Sunday Waiver Wire News and Notes



A flurry of minor activity today as NHL teams start making their final roster moves in preparation for the start of the season. For their part, the Flames have waived another three players: Derek Smith, Ben Street and Blair Jones. Street and Jones are guaranteed to be shuttled off to Abbotsford if they clear, while the Smith move may simply be to give the Flames options if "something else" happens over the next 24 hours or so.

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– That something could still be the acquisition of Leafs JM Liles, who also hit the waiver wire this morning. There’s almost no chance anyone picks up Liles given his contract, so the Leafs may be decide to move when and if he clears. Toronto can probably get under the cap ceiling by demoting him to the AHL and running with less than 23 players in the NHL, but that would nevertheless leave them perilously close to the upper limit, meaning next to no cap flexibility for the rest of the season. Calgary can still make that problem go away, so it will be interesting to see if anything happens.

– As for the rest of the Flames roster, Pat Sieloff, Chris Breen (injured), Sean Monahan, Lance Bouma and Roman Horak remain with the big club currently. Breen will probably start things out on IR and there’s a faint possibility Sieloff has beat out Smith for a spot on the starting roster (although that strikes me as unlikely). Horak and Bouma will be fighting with Galiardi, Jackman and McGrattan for bottom-6 duty, so I would expect at least one of them to get a ticket to Abbotsford before the season starts. 

– Speaking of Sieloff, it seems like his contract would be subject to the "slide rule": Should he spend less than 10 games in the NHL this season, his ELC will "slide" for one season, meaning even if he plays in the AHL, it won’t cost the Flames a year of his entry level contract. If true, that’s like a "free year" of pro development, and if so I like the move to keep Sieloff up a bit more, assuming he really can handle the rigors of the pro game.

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– Not Flames related, but: despite their very real need at center, The Edmonton Oilers claimed Dallas tough guy Luke Gazdic off of waivers today. That gives them Steve MacIntyre, Mike Brown, Ben Eager and now Gazdic to chuck knuckles (although Brown and MacIntyre are already injured). It also leves them with a center depth chart of Taylor Hall (converted winger), Boyd Gordon, Marc Arcobello  and, uh, Steve action (?) to start the year. Nice work MacT.

– Via James Mirtle, here is a list of all the players who hit waivers today. Ex-Flame Adam Pardy is amongst them. Not a lot of noteworthy guys otherwise.

– We’ll update this space with news if anything else happens.

  • RexLibris

    There’s at least one unpredictable move left to be made when everyone is healthy..

    Sieloff and Berra will most likely go down.

    But one forward move needs to be made:






    One player in that group has to go. They all have to pass through waivers, except Sven and Sean, so it will be interesting..

    My vote is move Jackman. Not much use for him anymore.

    • Parallex

      That depends on the health of Cammy and Hudler… if neither of them are able to go then no more moves need to be made for now.

      Is Detroit cap compliant? I thought they were over?

    • mattyc

      I think you’re bang on for the lines. Sounds like Cammalleri is hurt a little more long term than we thought, which means we can probably keep Monahan around for a couple games.

    • PrairieStew

      I think Jackman should be the odd man out as well, mostly because of age. You might be able to use him to sweeten the return from one of the teams looking to unload a salary. Jackman for Meszaros and a second for example. Same for Butler – he could be used in a similar fashion knowing we have some pretty decent third pair options.

    • redricardo

      Oh I hope this are not the lines as I would see them hurting the development of Baertschi, Monahan and Horak if he stays up. Playing Sven and Monahan together might make sense in a couple of years when they are both NHL vets but would hurt their confidence and hinder their development. I’m okay with first line as it seems that Hartley loves that combination. I would switch Backlund and Monahan and Hudler with TJG. and then roll my lines as much as I could. Putting all the top guys together on a team in rebuild seems like trying to lemonade out of limes; it just does not work.

      • beloch

        I don’t see how when the top two lines I stated would take the hard mins and if Jones drives the net like he did in the Phoenix game that line could have a solid mix to it…

  • ChinookArchYYC

    There’s been a lot of debate surrounding JM Liles over the last week or so, but at a quick glance Detroit, LA and Pittsburg are presently over the cap and along with the Leafs, Washington have few dollars to spend on a 23rd player. Eventually and hopefully a desperate GM should shake something of value out of his stables.

    Question: What is the penalty for being over the cap on day 1 of the season? If it’s a simple fine like MLB, then what’s to say they just don’t pay the fine and move on, a la the Yankees every year?

  • RexLibris

    I’d been keeping my fingers crossed the Oilers would claim Luke Adam off waiver and demote Acton.


    The Flames could claim Liles, and a PP tandem of Wideman and Liles would be something to look build off of.

