Today the Calgary Flames (23-31-7) host the Ottawa Senators (27-24-11) at the Scotiabank Saddledome. The game comes mere hours after the annual NHL trade deadline.

The Flames and Senators went into the deadline with two different mantras. The Ottawa Senators, who sit 4 points out of the final Eastern wildcard spot, decided they were buyers in the days leading up to the deadline. The Flames, on the other hand, have been sellers since December.

The Senators added sometimes skillful but often non-existent Ales Hemsky to their roster for a 3rd and a 5th round pick, said goodbye to Cory Conacher (claimed on waivers by Buffalo) and inked Chris Phillips to a new two-year deal to ensure he’d stay a Senator. No Marty St. Louis-type blockbusters but Hemsky could add some scoring depth down the stretch.

The Flames, with such trade pieces as Michael Cammalleri, Lee Stempniak, Dennis Wideman, Jiri Hudler and Chris Butler, were expected to be very busy during the trade deadline. And, as the story goes, it sounds like the phone didn’t ring once.

Michael Cammalleri, the biggest fish the flames had to trade, was not dealt. Dennis Wideman and Jiri Hudler were also not dealt. Chris Butler, a serviceable sixth/seven dman on a good team, was not dealt. Ladislad Smid is apparently as good as Sean Monahan and Mark Giordano and was made untradeable early on in the day by Mr. Burke. Stempniak to Pittsburgh has confirmed. In a neat twist of fate, the Flames traded Reto Berra to the Colorado Avalanche for some sort of draft pick. Incredibly, that draft pick was a 2nd rounder. That is an incredible haul for Berra and I think Flames’ fans are satisfied with that one.

So there we have it. The day that was hoped to quicken this rebuild through some savvy trading from the Flames overlord yielded nothing major, but did gain them a couple draft picks.


Via www.dailyfaceoff.com 

  • Cammalleri – Backlund – Colborne
  • Hudler – Monahan – Hanowski
  • Bouma – Granlund – Byron
  • Reinhart – Knight – McGrattan

  • Giordano – Brodie
  • Smid – Wideman
  • Butler – Russell

  • Ortio

Cammalleri, sticking with the Flames, finds himself on the first-line with Backlund and Colborne. Still can’t believe he wasn’t dealt.  Moving on…

The great news is we get to see two more AHL kids tonight. Reinhart, who’s been destroying the AHL of late, is back for another call-up. He will play on a line with McGrattan and his Heat teammate, Corban Knight. Knight, from all accounts, has been one of the driving forces of the Heat all year and is a responsible player in all three zone. He’s also well known for his faceoff prowess and I’m curious if that’ll immediately translate to the bigs or if it take some adjusting. (Update: with Stempniak also gone, Ben Hanowski comes up to play tonight.

With Berra heading to Colorado, Ortio will most certainly start this game.  Joey Mac is expected to arrive just before game time to back him up.  


  • Michalek – Spezza – Hemsky
  • MacArthur – Turris – Condra
  • Hoffman – Zibanejad – Ryan
  • Greening – Smith – Neil

  • Methot – Karlsson
  • Phillips – Ceci
  • Wiercioch – Gryba

  • Anderson

Hemsky will be in the line-up tonight as conveniently he was only three hours away from Calgary when he was traded. He is expected to slot in on the first line with Spezza and Michalek.

Curiously, Bobby Ryan is on the third line with Zibanejad and Hoffman. That’s a strange one. He is an offensive threat if I’ve ever seen one. That’s his role.  What is he doing on the checking line? I have no idea. Also, from everything I’ve heard, he, MacArthur and Turris have been lights-out together.  Very strange, to say the least.

Anderson gets the start in this one and it appears he’ll get the lion share of the workload going down the stretch.


The Flames trade deadline was incredibly disappointing. Many moves were expected and basically none were made. On the bright side, the Flames at least didn’t trade for players to make them better right now so hopefully a top-3 is all but a certainty.  

The game tonight will be interesting. One team bolstered their line-up slightly and are hoping to make a go of it. The other team, the Flames, were thinking that there would be many changes to their line-up come tonight and there is basically zero. Should be an interesting to see how the Flames come out of the gates in this one.

Puck drops at 7:30 pm MT on Sportsnet.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Granlund look like he could be quite the steal in the 2nd round. For Tim Erixon, Feaster did really quite well; man, I can think of a whole lot of trades that Glen Sather has blown.

