Game Day: Canada vs. Sweden for the Gold Medal


It’s the final day of the 2014 Winter Olympics and the final event, as per tradition, is the gold medal game in men’s ice hockey. Team Canada faces Team Sweden!! 5am MT! CBC!

Canada’s Road To the Finals

  • Beat Norway 3-1 (Weber, Benn, Doughty; Price in net)
  • Beat Austria 6-0 (Doughty, Weber, Carter, Carter, Carter, Getzlaf; Luongo in net)
  • Beat Finland 2-1 (Doughty, Doughty; Price in net)
  • Beat Latvia 2-1 in quarterfinals (Sharp, Weber; Price in net)
  • Beat United States 1-0 in semi-finals (Benn; Price in net)

Sweden’s Road To the Finals

  • Beat Czech Republic 4-2 (Karlsson, Berglund, Zetterberg, Karlsson; Lundqvist in net)
  • Beat Switzerland 1-0 (Alfredsson; Lundqvist in net)
  • Beat Latvia 5-3 (Berglund, Karlsson, Alfredsson, Ericsson, Edler; Lundqvist in net)
  • Beat Slovenia 5-0 in quarterfinals (Steen, Sedin, Ericsson, Hagelin, Hagelin; Lundqvist in net)
  • Beat Finland 2-1 in semi-finals (Ericsson, Karlsson; Lundqvist in net)

Sum It Up

Enjoy the game, everybody! Go Canada Go!

  • beloch

    Canada’s forwards have yet to find their scoring touch, but their defensive play is solid and the blue-line is a freakin’ fortress! That girlie-man Sedin has no chance of breaching the bastion of Canadian badassery!

    Sweden and Finland were a close match, so I’m expecting this game to be similar to the one Canada played against Finland. It will be a low-scoring nail-biter, but Canada will inevitably earn the victory. It’s time to go to work boys!

  • prendrefeu

    QQ: I heard there is a rule that if you don’t play at all during the tournament, you won’t get a medal even if your team wins one.

    A) Is this true?
    B) If so, who on the Canadian and Swedish teams won’t be getting medals?

    • piscera.infada

      It’s truth – although it’s dressing for a game, not actually playing. I can’t say for sure about Sweden, but every Canadian will get medals – that’s why Subban, Duchene (originally), and Smith all dressed for the second game (with Hamhuis, Sharp, and Price “healthy scratches”). Oddly enough, that was the one game the offense “clicked”.

      I see this as a very close game… I just hope it’s close in a good way (those shifty Swedes always worry me). Go Canada!!

  • EugeneV

    The Swedes might be one of the softest teams I’ve ever seen. Embarrassing that they are putting this effort in during a gold medal game. The Canadians have owned the boards and there is very little fight in the Swedes. On the Kunitz goal, it was Sedin who lost the puck on a very soft play, then did nothing to battle Kunitz for the puck. And that in a nutshell is why the Canucks will never win a Cup with the Sedins “leading” the team.

    • beloch

      It’s not that the Swedes are playing bad. Team Canada is playing the same iceman game that’s made every other team in the tournament look just as bad! It might not have shown on the scoreboard of every game, but this team has been utterly dominant since day one.

    • beloch

      Hey Beloch – is it just you and me watching???

      And Torts, this one’s for you:

      “I hope Sweden wins, cause I don’t think (Dan Hamhuis) is going to play, judging by what’s happened.

      “I don’t think (Roberto Luongo) is going to play. So, I don’t give a sh– about them (Team Canada) right now because they’re not playing.

      “I just want them back here.”

  • beloch

    Roll 4 lines that all play the system, 3 defensive pairs that all can skate and a sound goaltending and look a great team. What a great job by the players, coaches, and management team, The only negative was the Taveres injury. Great job Canada.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Dominating performance.

    I guess we fianlly put the Boumeester narrative to bed. Now he’s won a playoff round and a major championship. Who knew hockey was a team sport..

  • beloch

    Lesson learned: Doubters (and you know who you are) that questioned everything from the management team, to the coaching staff to the players. Canada is the BEST. Trust our program. We dominated.

    • EugeneV

      The great Walter White said that Hamhuis had no business being on this team……and Babcock agrees.
      Luongo won’t see any more international action either…

      Yes; Canada has the best team, genius…

      Russia and the US without a medal?
      Who would have thunk it?


      • ChinookArchYYC

        WW, I have no idea why you have such a bad reputation on this board. Your comments are very intelligent, insightful and well thought out. Guess everyone else is wrong.

        • EugeneV

          “bad reputation”???

          There are people pretending to be me on this blog; trying to imitate the great Walter White…… desirable is the brand I have created!

          When was the last time someone pretended to be “HanaMontana”?

          Yah, thought so.


    • beloch

      God forbid a country actually is intelligent enough to analyze the decisions of an organizations whose job is to ice the best roster.

      Im sure u were one of those saying “we’ll be fine, were Canada” in turin, and look how that turned out.

  • EugeneV

    As per the iihf website.
    Best forward: Phil Kessell
    Best D-man: Erik Karllson
    MVP: Teemu Selanne


    Kessell wouldn’t even make our C team

    • EugeneV

      And Karlsson played very few minutes in the biggest game of the tournament so that shows how much the coaching staff trusted him in a big game. At the end of the day, Kessel plays big in small games and plays small in big games. Karlsson is a shinny player who is excellent in the offensive end but is a defensive liabiliity. The Europeans can have the individual awards while Canada will take the ultimate team award – the Gold medal.

      • EugeneV

        Yeah, I have been a coach at 4 iihf U18 world championships and have been amazed at some of the decisions made on players of the game etc… One game I benched a player for the second and third periods and he was announced as our player of the game.

    • EugeneV

      It is so great to be loved and appreciated for my hockey insight, but back to the game….

      The honeymoon period for Burke has ended; starting now he has to put his stamp on this team.

      He has 10 days to trade some vets for your studs.
      We will have to part ways with some favorites (Reinhart) for the greater good.

      Come on Burke; turn this team of undersized, underperforming pillow fluffers into a cup contender!!!


      • mk

        Actually, I dislike you for your non-hockey related trolling and “I told you so”-ing. Other than that I have no issue with your on topic stances, most of the time.

  • EugeneV

    Indeed a great win. Now it is time to get back to work on the Flames rebuild. Maybe people will now get that team can play great hockey without extreme truculence and be a great team.

    • beloch

      Truculence and international rinks/rules aren’t the best bedfellows. The U.S. team wasn’t really built for truculence either, and Burke had a hand in that. That’s something. Still, I’d throw Burke under the bus in a second if there was some way to poach Yzerman or Babcock!

  • mk

    Wow. What a dominating performance. What a smothering team defence. The Swedes might as well have been skating in molasses.

    We never trailed in the entire tournament. We shut out our opponents in the semi-final and final. We allowed only three goals in the six games, and only one to a team ranked in the top six in the world.

    Canada has now won three of the last four gold medals, in the home countries of the three nations with the most hockey medals: The U.S., Canada, and Russia. Plus, we finally won gold on large international-sized ice.

    What a great job by Canada’s players, coaches, and managers. A tour de force!

  • mk

    If they don’t score we can’t lose.

    This team Canada seemed to play more like a soccer team trying to dominate the ball than how hockey teams have played.

    Looks like Hockey Canada looked at 2006 and the fact that we had trouble scoring but were strong defensively never giving up more then 2 goals in any game and focused on defense/puck possession even more.