FLames acquire Lane MacDermid AKA: Tim Jackman


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– pic via OKC Barons


Flames announced another minor trade today. This time they pick up 24-year old tough guy Lane MacDermid from Dallas in exchange for Calgary’s 6th round pick. MacDermid was a 4th round pick of the Bruins back in 2009. His career high in terms of points as a pro is 19. He also regularly hits triple digits in the PIM column.

Which means the Flames essentially swapped old Tim Jackman for a younger version of Tim Jackman. There’s at least a small chance MacDermid will develop into a functional 4th line mucker type (as Tim was in his younger days), but it’s also possible he’ll merely top out as an AHL-level enforcer (a la PL3).

I continue to be surprised that NHL GM’s make these sorts of deals. Replacement level tough guys are freely available. They litter the minor leagues and they hit the waiver wire throughout the season…in fact, MacDermid was on waivers himself a few days ago. Calgary probably waited to trade for him so they would have more flexibility now that he’s cleared waivers (ie; they can send him down to Abbotsford now)…but the whole thing seems like a waste of effort to me.

Oh well.

  • Colin.S

    I think waiting to pick him up was also to find a dumping ground for another or their face punchers. With the 50 contract limit, they would have been at 47 without dumping Jackman first, and that’s one thing that Feaster has said that I like, he’s not going to go to 48 or 49 contracts which doesn’t give him flexibility to make moves.

    And maybe they were unsure of their ability to dump one of their other face punchers if they pick this kid off of waivers.

    But still, what a useless pick up, I mean he’s not even going to help the AHL team if his previous AHL numbers are any indication.