Flames New Third Jersey?



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It looks like EA’s NHL14 has the Flames third jerseys. And it looks like they kid of suck.

Of course, jersey design is inhenrently subjective and it will be impossible to please everyone. Looking at this one again, I prefer it to the old fire breathing horse head, but then I know folks who really like that one.

This isn’t an official announcement or anything and it’s possible EA made up their own alternative jersey option. Guess we’ll see.

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  • The Last Big Bear

    Super disappointing… the options are endless with our flames/fire theme… and this is what they came up with! it looks like the stampeders jersey.
    Personally I think they should market towards the younger generation, we need something to be excited about and this definitely doesn’t do it. It’d be nice to see a lil creativity, and not the same old played out cowboy aesthetic.

  • Third jerseys are just money grabs & I refuse to buy any of them. That said, I like the Canada & Alberta flags in the shoulders and have an idea for a truly daring Calgary Flames third jersey. It would be blue with the Alberta coat of arms on the chest: ie. it would be the flag of Alberta. And on the right shoulder I’d put a small red flaming C and on the left shoulder, a generic oil drop.