right now this contract gives the Flames a very valuable defender for a small price. However, if he continues to progress the way he has (or, hell, doesn’t regress from where he’s at this second) Calgary will be looking at a lengthy and expensive investment in the summer of 2015.

For those who worried: let this be a reminder that when dealing with RFA’s, there’s very little to be concerned about.

Brodie will still be an RFA at the end of the deal but he will have arbitration rights.

For more info on Brodie’s play this season and the pros and cons of this contract, check out these links:

      • RexLibris

        Ya, I’m not a fan of the contract as I think it may give some strong leverage to Brodie’s camp in two years’ time. I don’t expect the Flames to be pushing against the cap in 2015, but it does leave them vulnerable.

        That being said, maybe Brodie’s camp looks at the options and wasn’t taking anything more than two years unless it was a massive overpay. We only see the result and usually praise or blame the GM for offering the contract without knowing what the ask was from the other side.

        • SmellOfVictory

          From what I read, the Flames were the ones insisting on a 1 or 2 year contract. Honestly I think a 1 year contract would’ve much better served them. Two years is juuuust enough time for Brodie to establish himself with some serious bargaining power for his next contract (not that I think he doesn’t deserve it, because he’s awesome, but I’m saying it’s not optimal management).

          Better than a contract that barely takes him to UFA, but the worst of the acceptable contract lengths (better being either 1 year or 6-8 years).

          • RexLibris

            aaannnnnnd there’s the basher. How do you figure this contract is going to be ” so dumb”? if he keeps improving then in 2 years yes you are going to have to pay him…big deal. Or if he stays at about the same or regresses also no big deal. If you have him locked up for 7 or 8 years and things don’t go great here for the team but he turns out amazing then he is more likely to get unhappy since he won’t be making what he’s worth and he won’t be in the playoffs so we’ll be forced to trade him.

            Short and sweet and the money is great so quit complaining

          • McRib

            No kidding, cannot see anything unlikeable about this deal!!! Especially when you look at Winnipeg signing Zach Bogosian long term to $5.142 Million Per Season. What does Winnipeg save on that deal in the short term or even the long term?!?!?! For someone who has missed 43 games the past three seasons they take all the risk. They only save long term if he becomes an absolute star….

            Long term contracts never seem to pan out the players just get far too comfortable!!! We get Brodie for a serious discount the next two years at $2.125 he has a better chance to reach his potential being more motivated. Then guess what we will have to pay him what he would be worth 4-5 million… What most of these guys are already making with these long term deals like Bogosian, Roman Josi, Ryan McDonagh and Justin Hamonic will only save a team money if someone turns into a Shea Weber…. I myself like everyone am a TJ Brodie fan, but he is a long way off from a $7-8 million dollar payday. So what if we have to pay him 5-6 million in a couple years, if we do he will be worth that.

            Look no further than Marc Giordano making $4.02 over the next three personally I’m glad we didn’t sign him for four more years on top of that at that price to “save money”.

          • T&A4Flames

            Yup. I agree, you certainly can’t please everyone. If he signs a long deal and doesn’t do as well, Feaster bashing. He signs a short inexpensive contract, Feaster bashing.

            If he plays well, he earns his next contract. Simple. It gives Feaster and co. Time to see who fits in where and what they will be worth to the team puzzle. I don’t mind seeing guys get paid if they earn it.

          • piscera.infada

            And there’s the rub right there. Feaster bashers will bash Feaster regardless of what he does.

            There is little to dislike about this deal. Unless of course the seemingly unthinkable happens – the one thing all the experts on here have been saying not to get too excited about – every one of our prospects pans out in the near future. If that happens, and Brodie, Monahan, Baertschi, et al. work out to be extremely valuable, then you have a pretty damn good problem – you have to trade a good asset (something hardly fathomable in Flames land the last few years) for good return.

            I agree wholeheartedly with many of the comments above. I really don’t see Brodie ballooning to the point where he’s worth more than 4.25 million a season (he’s definitely not worth that money yet). And hell, if he goes on a tear, and wins the Norris next year somehow (which again isn’t going to happen according to the experts on here), then you negotiate a contract at the end of next year in the 4.25 to 5.5 million range. If that happens (a big if) I would have no problem with paying him his money as it means that suddenly our #1 defenceman role is filled for the near future, and that’s great.

            In short, it’s better to see what we have when we’re in a bad situation, and review as we go. I like Brodie and I believe he’ll be a good #2 or #3 guy, but as mentioned above, if Feaster signed him to the 4.25 million price tag for 6 years and he regresses to the point where he’s only an effective #5 or #6 defender, everyone would be up in arms. So yes, let him earn his next contract. Cheers and congrats to TJB.

          • RexLibris

            Recent experience (Gagner) has shown that signing good young RFAs to perennially short contracts usually ends up leaving them more and more leverage as they get older.