  • beloch

    Byron has been playing his heart out all night. He is a sneaky player. He really has a habit of popping up in dirty places from out of nowhere. It’s good to see him rewarded!

    P.S. Please do not feed the trolls. Don’t even trash them. Nothing will drive them away faster than no responses and two zeros next to their name (or a 0 and a 1 if they’re lame enough to prop themselves).

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Good thing we called up half the farm team for tonight! Colbourne and Hudler down. If we get Stajan and Galiardi back – still might not have to send anyone back down.

  • beloch

    Is “Ortio” Finnish for “vacuum cleaner”? Ortio sucked everything into his glove and barely gave up any rebounds at all. After watching Berra for so long it’s an adjustment to see the opposing team milling about in the slot after the whistle wondering where their juicy rebounds have gone! Excellent start for Ortio.

    The AHL callups were all brilliant too. Corban Knight was great in the face-off circle and even made McGrattan look okay on that powerplay. I’m not sure if even Chuck Norris could pull that off! Granlund earned his first goal, Reinhart was visible all night, and Byron is a turbo-charged puck-weasel!

    Here’s hoping none of the injuries are bad ones.

  • Scary Gary

    Ortio was solid, Gio was Gio, backs looked good on the draws, Granlund and Byron were all over using their speed to create, overall a pretty solid game taking advantage of a tired Ottawa team.

    Great game!

  • Derzie

    What’s with all the Kool Aid drinkers supporting Burke? Berra for a 2nd is a comedic fluke. He gets no credit for that. Stemp for a 3rd is weak and not moving Cammi or Butler is opportunity lost. Cammi does not fit the plans and takes a spot away from a kid. Butler is Butler. Burke did the EXACT same thing in Toronto. Bluster, Bluster, Bluster, zip, trade Stempniak.

    • beloch

      Look no further than the Vanek trade for the kind of deals Burke was probably being offered. All that Buffalo got for Vanek was a conditional second round pick and a forward “prospect” who lacks anything resembling offensive upside. To make matters worse, Buffalo had to kick in a fifth rounder to make that trade happen.

      If Tim Murray is still a GM in the NHL at next year’s deadline, you can bet your butt that he will get no good offers early and then, at the last minute, a ton of crazy lowball offers. Murray is now known to the GM’s of the league as an easy mark. Getting something rather than nothing might have been better for the Flames, but accepting a fleecing like Murray did would have ended Burke’s career as a GM.

      This only explains why it made sense for Burke to reject the kind of last-minute, lowball offers that Murray fell for. It doesn’t explain why he didn’t unload Cammalleri earlier when more reasonable trades were being made for worse players. Burke definitely miscalculated Cammalleri’s value. It’s still possible to control the damage by inking Cammalleri to a new contract, but it remains to be seen if Burke can pull that off.

      • supra steve

        And just what, exactly, did Tim Murray and the Buffalo Sabres have to do with the Vanek trade to MTL? Murray/Buffalo had a busy and productive deadline.

        Garth Snow had a less productive deadline, but he was already known to be one of the least skilled/qualified GMs in the NHL. No surprise there.

      • supra steve

        I assume you mixed up the first trade of Vanek (buff to nyi) and the second trade (nyi to mtl)

        In the end Buffalo got NYI’s 1st 2014, NYI’s 2nd 2015, MIN’s 2nd 2014, MIN’s 2nd 2016 for Vanek

  • Nighteyes

    All this talk over the last year about using cap space to our advantage to speed up the rebuild was a bust!!! Not only that, we missed the boat on our top trade piece!! You could see the disappointment on cammys face after the game. He could hardly crack a smile when he scored and I don’t blame him. He expected to be in a playoff race trying to earn a big payday this summer. I’ve always been a big supporter of cammy and I feel he is a true professional and we owed him a chance at the cup and to increase his value after he’s been such a professional this year for us and helping mentor the kids.

    On a positive note Berra for a 2nd was robbery!

    Overall I can’t help but feel disappointed that we didn’t cash in our 2 best options to help add pieces. If we continue to win we won’t get Bennett either…

    Not sure what to think at this point. I’m in need of FN counselling…

    • Nick24

      If you watch Cammy after he scores he never really smiles or celebrates that much, I think thats just being a good pro though.

      As much as you want a guy like Cammy to get a chance at the Cup, you don’t want to move him just for the sake of moving him. If the return isn’t there I’d rather keep him.

      Is it somewhat disappointing? I’m inclined to say yes, but at the same time I’m not about throwing away top 6 forwards.