T-shirts and Trade Rumors – Draft Weekend 2013


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Trade Rumors

Onto the business at hand. The draft (rounds 1-7) goes tomorrow and already the trade talk is heating up. The Flames, of course, are supposedly in the middle of stuff. Here’s the latest…

– Word is the Flyers are offering Braydon Coburn around the league. One swap that has poked its head above water is Coburn and Matt Read plus 11th overall to the Flames for 6th and maybe a roster player (Giordano).

From a Flames perspective, that move doesn’t make much sense. Matt Read is a somewhat useful player, but his ceiling is limited and there’s certainly no chance of him ever being better than "good". Coburn is 28, $4.5M and a decent NHLer, but that’s it. Two okay pieces shouldn’t be enough to tempt the Flames to move down out of range of the truly high-end talent in this draft.

– The TSN crowd is saying Cal Clutterbuck is going to be dealt this weekend. The 25-year old is a pending RFA and the Wild have cap problems, so that’s likely why he’s on the block. Word is Minny would like to move up to the first round in the deal.

Clutterbuck is a little more interesting for Calgary. He’s known for his agitation skills and high hit totals, but he’s also played in pretty tough circumstances for his club over the last few years and mostly tread water – which is saying something on a team as possession-ally challenged as Minnesota. He’s also one of those rare PIM’s guys who draws as many penalties as he takes. On top of all that, Clutterbuck is a decent volume shooter who has scored in the double digits every season (except this recent one), despite rarely being played in a scoring role.

Clutterbuck is a useful player from a number of angles and he’s only 25 to boot. I’d have no issues if the Flames inquired about him and offered up one of their latter first rounders in exchange.

– There’s noise that the Canucks have started to shop Corey Schneider since it’s become clear Luongo’s big contract is immovable. Edmonton is the whispered destination, which makes a lot of sense, but Calgary should make a call or two as well. Schneider is one of those rare puckstoppers with the sort of numbers (.927 career SV%) and pedigree that makes sense to pay a decent price to acquire. He’s also 27, which means he should have more than a few good miles left on the odometer.

It’s hard to know just what Vancouver is asking for him, but it’s worth a call. I don’t think I’d give up 6th overall, but a lot of other assets could be in play.

– Finally Kris Letang has apparently rejected a huge contract offer from the Penguins (for some baffling reason) and is likely on the block as a result. Letang either doesn’t want to be in Pittsburgh anymore or he’s looking to get in the range of $8M/year as a free agent. 

I have a lot of time for Letang as a defender, but the latter number is crazy. I’m also skeptical he’ll look as good outside of Pittsburgh away from Sidney and Geno, which would make a deal of that size seem even more ridiculous in hindsight. In addition, there’s no guarantee he’d decide to stick around for any amount of money even if the Flames did acquire him (rebuilding and such), so overall, that’s not a tree I see Feaster barking up.   

FN Draft Coverage

Things might get a little nuts around here what with the three first rounders and potential trades and all. Tomorrow the full FN crew will be on call and updating frantically whenever something happens. Thomas Drance of Canucks Army and Robert Cleave of JN (formerly of FN) are on the ground in Jersey and may provide updates or info whenever possible.

Today we are going to finish up the Flames top-15 prospects series and post a few more potential draftee profiles.

 Should be a fun – or at least interesting – weekend.

  • Willi P

    Like Peverely too. Under utilized in Boston.

    Calgary; Stajan+Backlund+Johnny G+1st (not 6th)

    Bruins; Seguin+Peverly+Pick?

    Sequin @ 5.75 for 6 more years, Peverely @ 3.25 for 2 more years. Gives Bruins cap flex and prospects. Calgary gets 1C potential.

  • beloch

    Did Seguin lose a foot to a crocodile on a golf course or something? Giving him up is a bizarre move otherwise. Hell, he might still be good playing peg-legged! Yaarrrrr!

  • Willi P

    Clutterbuck = GlenX lite and will want more money, no thanks.

    Seguin, all the way. Doubt they could get him for #6 alone but bet both Boston and Johnny G would be happy if he was added to that deal.

