Last night in New Jersey marked the first time you saw two players in a National Hockey League game circumvent the new rule where a player cannot remove his own helmet prior to a fight. Instead Brett Gallant and Krys Barch politely removed each other’s before throwing punches.

As a guy that didnt find myself in too many fights just for the sake of fighting I did find this gesture a tad foolish. If I was in a fight it was because someone generally did something to me or a teammate that I was fired up about. I wouldn’t have had the patience to wait and not punch my opponent in the chops.

In saying that, these guys are on a completely different level of enforcing and I’m glad I had guys like Krys Barch willing to do the dirtiest work so that I didn’t have to.

With this recent controversy, comes with it all the boo birds saying fighting has no place in hockey anymore or that these one dimensional “goons” shouldn’t be a part of the game.

I for one can tell you that if you saw Krys Barch practice or had the chance to play a shinny game with him, you would think he was a 30 goal scorer in the NHL. His skills are that good. Krys plays a role and knows his role very well but it’s not his toe drag that keeps him in the league. Many of these guys are far better hockey players than given credit for. Anyone that is a teammate of Krys’ or any “enforcer” for that matter is thankful to have these types of guys on their team.


Does anyone think it’s strange now a days that you have all these people with a voice on twitter and the internet that say fighting has no place in the game or it should be out of the game, yet 98% of the players want to keep fighting in the game?

We’re not talking 50%; we’re not talking only the 135 players that had more than 1 fight last year per

In 2012 a poll of NHL players found that 98% of players want fighting left in the game.


It serves a very important purpose. Along with skill and puck possession and goaltending this is a contact sport that requires character, toughness and guys willing to pay the price to win a hockey game. With that comes a little thing called intimidation.

If there is no one on your team to protect guys or your team doesn’t have a couple guys willing to go get pounded for their teammates, then a skill guy has to worry if so and so is going to be abusing him all night or running him all game and he’s not able to feel as comfortable on the ice. It’s really as simple as that, but many don’t seem to grasp the concept.

There is very much a game with in the game when it comes to fighting and it doesn’t always even mean there is a fight. The mental side of it and the intimidation of knowing that player X is on the bench if I decide to give Crosby a shot here, or the feeling of hey it’s an easy night this guy isn’t dressed I can run around a little more are all factors and head games that just the presence of a tough guy can have.

There are a few that it probably never affects, but most players are lying if they tell you that they are not concerned with who the other team dresses.

Is it always a deterrent? Does it stop all the idiots?

No, but you also can’t see the things it prevents because they didn’t happen.


Although I didn’t care for the helmet gesture and I imagine you will see something shortly from NHL Head Office about players not being able to undo their chin straps, I hate hearing with each passing rule and year why fighting shouldn’t be a part of the game. The element of fighting has a positive impact on the game whether you get it or not.

We are all big boys and are aware of the physical consequences we risk by playing a game we love.

  • Brian Sutherby

    It’s been a slice guys. I enjoy the interaction and differing opinions. I’m off to Spec’s Deck, come say Hi if you are there. If not have a good weekend


  • ubermiguel

    What pisses me off about the anti-fighting crowd is that when a fight’s going on at an arena, everyone is cheering.

    Yet somehow the NHL and broadcaster are always talking about how nobody likes fighting.

    • Avatarget

      People often like to watch other people do dangerous things. Just because it is entertaining doesn’t make it right. People used to cheer like crazy watching Gladiators fight it out on the sands of the collosseum too. Pornography is immensely popular but it is probably not the best thing for the young “actors” in those flicks. Heck, people will even cheer like crazy watching a schoolyard fight. The examples of people’s baser instincts when it comes to entertainment are nearly endless. The point is that there is a moral highground where the saftey of the players should take precedence over the “thrill” of the audience.

      For years the argument that fighting in hockey was just part of the game and that noone really got hurt was used to justify the crowd’s enjoyment of the action. Recent information on brain injuries and the long term effects of concussions have finally driven the last nail into that coffin. Young men get hurt fighting for our entertainment and for that reason it is finally time to admit that the rules need to be changed.

      The penalty for fighting needs to be upgraded. In most sports players who get into a fight are ejected from the game. That is enough to curb fighting in baseball, football, basketball and most other major sports to the point where fights are a rare occurrence and few serious injuries result. It is time for Hockey to join the 21st century.

  • Tikkanese

    Nobody would ever think of taking hitting out of the game.. yet, what I don’t understand is with all the rules created to make the game more safe, and adjustments to equipment (visors), Concussions/ injuries are actually on the rise!?

    The physicality of the game is just being redirected. Out of all the times Raffi Torres has been fined or suspended, do you think he’s learned his lesson?

