Post-Game: Flames Tame Panthers

The Calgary Flames entered Friday night hoping for a win against (another) one of the NHL’s lowliest squads, the Florida Panthers. Despite being out-shot and out-scored in the first period at home once again, the Flames battled back and transformed what was originally a dull and plodding affair through 20 minutes into a rather spirited hockey match.

And that’s not even including the occasional comedy (on both ends of the ice) in the defensive zone. The Flames skated away with a 4-3 shootout victory. Here’s a look at how it happened.


The first period was a pretty low-event twenty minutes of hockey. The highlights included three Flames defensive-zone penalties, including the first infractions of the year for Sean Monahan and T.J. Brodie. The Panthers couldn’t muster much on their first period power-plays (they officially generated zero shots in six minutes of PP time), but they did get comfortable in the Flames zone. That comfort level aided them, as they finally broke the dead-lock near the end of the period. Nick Bjugstad won a offensive-zone face-off clean and drew it back to Tom Gilbert, whose knuckle-puck eluded Reto Berra and put the Cats up 1-0. The Panthers lead the Flames in the first period in shots (9-3), shot attempts (17-9), face-off wins (12-5) and goals (1-0).

The second period began much like the first, a rather low-event, plodding affair. However, the Flames began to find their footing and by the end of it, the ice had tilted decidedly towards the home squad. The Flames tied the game up with a scrambly goal, with David Jones eating up a Panthers turn-over and feeding Joe Colborne for the local boy’s third goal of the season. Soon after that, the Flames took the lead on the power-play. With Shawn Matthias in the sin bin for a hooking call, Calgary cycled the puck rather well. With Colborne parked in front of Tim Thomas, a T.J. Brodie point shot resulted in a ginormous rebound, which ended up on Sven Baertschi’s stick. The Swiss product buried the shot for his second goal of the season and gave the Flames a 2-1 lead.

The Flames had more pressure on the Panthers late, but couldn’t capitalize. In the second frame, the Flames lead in shots (11-7), but Florida retained the advantage in shot attempts (20-18) and face-offs (8-7). But the Flames were opportunistic when they had to be and entered the final frame with a lead.

The third period featured more action. Blair Jones, fresh from tearing up the American Hockey League, put the Flames up by two goals via a beautiful feed by Lance Bouma. Mikael Backlund and Bouma combined for some great fore-checking pressure on a line-change, and all Jones had to do was creep into the slot and deposit the puck into the open net. The two-goal lead proved to the most dangerous in hockey, though. A blocked shot at the point in the Florida zone sent the puck careening towards Reto Berra, with Shawn Matthias primed for a breakway chance. Berra skated to the blueline and poked the puck away from Matthias…and right to Jimmy Hayes, the trailing man on the rush. Whoops.

And the lead evaporated completely when a clearing attempt by the Flames careened back into their zone off of a player, leaving the Flames out-numbered 3-on-2 (with the remaining bodies being tired ones). Marcel Goc took advantage and fired the puck home to tie the game at three. The game went to overtime, which solved nothing. Through 65 minutes, the Flames were narrowly out-shot 26-24, out-attempted 64-40 and lost the face-off battle by a 34-24 margin.

We went to the shootout, where it took six rounds to clinch it for the hometown side. Jiri Hudler, Mike Cammalleri and, of course, Sean Monahan scored during the shootout for Calgary – Monahan with the winner – while Brad Boyes and Thomas Fleischmann scored for the Panthers.


The usual suspects didn’t provide much offense in the game, but the team’s secondary scoring reared its head throughout this game. I mean, seriously, Blair Jones scored. That’s pretty good for scoring depth.

In addition, despite getting out-played in the first, and getting sloppy in their own zone in the third, they managed to ride out the storm and get two points. They faced some adversity throughout the game, some by their own devices, but they didn’t let it kill them.


