FlamesNation 2013 UFA Open Thread


– pic via Rob the Hockey Guy


For those of you who aren’t still embroiled in the McGrattan post below (which I think takes the shortest post/longest comment string award by a mile), share your hopes, fears and thoughts today as the free agent frenzy gets underway.

Although, it may not be that much of a frenzy given the names involved. A few guys are going to get paid – like David Clarkson – but it’s pretty thin gruel this year overall. With the addition of TJ Galiardi and David Jones recently, Calgary does’t have much need to wade into the fray since there aren’t a lot of obvious upgrades out there. Mikhail Grabovski is the obvious exception, of course, but if the club doesn’t claim him on waivers I don’t see them being able to successfully woo him once he is bought out.

Mason Raymond is a name that has been circulating a bit heading into today. A native Calgarian, Raymond is lightning fast, but has struggled with scoring and consistency, especially since suffering a terrible back injury a few years ago. Like Jones and Galiardi, he’d be an okay middle rotation addition, but isn’t the sort of bet with a the potential to pay off big.

That said, the Flames true goal today should be not to make any big mistakes. Calgary has a lot of budget space, but there is absolutely no reason for the club to go whale hunting given its low potential for success next season. Not to mention the fact there isn’t a single big name UFA talent who could significantly change the team’s fortunes. Any deals the Flames sign today and for the rest of the summer should be relatively cheap and short. Calgary’s ample cap space gives them flexibility and power going forward. They don’t need to invest too much of it in unnecessary pieces or bad bets.

  • supra steve

    Kent’s “rules of acquisition” from mistakes link above:

    “1.) Collect as many guys who can drive the puck into the offensive zone (and keep it there) as possible.

    2.) Be suspicious of any output or performance that resulted from a spike in percentages.

    3.) Avoid goons and ruffians who can’t play at the NHL level.

    4.) Stack your roster with players in the 23-28 age range as possible. Conversely, limit risk in the 35+ age range.

    5.) Concentrate on skaters (especially forwards) early in the draft.

    6.) Goalies are voodoo. Limit risk by having organizational redundancy and buying cheap goaltending unless you can sign, say, Henrik Lundqvist.”

    With the exception of the contentious rule #3, so far I think Kent’s plan is not much different then the Flame’s plan. Free agency may or may not continue this direction, but at this time, I am satisfied with Feaster’s actions this off-season. Today could change that, but I hope not.

  • Michael

    For public consumption the team has admitted to being in a rebuild, but whether this is a pure rebuild, or a rebuild while staying competitive is unknown. Edwards marching orders to make the playoffs, and the indications that Feaster wants to add a top 6 center, top 6 forward and a top 4 dman suggest the ‘rebuild but competitive’ approach.
    I expect Feaster will be in the market today.

    • Cant see it happening… talent pool is so thin I expect the Flames to sign a 3rd/4th line center with grit and that is all.

      Grabovski or Horton would be nice… maybe Derek Roy but failing that not much is out there….

      Filpulla…5 mill for a depth 2nd line center… I dont know maybe we should sit this one out.

    • That’s possible. Flames other issue is they won’t be a destination of choice for most quality UFAs since they are very clearly in the bottom third of the league. Only chance for them is to overpay wildly and even then guys may not choose to play here.

      I suspect that’s part of the reason Calgary born guys are being sought out right now – they’re actually willing and excited about playing here, whereas most other guys aren’t.