FN Weekend Open Thread



Of course, the big news yesterday was that Mark Giordano has been named Captain. Not that that’s surprising to anyone, but nice to see that they’ve finally made it official. Mike Cammalleri and Curtis Glencross are the assistants.

I don’t think that a captain is needed for success on the ice, as more often than not it’s just a piece of cloth sewn onto a good player’s jersey. There’s also the curious fact that on most teams one of the best players is the one with the C. Correlation does not imply causation, remember.

Regardless, congrats, Gio.

Reasonable Expectations

The past couple of summers we’ve done a series at FlamesNation looking at reasonable expectations for Flames players. As we don’t have a lot of time post-summer grind we’re probably only going to be able to get to a few of them. As such, is there anyone the readers want me to specifically focus on for next week?

I plan to give a general look over the forwards, defense and goaltenders but if there’s players people want more in-depth coverage on, we’ll be happy to oblige.

Sieloff Injury Update

It’s hard to do any type of surgery on the face, so I’m not surprised they’ve just elected to let it heal. Unfortunately for Mr. Sieloff, however, that means he’s going to have to wear full facial protection for the next 6-8 weeks.

Everyone else is progressing as normal.

Weekly Mailbag

We do a mailbag around here every week or so, but a lot of questions aren’t making it to the ask.fm inbox. The link is here and it’s the primary method of finding questions asked to us. The article can only work if you participate.

Choose your own adventure

With camp winding down soon, the Flames will be building their 23-man roster. Most of it is set in stone, but there’s still a few spots to be decided. With that in mind, I’d like to see what everyone’s roster would look like if they had control – the only guys you can use to build your roster are current UFAs and guys already under team control.

Goalies (3): Reto Berra, Joey MacDonald and Karri Ramo

Defensemen (13): Chad Billins, Chris Breen (injured), T.J. Brodie, Chris Butler, Mark Giordano, Keegan Kanzig, Shane O’Brien, John Ramage, Kris Russell, Patrick Sieloff (injured), Derek Smith, Dennis Wideman and Tyler Wotherspoon

Forwards (22): Sven Baertschi, Mikael Backlund, Steve Begin (injured), Lance Bouma, Mike Cammalleri, Michael Ferland, T.J. Galiardi, Curtis Glencross, Markus Granlund, Roman Horak, Jiri Hudler, Tim Jackman, Blair Jones, David Jones, Josh Jooris, Corban Knight, Brian McGrattan, Sean Monahan, Max Reinhart, Matt Stajan, Lee Stempniak and Ben Street

Here’s what mine would look like:

Put your submission in the comments and have a good weekend.

  • Captain Ron

    So Zack Kassian broke Sam Gagner’s jaw last night and he’s out indefinitely. Dallas Eakins is gonna have to be some kind of magician to avoid a disaster in October without either his 1st or 2nd line center.

    They should trade us a 2nd and a prospect for Stajan: just the short term fix they need! What do you say Rex?

    • Captain Ron

      Indeed. However, I think they could get away with using Hall and Perron as centers and promoting Omark and… someone to the top six. Still, you have to think they’re looking at Stajan among some other options.

  • RexLibris

    More likely MacTavish tries to sign someone like Wellwood on the cheap (around $1 million) to plug the hole.

    Some are speculating that Eberle could be tried at center, but I would prefer not. Moving one winger to the middle is enough already.

    Until they can find another top six center, be it by trade or free-agency, it’ll mean Arcobello gets back into the mix for the time being.

    Perron plays LW and they don’t have the depth to move him over. Omark is a LW as well and is a far cry from a viable candidate for the middle.

    The Oilers also don’t have a 2nd round pick to move after the Perron deal, so I don’t think Stajan will be coming north anytime soon. 😉

    Suspect Gagner could return around December, maybe January depending on his off-ice regimen and weight. Nugent-Hopkins is marked for Nov. 1 to return. October is going to be a long month, however, injuries can be a blessing.

    With luck it will force the organization to address a need.

    Think of it this way, what if Kiprusoff had gone down with a bad back or knee surgery for a few months back in 2009? Or Iginla suffered a long-term injury around the same time? It would have forced the team to address a need and any resulting weaknesses of the team would have had to have been addressed by management, rather than stubbornly continuing on.

    It might have provided the proverbial ounce of prevention to save the pound of cure in which the franchise is currently mired.

    • schevvy

      Hey Rex what are your thoughts on Ty Rimmer? Played last year down in Lethy with the Canes and nearly carried them to the playoffs. Seemed to play well last night. Could he land a spot down in OKC?

      • RexLibris

        I liked Rimmer in junior. He was already beaten most nights before the puck even dropped because of the team in front of him, but he could play.

        He needs to work on rebound control, but his positioning is decent, he has some good reflexes and while I would advise him not to overplay the puck, I think he shows some promise.

        Personally, I’d rank him in the same range as Bunz (whom I still believe can become a solid professional) and ahead of Roy in the Oilers’ system. I hope they sign the young man and get him a place to play.

