Flames Acquire TJ Galiardi from San Jose

Word from Pierre Lebrun on twitter is the Flames have traded a 4th round pick to the San Jose Sharks for former Hitman and Calgary native LW TJ Galiardi.

Galiardi’s the right age (25), but his best season in the NHL was his rookie year in 2009-10 when he scored 15 goals and 39 points. Since then, he’s mostly been what you’d call a very typical 3rd line player: a guy who faces other bottom-sixers at even strength for about 11 minutes a night, doesn’t score all that much and doesn’t really advance play.

Last year with the Sharks Galiardi played relatively soft competition, had a zone start ratio just south of 50% and was marginally underwater in terms of relative possession rate. The year before was similar, although his possession rate and zone start ratio were worse and tougher by a few degrees.

As a player Galiardi has decent size (6’2", 190), is pretty fast if memory serves and he he can be a tenacious forechecker. He has enough offensive ability to be a double digit goal scorer over a full season in thr right circumstances, but his ceiling probably doesn’t crest 40 points.

Galiardi is an established NHLer and he might still improve given his age, but there isn’t much evidence to suggest he’ll suddenly turn into a guy who can take on tough minutes or consistently score at a top-6 rate. The price of a 4th rounder is nominal, though, and Galiardi can play some so it’s certainly better than the club using a 5th rounder on someone like P3L.

Galiardi is an RFA, so add his name to growing list of restricted free agents the club has to get inked. He shouldn’t cost much to sign since his last deal was $950k and he hasn’t done anything since then to warrant a significant raise.

Personally, the trade doesn’t register as overly good or bad – like the David Jones trade, the Flames receive a capable enough NHLer who can act as a placeholder as the team goes through the rebuild, but I doubt he’s a guy that will feature prominently in the proposed resurrection down the line.


  • Parallex

    TJ Galiardi ‏
    Wow! My lifelong dream has come true!! #FLAMES

    Okey, I now find it impossible to not like the trade.

    • lionlager

      That’s awesome. I like that the Flames are stocking up homegrown talent (even without Shinkaruk). Something great about that, also about a 0% chance of getting Erixon’d with Calgary kids.

  • aloudoun

    Not a bad move at all. Wouldn’t have minded a 2 yr deal @ $2.5 just to have us covered until we get a better idea what youth we have that might be capable of playing for the big club. Plus for TJ is that on this team he has a legitimate chance at 2nd line minutes.

  • Parallex

    Big meh from me… he’s only 25 so there might be a little upside left but not much. I dunno… he’s young enough that he can be a part of the future so I suppose it isn’t bad, but I wonder why not go with a UFA. It’s not like 3rd liners cost a lot.

      • RexLibris

        Would you suggest the Flames put a waiver claim in on, or sign as a free-agent, Jonathon Blum?

        He seems to hit some of the right notes for Feaster’s rebuild mantra, young, some underlying positive numbers once you drill down, and has enough offensive awareness he can move the puck.

        • everton fc

          I agree. Why not? Blum adds depth at a position we are thin at. Could replace Butler. What’s the cap hit, off waivers?

          @Paralex “Next Question… who’s out and how?

          Cammy, Hudler, Sven, Stempniak, Glencross, D. Jones… that’s six wingers (Seven when you add Galiardi) for six Top 9 slots. Someones gotta go”

          As or Galiardi; perhaps coming home re-invents his game. Or, he could be the next Blake Comeau. Statistically speaking.

          Is he a 4th line left wing? We seem deep on the left side, “as is”. Why would we move a RW (Stempniak) for a left wing? The LW’s include:

          Baertschi Hudler Glencross

          Begin, Bouma, Reinhart and Horak also come from the left-side. Begin plays centre and LW, as we all know.


          Baertschi stays. I’d be surprised if Glencross moves. Begin’s probably done here. Which I personnally think is unfortunate- he’s a perfect vet to have in the room and on the ice, for a rebuild. Hartley apparently loves Begin. Again, I hope he’s back for one more year.

          Could Galiardi simply replace Begin, on 4th line LW? And/or is Galiardi a better 4th line option on the left-side, than Bouma? Is Bouma better in the middle next season, than Begin? A lot of us want to see what Bouma can do; is he ready, after the injury? Does Horak play the pivot on the 4th line, between Galiardi and Jackman? This is an interesting trio, to me.

          To me, Cammy seems the obvious choice if they grab Lecavalier for the pivot. Which I’m guessing Feaster’s working on, as I type.

          Perhaps how we look opening night, down the middle?


          • Parallex

            I really don’t think that they acquired Galiardi to play 4th line minutes.

            I would assume that someone is on the way out either now or on July sixth when the reality of the weak UFA class sets in and teams go looking for upgrades on the trade market. Might not be a bad idea to stockpile some live bodies now and then flip some post-Free Agent Frenzy. Worst case scenario is you get no takers and end up waiving/demoting some.

          • everton fc

            Then I’d have to guess Hudler. Who else could it be?

            Though for his price tag, he could play 4th line minutes on a team like ours, if 4th line meant more than it traditionally means (remembering Prust/Moss/Nystrom)

  • TheRealPoc

    He did play with the Thornton and Burns top line in the playoffs, and he didn’t look out of place. Not to suggest he’s a top 6 guy or he’ll turn into some kind of possession stud, but it’s nice to see the acquisition of a guy who has the requisite skill to play with better players when given the opportunity. If that makes sense.

    Anyways, I like it.