            I suspect Brodie will improve and possibly peak as a good 1st pairing to outstanding 2nd pairing puck-moving blueliner. Those kinds of players attract attention and even if the Flames have cap space to burn when the next contract comes up, it may leave them with less room afterwards or, if they try to negotiate it down, could leave them open to an offer sheet.

            There has been some talk in the Edmonton media recently about Nugent-Hopkins’ next contract which can be signed beginning this coming season. Debate is on about where to slot him in relative to Hall and Eberle’s contract. My assertion is that he is best signed for 8 years (the in-house maximum) at the Hall price point because his position is so crucial and that price tag will look far more palatable with each passing season.

            Comparing these two players is a bit of apples and oranges, but nevertheless, if the Flames could have signed Brodie for five years at $4.25 million it would have been a good deal, in my opinion. A tad overpaid this season, but by year four probably a heck of a deal precisely when it will be needed.

            However, we wait and see what Brodie (and Backlund, for that matter) can deliver this season and what impact that may have in two years’ time.

          • McRib

            I don’t know these long term slightly reduced contracts based on potential seem to be way more risky then bridge contracts…. Why did Boston trade Tyler Seguin again??? Oh because he hasn’t shown he is even close to being worth $5.75 Million for six years. The same reason Calgary didn’t want him!!! How are we going to be saving money on TJ Brodie at $4.25 million in four years…. Can you honestly say outside of hitting the open market (He won’t he is still a RFA next time) that he is going to get anymore then $5 mil… We will save maybe a million on the fourth and fifth year rather than $4 mill now for two years and take zero risk. What is a million difference on the cap for a first line 15-20 minutes a night point a game guy anyway… If he becomes that. I would have secured TJ Brodie for 3.5 over five years that would be saving money, but his agent isn’t stupid.

            Comparing Sam Gagner & Jordan Eberle’s contracts… The Oilers secured Jordan Eberle at $6 million a season. They didn’t secure Sam Gagner and he only got $4.8 million. Both are offensive guys (At this point Sam Gagner may actually be more valuable because he is a Centre) they put up identical points and are a year apart in age…. I understand long term deals to prevent guys from becoming UFAs and asking for stupid money. Yet these bridge contracts just take the player to RFA anyway where both sides seem to get a fair deal. Is Jordan Eberle really worth $1.2 Million more than Sam Gagner next season…. personally I don’t think so. If these two continue to keep trending at the same pace Edmonton will have saved 6 or 7 million on Gagner by not securing him, before he is a UFA and he will most likely get 6-7 million at that time (what Eberle is making). I think the Oilers experience with Eberle is why they didn’t secure Gagner last season!!!

          • Tommynotsohuge

            Yeah I’m a bit surprised by Rex’s comments. Oilers probably should of bridged both Hall & Eberle & wait to see what they have in Nuge & Yapukov & Schultz. They have set quite the 6.0 million dollar precedent. I understand they wanted to lock up what they knew would undoubtably be their future core, be it sure wasn’t a good deal for the Oil.

          • McRib

            Oh, you know Justin Schultz (-17) is looking for at least six million next year because of the Hall/Eberle precedent. Its interesting the only long term secure contract that I ever liked was Erik Karlsson’s cap hit at $6.5 million…. Then he goes and tears his achilles (or should I say Matt Cooke tore his achilles).

            For me outside of an absolute star no one is worth more than $5-6 million. Also when has anyone ever become an RFA and gotten more than that… Outside of UFA ludicrousness (Hows that working out for Minnesota..) or by being a Crosby or Malkin?!?!?! I just don’t see the value of securing an unproven asset long term to potentially save a million or two four years down the road.

          • 24% body fat

            as an oilers fan I agree.

            Gagner only had one year left to UFA so he should have been secured last year. Probably would have gotten 5 x 4.2. And if Eberle was held off to this year, the new cap structure and a little bit off regression he would have been able to be signed for 3 x 4.5 and would still have an RFA year and than get his pay day.

            Justin Schultz will not ask for 6 not get it unless he puts up 50+ points, and his plus minus will not effect his contract as he is an offensive specialist and the market has shown a huge demand for him allready.

            Nuge will get a bridge contract. Injury and small regression last year didnt help him. If he hits ppg this year he will get his 6M.

            Taylor hall is 21 and destroyed a ppg last year. He is a steal a 6M.

            Considering RFA years left, production, position, Gagner is where he should be, could have been solid if extended last year cheaper and longer, and Eberle is overpaid. I love Eberle but I swore about this contract the day it was signed.

            Brodie Contract is Good. However there would be no issue in a longer term with more money based on what the dollar value on this contract is.

          • SmellOfVictory

            Calgary did want Seguin. They had a done deal that ownership nixed.

