Monday Random Thoughts – Iginla’s Last Hurrah and Other Things


We’re less than a week away from the trade deadline and it’s more than probable that Jarome Iginla will be elsewhere come April the 4th. Last night was a bittersweet moment for Flames fans, with the captain scoring the game winning goal and Miikka Kiprusoff putting together his first true "stolen game" performance of the season. Shades of 2004. 

Of course, last night was also a stark illustration of how far back the team is of the true contenders in the conference. Despite being the rested team on home ice, the Flames were handily outshot and outchanced at even strength and it was only a drastic difference in goaltending that preserved the win. On a more general note, after a very strong first 10-games the Flames possession numbers have steadily eroded to the degree they are now in the red and just clear of the bottom third of the league. 

– By the way, the Blues roster is about $12 million cheaper than the Flames in terms of cap space. Calgary’s perpetually underwhelming results aren’t the only reason things have to change around here – it’s the fact that the budget space is being used in a grossly inefficient manner. Naturally, having next to no kids (outside of Backlund and Brodie) providing value during their cheap seasons has something to do with this.

– Related: it’s remarkable the difference really good goaltending can make in the perception of a team’s global performance. According to Justin Azevedo’s chance count, Calgary gave up as many or more chances to the Blues as they did in each of their previous two losses to Columbus and Nashville, but they didn’t seem even half as incompetent because the puck didn’t end up in the net as often.

– Obviously the dominant topic this week is going to be whether or not Jarome is moved. Today fresh rumors and speculation are starting to crop up, saying Iginla has "other" teams on his list including Detroit, Anaheim and maybe the Rangers. Iginla’s going to be the big deadline story not only here but throughout the league, so we can all expect a lot of stuff to be thrown at the wall until something happens. The return most often being bandied about, though, is a first round pick, a roster player and a prospect.

Here at FN we’ll concentrate on the original 4 teams listed by Renaud and Dreger: Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago and LA. It’s less likely Iginla ends up as a Penguin now that Pittsburgh has acquired Morrow from Dallas, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible: the Pens still have a lot of cap space, a spot beside Crosby on the first line and they didn’t surrender a first rounder to Dallas for Morrow, which is going to be one of the key pieces in any Jarome deal I imagine. If they decide Morrow isn’t enough or they want more firepower for the stretch, Pittsburgh still has a few assets to make it happen.

As for the other clubs, I am gathering intel from fans/writers in the know in each market. I will publish their thoughts on the manner in the next day or so.

– I’ve been asked who else I think the Flames should shop at the deadline. As most around here know, I’m not a proponent of simply liquidating the entire roster, so my list is probably shorter than expected…

I would shop marginal assets like Sarich, Babchuk, Butler and Comeau in the hopes of getting rid of at least one or two of them for picks. Roman Cervenka is another name I’d put up for auction, if only because the current coach doesn’t seem to like him too much and I find it unlikely he’ll choose to re-sign in Calgary given how little he’s been used here. I would imagine at least Dallas would be willing to move a pick or two to reunite Cervenka with Jagr, especially since they now have a Morrow-sized hole in their lineup. 

– Sven Baertschi has started to put up points in Abbotsford again after a bit of a slow return (four in his last three games). He now has 22 in 27 games, for a point-per-game pace of 0.81. The closest behind him is Krys Kolanos (0.72) and team leading point getter Ben Walter, who has 38 points in 59 games (0.64 PPG). Things more or less fall off a cliff after that.

The Heat are struggling to remain in the playoff picture of late. Their league leading goaltending has come back down to earth, but their offense has never recovered after going in hibernation some time late in November. They currently sit in 11th place in the Western Conference with 69 points and every team behind them currently has at least one game in hand. Unless they hit a momentous hot streak to end the year, Abby will be golfing with the parent club in April.

– Probably the most ironic thing that can happen is the org deals Iginla but the goaltending finally recovers for the final 10 or so games and the club goes on its first extended winning streak. I don’t consider this likely, but it’s certainly possible – even though I expected Kipper to not be great this year, I’d be very surprised if he’s actually way below replacement level as his numbers currently indicate. If he recovers at all before the season ends (like he managed last night) the Flames will win a few more games, even if Iginla has been auctioned off.