    I’ve always thought that fighting was a way of actually protecting one’s self and eachother.. If there is a problem, drop the gloves, and deal with it.. In my opinion Goons aren’ necessary because they’re ARE NOT intimidating anymore.. but if you take out fighting, your are taking away the only thing a guy has to protect or stand up for himself.

  • ubermiguel

    I feel like this is the hockey world’s version of the Evolution Vs. Religion debate.

    My take is keep fighting, it’s part of the game. You can word it anyway you want but intimidation and feeding emotion through fighting can have a profound effect(or is it affect) on the game.

    I know it is hard to quantify and qualify fighting stats wise but when hockey players give testimonials on how a certain fight turned the tide of the game. Like Talbot-Carcillo in the 2009 playoffs, Pens down 3-0 and Talbot challenges Carcillo and just gets crushed but then the Pens come back and win the game then the series then the cup. Sydney Crosby did an interview and said it inspired him and the team.

    If 98 percent of the NHL players came out and said get rid of fighting then there is defiantly an issue but at this point it isn’t.

    P.S. Even though I like fighting in the game I also like advanced stats.. they both have a place in the game.

  • RedMan

    Fighting has not been eliminated , but has been transformed into a different form . The big player with little to no hockey skill has basically been eliminated , and that’s a positive thing . Intimidation still reigns supreme and physical contact still remains at a high level . Retaliation used to be the penalized one , but now instigation of fight has counter balanced that . Seems rather fitting and a small consulation , I suppose . All sports are taking steps to eliminate as much head shots as possible without disrupting too much of the integrity/physicality of any sport . The less star players are injured , the better for all fans . You still need a deterrent preventing your team members getting run all the time – something we are not overly blessed with as yet .

    • Brian Sutherby

      You tea baggers make me laugh. You have no clue what a winning organization looks like. The only reason you had half a hope the last fifteen years was because we allowed Jerome to move south. We figured you could have the half wit for a few years. Don’t feel bad though, next time you come to the champion city we will spread cow manure around Rexall parking lot so you feel at home. You bunch of in-bread phoney Texan wanna-bees!
      Oh ya, tea baggers refers too your one cup. No wonder it took so long to bail all that water out of the Condome.


      • Brian Sutherby

        Are you drunk or stoned Oiljam??? Seriously, Jarome Iginla is arguably the greatest player to ever play in the NHL!!! The Oil will finish dead last this year!!! Just watch you DAFODILS loving Oiler fan!n!!

        • Professor Q

          Like I thought, another genious Flame fan. Don’t break your leg jumping off that bandwagon. Good thing you got Sven Baertchi or whatever his name is to carry the load. Hey, here’s and idea. Why don’t you trade for another lunkhead like Ivanins? MacT would sign Macintire just for one game to knock him back to Europia ’cause that’s all it would take. Better yet, bring back Lanny McDonald and we’ll have someone grab him by that goofball mustache and pull it so far over his head he’ll be able to smell his own farts. You monkeys are in for a world of hurt. Get used to smelling crap ’cause you’ gonna be at the bottom of the toilet bowl for a long time.

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          • Captain Ron

            So you want to hang your hat on McIntyre vs Ivanans? Go right ahead. You do understand he did us a favor at the time right?

            By the way it was a pleasure beating your highly skilled squad in the last game of the season at Rexall with our AHL team.

            You “might” be able to beak at us one day but that time hasn’t arrived yet. I hope the Oil finally start living up to their expectations. Beating up on your squad 15 or so out of the last 20 meetings has become boring anyway.

            The Oil finished a couple of points ahead of our rag tag group last year and we had some of the worst goaltending in the league.

            Your post was pretty funny though!

      • Avatarget

        Oh Man Oilpan made me LMAO…holy crap I love the Lanny Macdonald shot….I am soooooo sick of the bending and scraping that people do whenever the walking ‘stach’ comes around…..all that dude had was a unwashed corn husk under his huge beak and a helmet that had originally been made for Marvin the Martian on looney tunes.

    • Brian Sutherby

      This sounds reasonable to me. I appreciate the Flames high skill level! I understand the importance of toughness and feel the Flames have plenty of everything in their lineup. However, isn’t McGrattan redundant? Jackman and Bouma fill the 4th line role perfectly and are way more skilled! Wouldn’t a SOFT team like the Oilers benefit more with a McGrattan type of player than the Flames do?

  • master of my domain

    I think they need to make a rule about the wrestling takedowns in fights, guys are injured from hitting their heads on the ice more than anything. let the guys fight toe to toe, but this isn’t MMA.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Blessed be the lord (coach), my rock, Who trains my body for war, And my arms for battle. Psalm 144:1

    Instead of the epic fail Protect this house, maybe Eakins should have this painted on the hallway walls leading to the ice.

  • Professor Q

    If officials want to eliminate fighting and possible more injuries , then they should step in immediately to stop it . They don’t , and you have to wonder how serious they , league and teams are about taking fighting out of the game ? Obligatory lip service to fighting in game ?