            That aside, the deal is perfectly fine. One could argue for better, but there’s nothing there worth complaining about.

            Frankly, if Brodie does become a true top pairing stud D, I think the Flames would be pretty ecstatic and gladly pay him for that at the time.

          • 24% body fat

            Good question. Originally, I can’t remember. I know I’ve read it on here before and I’m about 80% certain it was discussed on the Fan as well. My understanding was that Jay had a deal and ownership said “no” to it.

          • McRib

            Thats what I meant in terms of the Seguin deal being nixed… Ownership was unwilling to commit with that much money and term for a risky player surrounded with questions marks, which I agree.

            The Seguin ownership nix is basically common knowledge I believe Feaster brought it up in an interview…. It was a very badly kept secret that the Flames were pursuing Seguin on draft day and they came clean about it afterward. To be honest I was at the draft every fan in the building was expecting Calgary to trade the Monahan pick for Seguin. Glad we kept Monahan. Gaudreau and another pick/prospect were rumored to be included as well.

  • A solid and good value contract for the Flames. It’ll be a good problem if Brodie plays so we that we owe him big dollars next contract. That’ll mean he’s continued his development and we have a young valuable player in his prime. Hopefully we have this problem with a few more of our kids. For now it’s a great contract for a solid player. Now if only we can get Johnny signed….

    • Yeah, as soon as there is one year left on the deal they can re-sign him, however if he performs better than this year, I don’t expect that deal to happen that soon, unless it’s long term and big money.

  • So what took so long? This seems pretty standard as far as a RFA contract goes, as Feaster made this a “priority” seems weird that it took this long to bang out this contract.

    Either way, as has been discussed to death, this is one of those nice second contracts GMs would like to see a return to, however would have been nice to see him lockd up a little longer.

  • RKD

    This is a great signing, after two years if Brodie keeps progressing then he can get longer term and bigger contract. I watched the interview with Feaster and they said they told the Brodie camp it was going to be a 1-3 year deal and that he’s been given all the tools to succeed. Let’s hope in two years he’s our best d-man.

  • jeremywilhelm

    I must be in the minority, I don’t think a bridge contract is all that bad. Brodie hasn’t regressed a single season yet, but he is only 23. He may plateau or even slight regress in the next two.

    Love the kid, but he isn’t gonna be an all star. His next contract will probably be 4 years 4.5 mill. So what did they lose here? Nothing. They put an up and coming solid Dman on a continue to prove your worth contract.

    Keeps complacency from setting in.

    • Parallex

      It did the same to me.

      On the Brodie deal I think I would have preferred a 1 year deal. Another half year of evaluation time (followed by a in-season longterm extension if it validates his past year end) would have been better.

      Two year deal seems sub-optimal. If he progresses it leaves him with more leverage (and by extension dollars) when the time comes for a longterm contract and if he regresses then you’re left with a bottom pairing defenseman with a minimum qualifying offer of 2.5M.

      It’s not a “bad” deal perse… but it could have been better for the team. But who knows negotiations aren’t a one man show, maybe the second year comes at the insistence of the Brodie camp.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Most of these comparisons being made of overpaid long-term RFA contracts are not actual comparables. They’re all kids who had good seasons and got paid as a result – Tyler Seguin, as one of the examples, came off a single season of 67 points. That’s a lot for a kid his age (or most players), and they paid him based on that season.

    Again, we’re taking about Brodie, who, from a scoring standpoint had his best season last season at a roughly 25 point pace. That’s not the kind of number that’s going to boost a guy’s paycheque beyond his actual value as a player. To reiterate: TJ Brodie is currently a better player than his scoring numbers would suggest, and is a very good bet to become even better than he currently is; if there was ever a player to try to lock in long-term, it would be TJ Brodie right now.

  • 24% body fat

    Seems like the original rumor that Calgary turned it down came from Dreger on draft day according to a quick internet search. The part about it coming from ownership is a rumor that was added later and widespread, but no source for it.

  • piscera.infada

    The Flames off season by Mr Feaster has got to be the best one in years and I’m not a Feaster lover. Brodie’s and Bachland’s contracts are exactly what this team needed. Draft went reasonably well;no over priced free agents and a couple of trades ro get younger and faster. it’s now up to the coaching staff to bring a team together that will compete and develop. The fans and ownership will need to be patient and allow for this team to develop. This TEAM may suprise us all. We should remember that the 2004 run was an oddity and that we had not built a powerhouse. We tried to buy players and traded away the future between 2006-2009 and most of us fans went along with this (we were dreamers) from 2009-2012 we became fools in many ways and now finally we may be on the right track. I for one am happy to see the changes. The young free agents and others are like mining for gold maybe you hit paydirt maybe not. Blazing Saddles away.