The Gaudfather

So about this time last December I arranged something with college hockey site BC Interruption so Flames fans could get their hands on Gaudrey Baker t-shirts. Because at the time, fourth round pick and smallest player ever chosen by the Flames organization, Johnny Gaudreau was tearing up College hockey. 

Well guess what? He’s doing it again this year. Moreso, in fact. He’s putting up nearly unprecedented numbers in the college ranks.

So we figured it was time FN designed our own Gaudreau homage shirt.

Enter: The Gaudfather. Keep your veterans close, but keep your prospects closer. Or something.

These beauties go on sale today for a limited time only and I fully exepct everyone to buy at least three of them. Johnny Hockey isn’t yet signed to a contract with the Flames org, so let’s do our part to let him know we’d really, really like him to be a Calgary Flame.

Allow 3-4 weeks to ship.


You asked, we answered.

#GRITCHART isn’t just an internet meme or inside joke anymore. It’s also a shirt! Show your friends, families, co-workers, enemmies and garbage man that you know what it takes to play hard every night…no matter how hurt you are or how useful your efforts might be.

UPDATE – We’ve added an option to the GRITCHART check-out process where you can choose to add a FlamesNation logo to the back if you so desire!