Post Game: Welp




When it’s the Battle of Alberta, even if your team is not particularly good, and even if the Oilers are the hockey equivalent to the guys from Entourage leaving a Nickelback concert to go watch Grudge Match in theaters, and even if the game doesn’t feature the same vicious criminal thuggery of the Battles of the 80’s, when you lose to Edmonton, it just stings. Especially when this current version of the Oilers are about as good as your Christmas leftovers on April 13th.

Were the refs bad? Yes. Were the linesmen bad? Also yes. Is that the reason why the Flames lost 2-0 to the Oilers tonight? READ THE POST GAME REPORT TO FIND OUT!

Spoiler alert: the answer is no.

The Rundown

The anticipation leading up to this one was downright sweaty. The first game for both teams after the mini Christmas break, the atmosphere that surrounds a game between two long time bitter rivals, the heroin beer in the air, for Flames fans, this game was not a difficult one to get up for. The Flames would have been smart to open the game with a strong start.

Which they did, when "potential Olympian" (note: Uh, nope) Mark Giordano sniped one past Oilers starting goalie Devan Dubnyk (LOL). But the refs, shocked to see Joe Colborne standing in front of the net for the first time in his entire career, decided to disallow the goal because they assumed if Colborne was in that deep, he must have been interfering with the goalie.

He wasn’t, but that’s not important, I guess. No goal.

And that mattered, because shortly after, Ryan Smyth did what Ryan Smyth does: suck at hockey score a goal with every part of his person except his stick.

The Smyth goal itself was reviewed for a while, for some unknown reason because it was obviously a goal, and just a real heads up play by Smyth, who incidentally always has his head up because of the force of his mullet weighing down the back of his weird skull.

Shots were 12-10 in favour of the Flames in the first, and you got the sense that the Flames were not going to be held off the board for too much longer the way they were going, and given that the Oilers are as disjointed as Geddy Lee’s face and music.

The second and third periods reminded us that we sensed wrong.

The pace in this game slowed to about Brian McGrattan top speed and just got hard to watch. Both teams seemed to be going through the motions, though a few lapses here and there did force both Reto Berra and Dubnyk to make great saves at times, which considering it’s Reto Berra and Devan Dubnyk is not necessarily an easy task. The Flames, for their part, had their chances, but aside from Giordano ringing one off the iron, there was nothing really noteworthy about their game.

Old Balls Ryan Smyth would tickle the mesh late in the third again after a blown icing call by the linesman. Bloo Bloo, good call guys.

2-0 final for the Oil. Somehow. Like really, this made no sense. While neither team was exceptional, the Flames were a better team on this night, just you know, no bounces. Seemed so unlikely the way things were going that Calgary was coming away with nothing in this one.

Why The Flames Lost

Third Jerseys

Heather Liscano

Pedestrian pace to the game.

In that order. I guess Dubnyk had a decent game and the Oilers were pretty good defensively, but that’s a distant 4th.

The Red Warrior

Mark Joordano, friends. On a night where not a lot of Flames had much of a noteworthy presentation, the captain looked like he wanted to carry the world on his back en route to a victory. He wasn’t perfect in his own end, but he was overall pretty defensively sound, and had the best chances for either team on the other side of the blue line. He scored a goal, sort of, and hit the post, and had 3 shots on goal in almost 26 moments.

Paul Byron leveled David Perron with a perfect check in the first period, and I was ready to give him the red Warrior right there, as it was a nice little F*ck you to Brian Burke’s philosophy on hockey, but he kinda disappeared after that, and Gio, well, Gio’s awesome. I don’t know where all the Olympic talk is coming from, nor do I think he should be a candidate, but he’s pretty great, he’s ours, and he’s the Red Warrior.

In conclusion

Onward. Look onward. This one was a snoozer, but the Flames need to forget this ever happened and get their focus pants on, because the godless Canucks are in town on Sunday, and while they’re relatively whatever this season, they’re still an actual hockey team, unlike the Oilers, so there’s a challenge ahead.

