Flames Hurting: Three to IR, Two Recalled

The Calgary Flames may officially be in injury trouble, as the team made a lot of moves related to injuries in the last 24 hours.

  • Forward T.J. Galiardi was placed on injured reserve (retroactive to November 25) with back spasms.
  • Forward Max Reinhart was recalled from Abbotsford (AHL) to take Galiardi’s roster spot.
  • Defenseman Dennis Wideman was placed on injured reserve with a fractured hand.
  • Forward Sean Monahan was placed on injured reserve with a hairline fracture in his foot.
  • Forward Paul Byron was recalled from Abbotsford (AHL) to take Monahan’s roster spot.

Wideman blocked a shot off his hand during last night’s game with Chicago and was worked-on on the bench for awhile in the third period, but outside of that he played through it. It’s unclear when Monahan was hurt during the game, but like Wideman it must’ve been while blocking a shot. The Twitter feed of Roger Millions exploded a few days ago when Monahan seemed to be hurt by blocking a shot in practice, but the rookie returned to practice after walking it off and didn’t miss any games subsequently.

UPDATE: Pat Steinberg is reporting that the practice shot-block is indeed when Monahan was injured. (He’s also reporting that Wideman will have surgery on his broken hand.)

After all these moves, the Flames sit at 22 healthy bodies on their roster. The breakdown’s like so:

  • 13 forwards (Sven Baertschi, Mikael Backlund, Lance Bouma, Paul Byron, Mike Cammalleri, Joe Colborne, Jiri Hudler, Blair Jones, David Jones, Brian McGrattan, Max Reinhart, Matt Stajan and Lee Stempniak)
  • 7 defensemen (Chris Breen, T.J. Brodie, Chris Butler, Shane O’Brien, Kris Russell, Ladislav Smid and Derek Smith)
  • 2 goalies (Reto Berra and Karri Ramo)

With Mark Giordano already out with a broken ankle, Wideman’s injury couldn’t come at the worst time with games against Anaheim and Los Angeles on the docket this weekend. Now, with two of Calgary’s most reliable minute-munchers out for awhile, expect the new top pairing of T.J. Brodie and Kris Russell to get thrown to the wolves and the team to lean on Chris Butler and Ladislav Smid even more than they have.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Too bad for Monahan, Wideman and the Flames in general.

    Hopefully management doesn’t do anything rash on the trade front to try and upgrade these areas. Let the kids play.

    If Backlund doesn’t start getting more minutes and Hartley uses the call ups more than him I will absolutely lose my mind.

    • everton fc

      I understand that the club can carry 23 on the ‘active’ roster, and that recent practice has seen them carry 8 defencemen.

      I would like to see what a couple of other defenders now in Abbotsford can do with NHL competition. Did not think Chad Billins looked too out of place. And what about Wotherspoon or Ramage? Acknowledge that both O’Brien and Breen would have to go through the waiver process to be sent down.

      • supra steve


        You were all like…Mr Tranquility in the last post that I read from you, accepting of the rebuild and it’s pitfalls. I do hear/understand your frustration though.

        This is an opportunity…to fall a few more places in the standings. I say, Bring it.

        • Parallex

          Yeah yeah I know. I kinda wanted my cake & eat it too. The thought was, get that top 5 pick & have Mona Money win the Calder. Now that would be sweet. I’m with you. I looked at our schedule & whoooboy I don’t see too many points in December for us.

      • SmellOfVictory

        Knight I agree with. Ferland, however, I think should stay in the AHL the entire season. This is the first pro season he’s had where he’s been somewhat successful, and I don’t think it would be good for him to get dropped so suddenly into the big league.

        • Parallex

          We don’t have a center spot available to call Knight up for… I’d rather he play full minutes in the AHL then get slotted in for 5 a night on the big squad and the only way he’d get more is if one of Stajan/Colborne/Backlund get’s put on the 4th and I’d rather that not happen either.

          • everton fc

            True. Reinhart/Bouma/B. Jones can all fill the 4th line centre role. As can Byron.

            I know Ferland’s not ready. But to give him a look is all I was talking about. I’m actually interested in who we’ll see come up from the farm.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Unfortunate injuries and sucks for the guys (although the money they make more than makes up for it) but this is what we want as fans isn’t it. To see the team play hard yet still lose out…

    Backs should be back up on the 2nd line…

    I say as long as they are not bad injuries keep them coming… I would love to watch some Abbotsford Heat games…

  • Parallex

    Okey… now revising my projected finish for the Flames downward. Maybe not Reinhart or Ekblad territory but we’re looking at the best of the rest territory.