Of course, if that indeed happens it will not be evidence that "Iginla was the problem" or some other such nonsense.

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  • Subversive

    Iggy to Hockey Town!

    Kenny Holland is a shrewd GM and I am positive he can fleece this lame cast of characters in Calgary.

    Still laughing at the Flickers fan who suggested the Wings are where Calgary was two years ago. One of the DUMBEST statements I have ever read.

    The Drive is Alive for 22 straight playoff appearances and Iggy would certainly help the cause!

    Let the fleecing begin…..

    • Scary Gary

      ohhhh name calling, mature. Sir Robert can’t argue with the facts that:

      – Lidstrom has retired. You could make an arguement that, with the exception of the first year of their current streak, Lidstrom was the driving force behind the wings making the playoffs, it would only be fitting now that he’e retired for that streak to end.

      – Datsyuk and Zetterburg have begun their inevitable production decline. At 34 and 32 respectively, they point per game average guys but are no longer the dominant forces night in night out that they were. Over the years the cumulative injuries from an 82 game regular season, then a fairly long playoff run have mounted.

      – After those two big guns the talent level drops off. Franzen is 33 and Filpula is line for a nice raise. The more concerning fact should be their inability to land the big free agents they’d need to fill holes.

  • icedawg_42

    Kent – how does the value of the Morrow trade line up for you. Has Joe Morrow got the kind of ceiling that makes this move worthwhile for Dallas? I agree that the Murray trade was overpayment (the conditional pick notwithstanding) – im just trying to get a feel for the market and potential return for Iggy and JBo. I still think they both get moved.

  • gotommygo

    I think Pittsburgh is a long shot for Iginla now. Chicago and possibly Boston as they both have plenty of young NHL talent and it wouldn’t be a huge issue if they let a good prospect or two go in order to add Iggy. At this point my selection is Chicago (though last week I was sure it would be the Pens).

    I agree with those that think Shero’s latest moves could kickstart more action on the trade front…and if Iggy goes it remains to be seen who else could be on their way out afterwards.

  • gotommygo

    Two things about these moves by the Pens:

    1. This doesn’t guarantee they are out of the Jarome sweepstakes, although I doubt now that he goes there.

    2. I think this has really put pressure on teams like Boston, LA, Anaheim, Montreal, Chicago, St. Louis, etc to answer their moves.

    Come on Feaster. The time is now.

  • gotommygo

    Somebody mentioned in the last thread that Iginla’s teammates saved the puck after his goal last night. I didn’t see it and haven’t noticed in mentioned in the media. Anyone else see that?

  • icedawg_42

    Via Twitter: ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun
    More on Murray deal: the 2nd pick in 2014 based on Pitt winning 2 playoff rounds OR resigning him and if neither occurs, it’s a 3rd in 2014

  • Does Pittsburgh even have the cap to acquire Iginla now?

    Was nice to see Iggy get the game winner last night – for so many years he’s carried the team on his back – wherever he ends up – it’ll be great to see that burden lifted off his shoulders. Definitely will be cheering for whatever team he ends up on.

    • Parallex

      If a non-conditional pick is part of the equation I’ll be cheering against whatever team he’s on. Not that I wouldn’t be happy to see him hoist the Cup (even with someone else) but I’d be happier to see the Flames get a better asset.

  • beloch

    I have a contract question re: Iginla.

    Some teams may think they’re a real contender and be willing to pay a lot for an edge, but a first-round pick plus change is still really steep if you have no assurance Iginla will return next season! Is there a way to structure a deal with Feaster such that Iginla does not have the option to return to Calgary? (I’m assuming that returning will be his preference, since he could potentially avoid uprooting his family if he’s gone only until the end of the playoffs.)

      • flamesburn89

        I totally agree. Doug Murray is no longer a top 4 defenceman in my book. Sure he’s big and tough, but he has limited mobility and there’s a lot of mileage on that 33 year old frame, especially when you consider all of the blocked shots, hits, elbows, sticks, etc. that the guy’s taken. I don’t see much difference between Murray now and the Robyn Regehr the Flames traded away a couple years ago. Is Murray a better option than a guy like Sarich? Probably, but he’s not worth 2 second rounders.