        In OKC the Oilers have Bachman (a former Dallas prospect whose drafting I had previously credited to John Weisbrod) and Roy. Bunz is likely going to start in Bakersfield in the ECHL. I think Rimmer can beat out Roy, I just hope Roy doesn’t bump Bunz into obscurity.

  • Captain Ron

    If Kiprusoff had gone down with a bad back or knee surgery for a few months back in 2009? Or Iginla suffered a long-term injury around the same time?

    It would have guaranteed we missed the playoffs (which we missed anyway but…) and I believe our GM at the time, a D Sutter, would have done something full on crazy.

    I don’t think MacTavish is Sutter, but boy that’s a challenging situation…

    • Captain Ron

      That depends on where in 2009 Rex is referring to. In the 2008/09 season, the Flames were a legitimately elite team sunk by terrible goaltending (a then career-worst season from Kipper). Had Kiprusoff been injured, they would have acquired a cheap, decent replacement. Hopefully. In that case, they would have beaten Chicago in the First round.

  • Rockmorton65

    A couple thoughts for everyone in the “tank for 2 and draft McDavid” camp…

    1) If that is the plan, then we are essentially putting the rebuild on hold for two years. Why would someone like Gaudreau sign with us, if that’s the case? We have no plans to be competitive for the next 5 years or so, we’re not looking to have anyone perform or develop at anything above replacement level ( cuz that would mess up “the McDavid plan”), but sign with us and we can promise you…lots of ice time. No prospect worth anything is going to commit to an organization like that. Same with FA’s.

    2) Even if the Flames finish dead last in 2014, there’s no guarantee we get 1st overall. There’s a very good chance that we could be the worst team in the league and draft 2nd overall. What then? Think of it this way. Imagine you have ten glasses of water in front of you. Eight are poisoned and will kill you, two will not. Pick one. The Flames have about the same odds of drafting McFranchise if they finish last. Not worth the risk in my opinion. Not only will we have missed out on McDavid, but will have pissed away the opportunity to develop Baertchi, Monahan, Poirier, and anyone else who is on the verge of making a difference in the NHL.

    The rebuild has begun. Start at game one and build a culture of hard work and a desire to win. Let the chips fall where they may. Have one more year of trading a couple vets at the deadline that don’t fit into the future. Next year, bring in Poirier, Gaudreau, Gilles and whoever else may be ready. Suddenly you’re rolling with a solid young core – sprinkle with a few shrewd FA signings/trades (not 30 plus, but players who fit the long term plans) and this team is well on its way to becoming a contender.

    • RedMan

      You start off by criticizing the “tank for 2” crowd, but then you confuse me as your recipe sounds like everyone else’s – i.e. develop the young guys and trade away a couple vets in the fall. This is exactly what the people whom you refer to as “tank for 2” people are advocating… so I am confused.

      Either your a “tank for 2” person, or maybe the reality is everyone is saying the same thing. With your recipe – they will have a poor showing in the standings for a couple years, doesn’t mean they are trying to do it – it will just happen with all the young players.

      maybe your “tank for 2” guys are really straw men

      • Rockmorton65

        I see two distinct ideologies here.

        One is that we shouldn’t try to win too many games for the next few years or we’ll miss out on Ekblad/McDavid, which is our only chance at being a cup contender.

        What I’m saying is to ice the best team possible and create a culture that tries to win right now. Improve the team when you can, as long as you don’t mortgage the future to do it. I’m hoping this team is significantly better at game 82 than at game 1.

        Does that clear it up? I honestly believe this team has the opportunity to be better than last year. I think forming a new culture/identity and the energy it creates will more than make up for the loss of Iggy, Bouw and Tangs.

  • I was at a kids birthday party at Winsport on Saturday, where the Flames were practicing. After Giordano left the ice he came over and said hi to the kids and gave my daughter a high-five. I think they picked a really good Captain.

  • RexLibris

    The Flames roster is so full of young players and a few grizzled veterans that I don’t think they will be able to do much else but give most every game “their all”.

    I think sometimes we as fans forget the intense level of competitiveness required to even get a shot at the NHL, let alone land a roster spot. That doesn’t just go away in one or two seasons unless there are serious character deficiencies already existing.

    The debate about whether the Flames should tank or not shouldn’t be focusing on what the players do, but rather what management does.

    Creating a winning culture only comes from winning. The Flames may not be the worst this season, but one needs to face facts that they are highly unlikely to be creating a winning culture this season.

    Creating a competitive and accountable culture, however, is another matter. That can be done in even the most trying circumstances. That is what the Flames need to do so that even in a loss the level of competition and camaraderie does not fall too far.

    The players, though, need the backing of management so that when injuries occur they aren’t embraced as excuses to help sink a team – case in point: last year when the Oilers lost Belanger, Horcoff and Lander to injury and Tambellini did nothing, not even claim Jussi Jokinen off waivers. That was gross dereliction of his responsibility and was one of the principle reasons that he was let go.

    The Flames can expect to lose quite a few games this season, but they can still be noble in defeat and remain pragmatic about their season. It has been “all or nothing” amongst the franchise and fans for so long it may take some time to become accustomed to other measures.