We leave you tonight with a thought courtesy of Friend of the Blog Jeanshorts:

Think about it, Citizens.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Care Berra? Hmmmm how about Carra Berra (inject Italian accent)? It sounds much more sophisticated . . . Like the most interesting man in the world interesting.

    • RKD

      Yeah, Hartley was going to scratch him a couple games back but then the Flames needed him to cover for an injury. If he’s trade bait then he’s got to play to be showcased. However, if they are planning on letting him walk in the off-season then I wouldn’t be surprised if Hartley tries to scratch him again.

  • Skuehler

    Thx for the summary. Glad I missed this one. Gotta think there is gonna be some fallout from a game like this…3 days off, facing the worst team in the league, facing your biggest rival, playing at home and not one goal – you get shut out by Doobnyk? That’s all we got? Trade freeze is over, maybe Grizzly Burke’s done hibernating…and we see some moves start to happen…?

  • loudogYYC

    I got last minute 2nd bowl tickets to this game which was sweet, then I witnessed our Flames get shut out for the first time in probably 50+ Saddledome visits. I HATE seeing them get shut out, but in fairness, the Oilers did just enough more to actually earn the win.

    Unfortunately our ‘big’ players are pretty useless at hockey at this level, and there’s a reason they ended up spending most of their ice time in the defensive zone (McGrattan, Breen).

    Overall the game was a stinker, but everyone’s favorite team to hate is here in 2 days so we’ll probably get back to the good stuff then!

  • cunning_linguist

    Anyone else notice that Ramo and Berra are both sporting identical an identical SV% of .904? I’m so glad we traded for the two best goalies outside the NHL. #BringBackCervenka

  • cunning_linguist

    Well there was at least some good news in the Flames organization as the Heat won 5-1. WW favorite prospect Rhino had 2 and each of the three NCAA had a goal, Knight, Jooris and Hankowski(he’s got 11). Granlund has really cooled down since Sven went down or is it related to Ferlands injury, I don’t know. Ortio played well.

    • RedMan

      On a night when douche bag Ryan Smith can score 2 for Edmonton, I guess Rhino can score 2 in Abby…..BTW; I want him to light it up so that his trade value increases once Sam is drafted.

      Backlund looked weak last night; I’m sure you advanced stats number crunchers are going to tell me that his possession numbers were off the charts again…..what I saw on the ice is that he lost almost every draw and turned the puck over every time he touched it……serves me right for actually watching a game instead of looking at the all-telling advanced stats……


  • Michael

    Battle of the Titans, the bottom place Oilers win over the second from bottom Flames. Any wonder why Burke was added to right the Flames ship. The sooner Burke gets to work changing this squad the better…

  • RedMan

    the team looked tired and tentative in this game. i think that the injuries they are playing with are taking there toll.

    the only sting is losing to the oilers which, even when you are trying to let them finish higher in the standings, sucks.

    Other then that… team has me overall very pleased as this is the path of a rebuild.

    And no matter how you look at it, Flames are so much better then the oil… on the ice, management, effort, fun to watch. the only place and i mean only place the oilers are better is “on paper”.

  • I tried it at home

    Im an Oilers fan, but I have to say, I do like your articles. Great humour, well written, and an interesting look at the other side of the tracks. Keep it up, and Happy New Year (not really)

  • RedMan

    Poor Flamers – still thinking you are better than the Oilers and the future is so bright. I have news for you. Its not – you have no talent- no future, the only reason you win some games is because they work, if they dont, you get blown out. Simple. The Flames are a Joke. The Oilers, are a shambles but it is one that can turn around very quickly. Enjoy Joordano – whop de doo.

    You just want it soooo bad dont you Calgary ? to be the best at something, lol, but always alway second rate. Now go put your tails betwen your legs and run away with a wimper. You are nothing – honest you are not, and it hurts you doesnt it. lol