  • mattyc

    I actually like Jackman’s hustle and the way he finishes his checks. He’s fast on the forecheck and plays strong but I agree with those who are suggesting that he would be a good guy to move. I agree that Bouma is younger and is a very similar player. Not sure what we might get but I remember Feaster saying that they had gotten many calls on him at the deadline. Unfortunately I don’t see the Flames management group moving him because of the way that they seem to really value grit. Anxious to get a look at colborne as I hope that he has some finess to go along with his size. Who knows but maybe Monahan, Colborne, Backlund and Janko are our centers in a few years. Definitely would be size and speed down the middle just not sure about the ability to produce points. Time will tell…

    • “Anxious to get a look at colborne as I hope that he has some finess to go along with his size.”

      I think, historically, the bigger concern is whether he has grit to go with his size. The skill has always been there, but not always the effort.

  • SmellOfVictory

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the flames pick up Robak; I think he’s a better player than Butler or Smith. Give Seiloff time in the A to get used to the faster pace. Also isn’t he still injured?

    I’m clinging to hope that Colborne doesn’t get stuck playing 4th line minutes. Ideally I’d love to see him centering 3 or even 2 for a bit, see how he does there. The whole roster is going to be very flexible and amorphous this season

  • mattyc

    There’s a couple familiar names on that Waiver wire, but I don’t think of any that are worthwhile waiver claims.

    And just as Monahan is getting a cup of tea at the NHL level, if Seiloff has earned it, give him a shot at it as well, and if he stuggles with it, it will be nice to send him for a free year in the AHL with the sliding contract and all.

    I think the season is going to start out rocky, mostly because I think our Line combinations are going to be in a natural state of flux as young guys are moved in or out, injuries to start the season and opponent matchups(I see McGratton and Jackman both getting into an Oilers game for some silly reason). Be curious to see where our lines are at the 15/20 game mark, lines should be mostly settled by then.

    • mattyc

      I would think the Glencross – Stajan – Stempniak unit would survive all year. Hartley seemed to love it last season, and it’s been used for most of training camp too.

      • mattyc

        All depends, but yeah that is the line most likely to stay together. But with injuries to Camm and maybe Huddler, if a few more vets go down I don’t know if Hartley would keep that line together or simply split them up to play with other rookies Like I said, this team lines for the most part are in a state of flux with so many young bodies around, can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

  • redricardo

    Edmonoton picking up another goon just proves that there are always going to be people in the NHL that can look at a #Gritchart, and instead of lauging at the ridiculousness, just nod sagely and agree.

    • RexLibris

      And McGrattan is not a GOON!!! REALLY!!! Nope he is a highly skilled hockey player just like Jackman!!! Of Kanzig!!! Or Breen!!! No GOONS in the Flame system!!! Genius!!!

      • sathome

        Kanzig was plus 2 with 2 shots on net in his first game back. Played about 25 minutes too. No, this is a kid who has potential and is much more than a goon. REALLY!

          • sathome

            It was a 4-2 come from behind win. He was on for the winning goal. All stats need to be taken with a grain of salt and I agree with that but this kid can play the game. And, I love the fact that he can play a tough, gritty game too.

  • redricardo

    Sounds like Cammalleri and Breen will start on the IR. So assuming one of Sieloff or Smith get demoted we are sitting pretty numbers wise. If the Flames ever hit a situation where everyone is healthy than someone will have to go. But when does that ever happen?

    If the Flames do pick up a D (and I think that is likely) then we probably see both Smith and Sieloff off to the AHL.

  • According to the Flames’ site’s roster (WHICH IS NOT NECCESSARILY AN AUTHORITY), Cammalleri is listed as on IR and Sieloff has been moved to the prospects page.

    Ship out Street, Jones, Smith and Berra and we may have our opening night roster set.

  • Good to hear that Kanzig is playing a lot of minutes. If he has any hope of being a contributor beyond a tough guy, it’s obviously as a shut-down type defender.

    His size and strength will let him do that in junior. The next step is developing the mobility that will let him progress at the pro level.

    • sathome

      I haven’t given up hope that the kid is more of a Bob Dailey than a Harold Snepts although I could live with him being a solid number 6 stay at home character def too.

    • sathome

      Best part about the stat line for me, only 2 pims. If Victoria keeps giving him the big minutes and lets him just develop, maybe Feaster and Co finds a diamond in the rough.

  • beloch

    Kanzig’s gym work-ethic might be almost too good if indeed it’s true that his upper-body workouts have raised his center of balance and impaired his skating, as some have speculated. That’s easy to fix (Go easy on the upper-body big guy!). Watching him play in the pre-season he really looked like a smart positional player. If he can improve his skating…

    I think a lot of people are down on Kanzig because Chris Breen is still around. There’s another big guy who doesn’t skate all that well and is in imminent danger of not being a prospect at all. The important thing to remember is that Breen is SIX years older than Kanzig! Kanzig has plenty of time to develop. The fact that he and Breen are so similar when Breen has been in the system so much longer only says good things about Kanzig.

  • beloch

    Surprised that nobody took flyer on Luke Adam when he was on waivers. Couple of years ago he was a top prospect in Buffalo and now cant make a really bad Sabres team.