    • beloch

      Normally I would be stoked about Seguin, but what about talk of his hip injury being congenital?

      If so I would be wary. My first preference would be some magic to move up in the draft, failing that trades for someone like Seguin might be a fall back.

  • schevvy

    Seguin is still a pre-apex player (ha!) and still has a lot of maturing and developing to go. But, he is already a very good player and at 21 is right in that age category the Flames are lacking elite players. I would trade pretty much anything to get him, including 6th overall, Backlund, and Gaudreau.

    • RKD

      Well Roger Millions reported the Rangers were interested in Cammy but Feaster told the media no teams have called him about Cammy.

      I think Seguin is being shopped to make more room to fit in a mega-contract for Rask. If Seguin is as talented as we think he is, he’s not going to excel in a bottom six role. Maybe he think he’s ready for top 3 or top 6 minutes and Julien wasn’t having any of it.

      Julien has been known in the past not to play young guys over vets but was forced to with Krug given injuries and how well Krug stepped up.

      • BurningSensation

        firstly, i won’t believe feaster if he said good morning, secondly boston shuffling the deck to accomadate bergeron at 6 plus for 8 yrs, and rask. shopping seguin to make cap space. horton is a risk, bad head bad shoulders.

      • In line with your mega-contract comment, someone on TSN (Dreger?) said Rask contract will likely be in the $7M per year range. Bergeron extension will be around $6-7M per year for 6 years.

        $13M tied up in 2 (albeit great) players aka 20% of their total cap next season (if they spend to the max). That’s bonkers. No wonder they’re trading off everything they can.

        There are rumours that Seguin parties too hard, and that’s the root of his performance issues. In my eyes, that lowers his trade value. Not that I think the partying is an issue, just ask Patrick Kane, Mike Richards, and Jeff Carter.

    • BurningSensation

      I would guess ‘No’.

      Cammalleri becomes a more valuable trade asset at the trade deadline when most of his $s have been paid out and he is easier to fit into someone’s cap situation. There is also more of an ‘auction’ atmosphere at that point. Unless it is a really good deal (i.e. we aren’t eating a portion of his salary, it brings in a 1st, etc.), I don’t see him moving out till then.

  • I say make the Canucks suffer with those two goalies, they are definitely not in a power position, make them wait it out until their demands come down. A 1st and a prospect…pfft I wouldn’t sniff at that with a 10 foot pole.

  • schevvy

    RE Seguin, the Flames should definitely be in on him if he really is available. That includes giving up the 6-overall.

    No idea why Boston would part with him.

    • everton fc

      The Hawks exposed the Bruins on the backend during the Cup Final. Perhaps Gio and something else could get Seguin? Since it looks like Horton wants a move, could you get Horton somehow, with Gio and a little more, and hope he signs? Would you rather have Horton or Seguin, I suppose…

      But if Seguin’s a huge partier, and we signed O’Brien, who’s noted for liking the night life… Is that in the best interest of a rebuild? Perhaps you target Horton?? On Clutterbuck, he’s young, and a useful player. Adds instant grit, and is annoying as heck. I’d see what would pry him from Minny.

      Would a 1st and Butler get Seguin?! Imagine! What about our 1st and Gio for Seguin, a pick, and a prospect??

    • BurningSensation

      Totally agree! Seguin for the #6 would be an excellent move. He hits all the right buttons; size, skill, age, development, etc.

      Sets up an interesting dynamic with Edmonton and Hall as well.

  • Asking price for Schneider is apparently a 1st + prospect. They too probably think that they ‘deserve’ a top 3 pick + a team’s BEST prospect. Fools.

    Letang is hard to understand. He says he wants $7M per year, on a long-term deal, so the Penguins offer him that. He rejects it. Must really want to be a Leaf for some reason that NO ONE else knows about. I’m as baffled as everyone else.

    No to that deal from the Flyers. They’re trying to move up in the draft without losing their top prospects (Schenn, Coutourier). Teams need to be doing more to stick it to these guys. If Feaster can’t get a good deal, no one else should be able to. Couts + #11 should be a starter to move into the top 5-6.