Team Period Time Note Home Away State
Away 1 19:43 Gilbert 4 7 13 18 22 29 16 19 24 34 51 77 5v5
Away 1 17:52 Huberdeau PP 6 11 22 29 44   11 14 27 34 44 51 4v5
Home 1 16:20 Hudler 4 6 23 24 29 47 12 18 21 22 34 97 5v5
Away 1 15:34 Boyes 7 8 17 29 44 54 16 19 24 34 51 77 5v5
Away 1 10:11 Kulikov PP 3 6 17 19 29   7 11 14 27 34 97 4v5
Away 1 4:50 Bjugstad 6 8 17 29 44 54 11 14 27 34 51 77 5v5
Away 1 2:56 Campbell PP 3 17 18 29 44   7 11 14 27 34 51 4v5
Away 1 1:08 Huberdeau rebound 3 18 19 23 29 44 7 11 14 27 34 44 5v5
Away 2 17:56   3 8 17 29 54 55 20 22 23 34 57 97 5v5
Away 2 17:31 Hayes tip 3 8 17 29 54 55 12 20 22 23 34 97 5v5
Home 2 17:31 Russell 3 8 17 29 54 55 12 20 22 23 34 97 5v5
Away 2 15:20 Bjugstad 4 6 19 23 24 29 7 11 14 27 34 44 5v5
Home 2 13:41 McGrattan 4 7 11 16 29 47 12 18 21 22 34 51 5v5
Away 2 12:17 Bjugstad 4 13 18 22 29 44 7 11 24 27 34 44 5v5
Home 2 11:00 Colborne goal 3 8 17 29 54 55 20 22 23 34 57 77 5v5
Home 2 7:57 Baertschi goal PP 6 7 8 29 47 54 14 22 27 34 44   5v4
Home 2 3:41 Baertschi PP 6 8 13 29 47 54 19 22 27 34 51   5v4
Away 2 2:31 Fleischmann 3 11 13 19 29 55 11 14 27 34 51 77 5v5
Home 2 0:34 Baertschi 3 23 24 29 44 47 12 18 20 34 51 77 5v5
Home 2 0:08 Monahan 3 23 24 29 44 47 18 20 34 51 57 77 5v5
Home 3 14:21 B. Jones goal 4 7 11 17 19 29 7 16 19 24 34 44 5v5
Away 3 12:58 Hayes goal 3 23 24 29 47 55 7 20 23 34 57 97 5v5
Home 3 9:56 Baertschi 4 7 13 23 29 47 18 20 34 44 57 97 5v5
Away 3 7:40 Upshall 3 8 17 29 44 54 7 14 16 19 34 97 5v5
Away 3 6:00 Goc goal 6 13 18 22 29 44 7 20 23 34 44 57 5v5
Home 3 4:29 Cammalleri 3 13 18 22 29 44 19 20 23 34 51 77 5v5
Home 3 2:06 Russell 3 23 24 29 44 47 7 20 23 34 57 97 5v5
Home 4 2:25 Russell 4 7 18 22 29   16 24 34 51 77   4v4
Away 4 1:24 Matthias 3 6 23 24 29   7 11 18 34 44   4v4
# Player EV     PP     SH    
3 SMID, LADISLAV 17:47 6 7 00:00 0 0 04:56 0 2
4 RUSSELL, KRIS 23:44 5 3 01:46 0 0 00:53 0 0
6 WIDEMAN, DENNIS 14:18 1 4 02:08 2 0 03:28 0 2
7 BRODIE, TJ 21:34 4 2 01:00 1 0 02:22 0 0
8 COLBORNE, JOE 11:22 2 5 01:28 2 0 00:53 0 0
11 BACKLUND, MIKAEL 07:53 2 1 00:06 0 0 02:31 0 1
13 CAMMALLERI, MIKE 17:02 2 4 02:54 1 0 02:20 0 0
16 MCGRATTAN, BRIAN 04:18 1 0 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
17 BOUMA, LANCE 12:54 3 5 00:00 0 0 01:48 0 2
18 STAJAN, MATT 17:31 2 4 00:00 0 0 02:52 0 1
19 JONES, BLAIR 10:45 1 3 00:06 0 0 01:47 0 1
22 STEMPNIAK, LEE 16:14 2 3 02:12 0 0 03:31 0 1
23 MONAHAN, SEAN 14:52 5 4 02:20 0 0 00:00 0 0
24 HUDLER, JIRI 15:15 4 3 02:12 0 0 00:35 0 0
29 BERRA, RETO   11 13   2 0   0 3
44 BUTLER, CHRIS 18:08 4 6 00:00 0 0 04:49 0 2
47 BAERTSCHI, SVEN 12:54 6 1 01:42 2 0 00:35 0 0
54 JONES, DAVID 11:47 2 5 01:36 2 0 00:00 0 0
55 O’BRIEN, SHANE 10:32 2 4 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
Period Totals EV PP 5v3 PP SH 5v3 SH
1 1 7 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0
2 7 5 5 5 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 4 3 4 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Hometown boy Joe Colborne has looked more and more at ease in the Flames line-up. He had two points tonight and won 54% of his face-offs. Good enough for me!