    Has anyone seen Sam Bennett play? I haven’t and he’s pretty high on a lot of reports/mocks now.

      • Parallex

        Yeah… that’s what I meant. I was picking them for 5-6 worst before… now it’s looking more like 2-3ish (cause… y’know the Sabres).

        I imagine the good news is that Hartley will almost have to play Backlund more now… I wonder if he’ll give Monahan’s PP minutes to Backlund or Stajan and who’s going to eat the cooresponding PK minutes they lose? Really would have been nice if the Flames had picked up Klesla.

  • RedMan

    Monahan – – I still believe Monahan will remain in strong contention for the Calder.

    I for one do not want to see him go to the world jrs, but rather see him stay and win the Calder… which he will earn, and deserves.

    Backlund – – Looks like Backis might get his chance for redemption. He sure is well liked around these parts, by fans at least. wonder if he knows this.

    Slipping in the standings – – So what? I’d rather have these guys playing the way they are, getting their chances and learning their lessons, and finish 28-30, then to have the coaches squeak every win out, at the expense of development, so we can finish 23rd.

    Paul Byron. Paul Byron? is he still around? I’d prefer to see someone new.

    Rebuild, full steam ahead!!!!!

    • RedMan

      That’s the thing, people are talking how Sven is getting the press box for missing the open net & for that terrible icing & then clearing attempt when the game is on the line. Well, I think they will learn more from these type of mistakes when games are on the line. To be at the point of having the Stanley Cup champs on the ropes & then losing it late in the 3rd couldn’t have been a better learning scenario. A mistake like that when you are losing 6-1 doesn’t have the sinking feeling like the way it did last night. The reason why it’s important that they are expected & coached to win. Wasn’t it a few years ago Hall was disgusted with a coaching decision late in a game & showed his frustration on the ice & bench. Different expectations even though it may be the same place in the standings.

    • everton fc

      I’d love to see a Flame win the Calder, but realistically he’ll have to pick it up BIG time…. Not because he doesn’t deserve it but because of the US/big-market/sport writer bias with the selection process.

      Nugent Hopkins missed 20 games with an injury (25% of the season), STILL won the rookie scoring title, but lost out to Landeskog in votes. US writers just don’t care about or watch the small Canadian markets, especially terrible teams rebuilding.

      Unfortunately I don’t think he has a shot unless he crushes the scoring race. Even then, I could see the US writers give it to Seth Jones.

  • Byron Bader

    December is going to be a rough month. Probably January too. At least Paul Byron has a splendid last name. That’s all I got. That’s all the positives on this day of terrible.

  • everton fc

    Another Blackhawks cheap shot undetected. The crosscheck across Wideman’s wrist, I believe by Kane. Why has Byron been called up, when Knight is producing?

    • everton fc

      I don’t get passing on Klesla either, he’s better concussed than what’s left after Brodie and Russell. Contract expires at the end of the year and is reasonable.

  • everton fc

    I see a number of people complaining about Byron being called up and asking why not Knight. Personally I’m okay with Byron being called as this might be his last look with the Flames. Last year when he was called up he got injured. In many ways he is well suited for the style Hartley preaches, he fast and a very good skater. He also has been producing well and playing a lot for the Heat. Why him over Knight? Knight has not been as productive the last couple of weeks as Byron. I think it is a wise move to see if Byron can play at the NHL level give him 5-10 games. An interesting line would be him, rhino and Bjones. They would make an ideal forth line; they may have even played together for the Heat but I’m not sure.

    Breen also needs to play and he needs 5-10 games to evaluate him,we need to know if he can play and one or two games here and there does not work, Also don’t rush Gio back because of the injury, make sure he is healthy.

  • everton fc

    With all these injuries, suspect goaltending and the coming trades of our veterans, I see us in the bottom 3 easily. I do think the team will still work hard and compete but just doesn’t have the depth.

  • everton fc

    I said at the beginning of the season, barring significant injuries that Calgary would finish ahead of Edmonton. Apparently the hockey gods appreciate irony. Well, officially with Monahan and Wideman out, welcome to Suckdom Calgary.

  • Burnward

    Well Mickis…that spot with Hudler and Baertschi should be yours to run with now.

    For the love of god, take it with both hands and own it. We all want to see this so badly.

    Let’s settle this once and for all so we can stop talking about it.