Win a Bud Redlight Helmet



Alright folks…Budweiser sent me three of these here Red Light helmets and I’m going to give them away to FlamesNation readers. All you have to do is get an envelope, write out a blank check to me, put it in the envelope…

Actually, it’s simpler (and freer) than that. Go to our facebook page and "like" FlamesNation and the associated Redlight Helmet update OR retweet this article with the hastag #BudFlamesnation. I will pick three winners at random over the course of the day. Naturally, you improve your chances of winning by doing both.

Even if you miss out, there’s another way to win…share the video below on facebook or twitter with the #BudFlamesNation hashtag (yes, FB does hastags now too) and the Bud guys might track you down and give you one themselves.



So that’s 3 ways to win:

1.) Retweet this article with #BudFlamesnation hashtag.

2.) Go to Facebook and like FlamesNation and/or like the Redlight Helmet update (it will have the video in it).

3.) Share the Redlight video on your own social networks with the #BudFlamesnation hashtag.

It’s just that easy. You are a few button clicks away from having something that will bring joy to you and your drinking buddies and really annoy your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/family/neighbours.

Just look at how much fun I have wearing one!