The Flames weathered the storm once again and managed to pick up a victory. Now they boast an 8-11-4 record through 23 games. They’re in action next on Wedensday, when they host the defending Stanley Cup Champions. It’s the last four-day gap between games before the Olympics, so we all better make the most of it.

  • MichaelD

    Everytime I watch a flames game lately I want to puke….the only bright spot is that we will get a top 3 pick this year. A 6 overall pick this year will look nothing like Monahan.

    • Rockmorton65

      Your TV remote has an off button, correct? If the Flames are that offensive, you could turn off your TV, couldn’t you?

      Hate to break it to you, but…year one of the rebuild. It’s going to get worse. For me, watching the ups and downs as they get better over the next few years is going to be a very entertaining ride, if you let it.

      • piscera.infada

        Thank you for your optimistic response. I am in consensus with you and appreciate the rebuild. The kids are doing their best; and they were ahead at one point in time….Obviously, there were a couple of rocky roads; but the kids stuck up together and aimed for the two points. A great effort by all the net connectors…..and to those who played with fire by blocking shots. I think the team needs to an applause……Go Flames Go!

    • loudogYYC

      WTF WW….

      Seriously dude, your posts read like something between a CalgaryPuck hate thread and a personal diary. Either way, they’re painful to read.

      • prendrefeu

        Now you are really encouraging me to post more and more and MORE!!!!!

        I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate myself and all other Dino alumni with a birth in the Vanier cup later today!!!

        GO DINOS!!!!!

        • piscera.infada

          As much as I dislike your persona on this particular blog, props for the Vanier cup reference. They’re in tough, but that Dino’s team is awesome.

    • piscera.infada

      Before you puke why don’t you put on your Oiler jersey and puke in the pail. Then pick up the pail and dump it on your head and cheer for the pathetic last place OILERS!

  • beloch

    Hopefully that goal (and some solid play) will be enough to keep Blair Jones up in Calgary for a game or two after the new facepuncher arrives. Colborne had himself a great game too!

    Berra… Berra. berra. Ugh. It’s time to give Ramo a start.

    • prendrefeu

      I am uncertain whether Berra’s decision had been right but all goalies make identical decisions with the hope to challenge the shooter. Nevertheless, would he have saved the goal by staying between the pipes intead?

      • piscera.infada

        Are you talking about the “poke-check”?

        If so, yeah, he made the right decision on that one. The execution, not so much. I mean, that puck gets outside the blueline (which is the goal there), there’s no goal. However, if he lets that player come in on a breakaway, he’s picked his poison.

      • Flamer for life

        He he ya it was kinda funny he will learn first few games in north america has some potentail for sure . They should still give ramo some more games he was pkaying against some top teams a was pretty good

  • MichaelD

    You guys at Flames Nation watch A LOT of The Simpsons eh?

    I am happy to see Colborne develop and get better.

    Freakin loving Bouma so glad he is healthy. *knock on wood*

    Nice to see B. Jones get a call up and a goal, I think he has gotten a raw deal by Hartley.

  • Truculence

    That Colborne guy is starting to look like a steal for the price of a 4th round pick. I think Burkie is right: he may turn into an above-average third-line center. Heck, imo, he may even peak as a second-line center if those flashes of high-end skill become more consistent over the course of his first full year as an NHLer.

    It might also be time to give him some more d-zone starts to bring down that 60% OZ/DZ stat.

    p.s. If we end up with a top three pick, do we target a first-pairing d-man like Ekbald or Mckeown, or grab yet another center with first line potential in the form of Reinhart or Nylander?