  • lostdog82

    The days of skill less fighters is almost completely over in the NHL. If fights happen now its for a reason. Its the way that the players continue to police themselves with out resorting to stick work. The benches erupt as do the large majority of fans when a fight breaks out. Long live NHL scraps.

  • Professor Q

    And if we all ‘policed’ ourselves in real-life it’d be perfectly fine too, right? Object of the game of hockey: put the puck in the net more times than the opposing team. That’s it. Not ‘whoever wins the most fights wins the game.’ Arguments using fighting, toughness, emotional response,etc. as a reason for fighting are similar to using a word in the definition of itself and simply perpetuate the old-school, outdated, Neanderthal mindset.

      • Professor Q

        Great response. Extremely thorough and un-biased. I enjoy hockey as well and even played it myself. Why suggest that I am trying to change it? Really? Did I state that I, alone, was physically trying to ‘change’ hockey? Learn how to understand a point of view and formulate an argument first and then come back.

        • Brian Sutherby

          I doubt I could handle an argument with someone as articulate as yourself.

          I mean, I obviously thought that you, alone, were physically trying to change ‘hockey’.

          You said fighting has no place in hockey. Sure looks like it does to me. Ask the next player, or former pro you see.

          If fighting is taken out of hockey, that would be a change, no?

          The game is fine, right now, as it is, IMO.

  • Brian Sutherby

    The same Krys Barch who got tossed out of a game for uttering a racial slur towards PK Subban on Dec.31, 2011?

    Hopefully we all can aspire to be like that winner of a human…

  • Professor Q

    I’d just like to reiterate a distinction that other commenters have made because I think that it’s very important.

    I have heard very few people advocate completely removing fighting from the game and a large number who would like to see goons out of the game.

    Did Wendel Clark protect Doug Gilmour? Absolutely. He played on his wing and went after anyone who touched him, and he could go after anyone because he was a 1st line player.

    Does Colton Orr protect Nazem Kadri?
    I don’t see how he could from the bench, especially when he’s really only going to start something with another goon. Nazem says he feels safer and braver with Orr on the team though so I guess that counts for something.

  • 2004Z06

    Won’t be long before the players will be getting “time outs” and “participation ribbons”. For the stats guys in the crowd, no more zeros.

    This is a much bigger issue than the game of hockey. Society as a whole is very quickly losing accountability and responsibility for it’s own actions. Always someone else’s fault.

    • 2004Z06

      Professor Q is a half wit!!! His antiquated and elongated and far less than eloquent speech on anti-fighting is completely and utterly redundant not forgoing the aforementioned techniqualities and eventualities and probabilities.

  • Professor Q

    I don’t know why anyone takes the testimonials from players as any kind of evidence of anything. The players asked these questions are often asked about a teammate, and that teammate is often well liked; generally a good chap. And even when they don’t have this teammate, they’re still being asked about a hypothetical teammate who is willing to go to war for them. And one that may be brought in by their team at any moment.

    Why would you expect them to say anything but praise? Why would any player go in front of the cameras (or even just a random fan) and say “He’s useless. I don’t even know why he’s on the team.”

    Exercise some critical thinking please.

  • Professor Q

    This is why I was opposed to your joining this blog. Fights have been shown to have no outcome on the game, and most fights are when the game has gotten out of hand score-wise.

    I don’t care that players think fights are awesome. It’s why I started reading this blog, because it didn’t contain trash “feeling” articles like its, and instead relied on an analysis of numbers to draw conclusions.

  • Professor Q

    Oil pan, what an original handle your sheltered northern Alberta education came up with. Really?? Someone from Edmonchuk taking a shot at any other place on the planet? That pretty much sums up why anyone with a pea brain should not be allowed to post. Looking forward to your witless response.

  • Professor Q

    Oil pan, what an original handle your sheltered northern Alberta education came up with. Really?? Someone from Edmonchuk taking a shot at any other place on the planet? That pretty much sums up why anyone with a pea brain should not be allowed to post. Looking forward to your witless response.

  • Professor Q

    Oil pan, what an original handle your sheltered northern Alberta education came up with. Really?? Someone from Edmonchuk taking a shot at any other place on the planet? That pretty much sums up why anyone with a pea brain should not be allowed to post. Looking forward to your witless response.

  • Professor Q

    Oil pan, what an original handle your sheltered northern Alberta education came up with. Really?? Someone from Edmonchuk taking a shot at any other place on the planet? That pretty much sums up why anyone with a pea brain should not be allowed to post. Looking forward to your witless response.

  • Professor Q

    Oil pan, what an original handle your sheltered northern Alberta education came up with. Really?? Someone from Edmonchuk taking a shot at any other place on the planet? That pretty much sums up why anyone with a pea brain should not be allowed to post. Looking forward to your witless response.