Canada/US Open Thread

Canada is the putative favourite but the Americans have had the best results in the tournament so far. The winner with be showered with praise. The loser with be taunted and booed until my throat is sore!

Add your cheers and/or lamentations below.

  • beloch

    Selanne scored 2 goals in the final, bronze-winning game of his sixth Olympics. Incredible. The Americans, the big offensive juggernaut of the games, have been shut-out for 6 straight periods in the semi-finals and the bronze-medal match. All that remains is Canada vs Sweden!

    • beloch

      USA played well up until Selanne scored his goal in the second. Remember, Finland was the one team that went to OT against Canada and they had a day off while the US team played Canada to boot. The second goal came 11 seconds later in a lapse like we’re all too used to seeing from the Flames. After that, USA sort of fell apart. They let their frustration get the better of them, starting taking dumb, selfish penalties, and the Finn’s took advantage of them. The next few goals for the Finn’s were all scored on the power-play. Yeah, it’s hard being shut out for 4, 5, and then 6 periods in less than 24 hours, but with a little more discipline the US team would have been in that game to the end.

      That being said, it was great to see Selanne score 2 goals in what has got to be his final Olympic appearance (Seriously, how many times has that been said before?). The Finn’s were all feeding him pucks like mad to get him the hat-trick, but he stuck to short-shifts even during powerplays and made plenty of passing plays himself. It was a classy, composed, unselfish performance. The better team won.