    • BurningSensation

      “p.s. If we end up with a top three pick, do we target a first-pairing d-man like Ekbald or Mckeown, or grab yet another center with first line potential in the form of Reinhart or Nylander?”

      I think it depends far less on their position and far more on what the scouts think the upside of each player is.

      Reinhart intrigues me (ditto Nylander) because you can really never have enough skill pivots, and should you develop a large crop of them they are an easy currency to translate into whatever else you need.

      Strategically, it might make more sense to draft a center regardless. Even if Ekblad is a true #1 stud defender, he likely won’t reach his peak years for another 5-6 seasons, whereas a C would be productive sooner, and as such the rebuild will take off faster, or, that player can be used to bring in a defender whose maturity matches better the core we currently have.

      One of the problems the Oilers have in their rebuild is that while they have a very nice group of forwards developing the D-men are all in a cluster a few years behind and even further behind in development. By the time a guy like Kleffbom is ready to play on the top pairing Hall and Eberle will be looking at new contracts.

      If Calgary were to make Ekblad a key part of the rebuild it would stretch the time line out considerably.

      On the flip side, a true #1 D-man, whatever his development time-table, can give you almost 2 decades of stability anchoring your defense core.

      It all depends on how impatient you are.

      • piscera.infada

        It’s really a tough call. At this point, let’s say (for the sake of a hypothetical) we pick first overall – therefore making any of Reinhart, Nylander, or Ekblad available.

        I think you’re correct in saying that big, skilled centres are a valuable commodity, that are very difficult to obtain. I would also argue that they are extremely difficult to get outside of the first round of the draft. Therefore, I’m not sure you can pass up on Monahan-Reinhart/Nylander as a potential top-two centres, regardless of where they settle.

        For defensemen, I think you over-estimate the development part of your assessment. I’m not saying it’s not a factor, but based on where this team is, I don’t think you can afford to play either the long-game or the short-game. It all has to be about who fits in, where, regardless of development time. While I do agree with your comment about the Oilers, I think you overlook how often a perceived “top-two defenceman” doesn’t turn out to be a top-two defenceman once that development is over.

        That said, I personally think Ekblad is a great pick – there’s a decent chance that his development doesn’t take the full five to seven years that is deemed “traditional”. Defenders seem to be making the leap much earlier than in the “old NHL” (see, Ekman-Larsson, Subban, Doughty, Karlsson, etc. (perfect defensemen? no, but they are game-breakers)). Part of this, in my opinion, comes from the way the NHL has changed in the last half-decade. Your modern defenseman now has to be athletic first and foremost, with excellent mobility, passing, and thinking. The ‘big-body’ presence is now quaternary to other aspects of the game – granted, you still need shutdown guys, but not necessarily out of the first round.

        So yes, it’s a very tough call. In the hypothetical where you get to choose whomever you want, I think the centre is the way to go IMO – as I still think we need forward depth over defensive depth. That said, in reality, either of the three are a great pick, and as I mentioned above, I really really really like Ekblad’s game – and I hope the Oilers or Canucks don’t somehow snag the kid.

      • supra steve

        There is also the possibility of moving back in the draft from a #1 or #2 overall, if the scouts are high on one or two D-men and some later picks.

        If someone offered the Flames something like #6, #22, & #28 for a top 2 pick, I think you have to give it some serious consideration. That same offer from Feaster to COL was rejected last summer, will be interesting in the coming years to revisit that offer to see if the Flames are better off with the players they got or if MacKinnon was truely the gem of the draft.

        Having said that, it is never “wrong” to take a big/skilled C.

        • BurningSensation

          I’d think very hard about taking that deal, especially if Jake Virtanen were available at 6.

          However, a weak draft (which the one we face likely is), isn’t the right time to be trading down as we might leave one of the few legit high-end players in someone elses’ hands for the priviledge of drafting 3 thuds.

          • piscera.infada

            I wouldn’t do it at this point in the rebuild. I agree that you need to get the ‘elite level’ talent at this point.

            That said, if I were at the point where Colorado was last year, I’d probably take that deal.

