2013 FN Trade Deadline Open Thread



We’ll be on top of things all day and will detail any significant Flames news as it happens. Otherwise, minor updates and thoughts will be shared here.

More as it happens…

Thoughts and News

– I haven’t really weighed in on the Jay Bouwmeester deal yet. The more I let it sink in, the more I dislike the move. The two pieces from St. Louis are exceptionally marginal – essentially replacement level bits. It would be like the Flames trading Chris Breen and Joni Ortio (except Ortio probably has more upside than Berra).

I understand the team wants to add first rounders for what is supposed to be a very good draft, but Feaster didn’t even get that as a firm piece. The Blues are tottering on the edge of the playoff bubble and if things go wrong the pick slides to 2014 – essentially destroying the lone reason for rushing to trade Bouwmeester now.

As I’ve said more than once in this space, there’s no impetus to simply sell the farm right away. The Iginla return was unfortunately limited by circumstance, but the Bouwmeester return didn’t have to be. He was signed for another year, so Feaster had an additional 10 or so months to explore the market for JayBo and maximize the return.

In short – if the blues package was the best Feaster could get at the time, I think he should have played hardball and waited.

– Alex Burmistrov’s name is still being mentioned a lot as a guy the Jets may be willing to deal. I’d like Calgary to make a call and at least see what the Jets are asking for. There may be a match since WPG wants scoring and the Flames have guys like Cammalleri and even Cervenka they can market.

– I am hoping the Flames can manage to move Kipper to Toronto today, but if he does move it will be an ignominious end to what was an excellent tenure here in town: allowing 3 goals on six shots to the Oilers, including a one-handed backhander from behind the red line to Ryan Jones. Of course, when an organization rides its stars into the ground, that’s the risk you run.

– TSN reporting that Kipper has opted to stay in Calgary and then retire. Oh well.

UPDATE – the big deals are starting to trickle in now:

– Marian Gaborik to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Brassard, Dorsett and John Moore. Dorsett is a decent grinder option, Brassard is terrible and John Moore is a decent defensive prospect. I like that deal for Columbus because Gaborik’s lackluster numbers this year are luck, not talent, based.

– Jason Pominville traded to the Wild for Larsson and Hackett. Pominville is a really good addition for the Wild as they search for the playoffs. He can play gainst other top-6 players in tough circumstancea and survive, which is a big need on Minny.

  • First Name Unidentified

    I think the Flames are done dealing with an exception of some small clean-ups. I would like to see Sarich, Babchuk, Comeau, Smith, Butler, etc gone.
    I don’t think teams will take on Cammi’s contract. Tanguay, however, could be desired as a depth option for a team poised to make a long playoff run.

    I would be very angry if Glencross, Backlund, Brodie are traded.

    Let it all begin.

  • Gange

    Well with JayBo and Iggy gone, it’s only a matter of time for Kipper. That should exorcise the ghosts of 2004.

    When that’s done, I’m curious if there will be any returns today that may indicate a future direction for this team. It’s unclear where they’re going at the moment. At least to me it is.

  • Subversive

    If Kipper and Cammi are gone by the deadline I will be most pleased.

    Kipper for anything would be a win.

    Cammi for at least a 2nd, even better a 1st, would feel like a good return to me.