          • supra steve

            Agree. What I would consider is if we were offered a 5th or 6th & a 22-23year old up & coming Dman for that top 1-2 pick.

            Jones seems to be playing pretty good in Nashville & Murray in Columbus is making Oiler fans wish they scooped him instead of Yakapoo.

            I’m not having any problems watching the Flames this year, yes we have a long way to go, but this is kinda of fun watching them develop something. Next year if we see Johnny G & Arnold & Knight & Seiloff with the big team, it’ll be even more fun knowing we are a step closer to turning this team into a real fun team to watch & get excited about.

          • supra steve

            “we might leave one of the few legit high-end players in someone elses’ hands for the priviledge of drafting 3 thuds.”

            Agreed, we know from past Flame picks that those #22 & 28 picks are usually not game breakers (and often not even NHLers). We even struck out twice with #6 overall. Probably more realistic to expect a package that includes a #3 or #4 overall in 2014 and/or perhaps a package including a 2015 first rounder (from a weak organization) might be tempting to move down/if the offers are there.

  • prendrefeu

    I did not watch the game( I only caught some of the highlights/lowlights) so my comments maybe way off and I’m prepared to take some Heat for my comments.

    1. Instead of calling Berra; Yogi, should we not change his name to Boo Boo.
    2. After last night is it not time for the Park Ranger to give someone else a chance to protect the picnic basket for about a 5 game stretch.
    3. Nice to see BJones score a goal but how was the rest of his game?
    4. Did Sven and Backs play well enough to keep out of the doghouse till the next game.
    5. How did the McG play, did have to enforce the law on any of those dirty players from the Gator province?

  • Truculence

    Actually I have another question that I can’t seem to get answered. What exactly is wrong with Sieloff? The Flame made such a big deal of him being ready to be a pro at the end of the preseason and he has only played 2 games for the Heat. We all know he had the broken cheek bone in the preseason, has he had complications? Another injury? I have spent a fair bit of time listening and reading about the Heat and have no idea perhaps one of our scribes could fill me in.

  • BurningSensation

    “For defensemen, I think you over-estimate the development part of your assessment. I’m not saying it’s not a factor, but based on where this team is, I don’t think you can afford to play either the long-game or the short-game. It all has to be about who fits in, where, regardless of development time. While I do agree with your comment about the Oilers, I think you overlook how often a perceived “top-two defenceman” doesn’t turn out to be a top-two defenceman once that development is over.”

    Not much I disagree with in your assesment. D-men are trickier to project out;

    Hamrlik, Jovanovski, Phillips, Berard, E.Johnson, Hedman, Larson, Hickey, etc.

    Top end defenders at draft time, but in each case they either plateaued at a level below ‘elite’ (Hamrlik, Jovo-cop, Phillips), took a detour because of injury (Berard, Johnson), or have stretched their development period past just a couple of seasons (Hedman, Larson).

    The exceptions, guys like Pietrangelo, Doughty, and Karlsson (though the latter was a mid round pick, not a top end guy), are like gold, because they are elite, and becaue they hit their stride early on.

    All told, the forwards are easier to predict and as such, they make the safer bet.

    That all said however, I would not be adverse to taking Ekblad. He looks all the part of a Rob Blake style defender. The kind of guy your d-core can be built around for years.

  • Flamer for life

    Im tired of oiler fans calling us flamers even though its not much of an insult
    I think its time we had one for them : edmoton SOILERS to all my flames nation kin spread the word lol SOILERS!!(as in they soil there diapers) lol
    Any other ideas let me know go flames future looks good

  • Flamer for life

    Im happy with the picks so far.calgarys scouting and drafting have done a good job last couple years. I can remeber for sure but didnt they hire new scouting a few years ago? but 90% of flames picks are doing very well and cal is moving uo the ladder fast for having a lot of potential prospects. I think abbottsford heat are proving that by leading the ahl and its the youngest farm team ive seen with the best numbers ive ever seen. im enjoying the rebuild and it looks like it could b quick and a blueprint for nhl rebuild these rookies are getting better and better fast and cal has been pretty consistant staying in games only been beat bad twice. Not bad for rookies