Flames Sign Ken Agostino

Amidst a flurry of rumours, the Calgary Flames officially signed LW Ken Agostino, the club announced this morning.

The deal is a two-year pact worth an average value of $900,000. Agostino turns 22 in April, but for CBA purposes he’s already 22, so a two-year deal is all he can sign. (EDIT: It’s similar to Emile Poirier’s CBA age – he turned 19 in December, but would’ve been 20 for CBA purposes if he signed in 2014.)

Acquired in the Jarome Iginla deal roughly a year ago (along with new Flames teammate Ben Hanowski and a draft pick that became Morgan Klimchuk), Agostino was a leader with the Yale Bulldogs. The political science major put up 132 points over 134 games with Yale, including winning an NCAA Championship last year.

For the curious and you jersey fanatics, Agostino wore #94 in development camp.

  • seve927

    Future line combinations: Poirier, Jankowski, Agostino. Big, solid possession line that can score. 2016-17.

    Gaudreau, Monahan, Colborne. Size, speed, skill. I had Ferland in that spot after dev camp, but Colborne is really starting to look like he’s got potential! Monahan and Gaudreau seemed to have a real connection. 2015-16 they start to dominate.

    Backlund, Baertschi, Cammalleri. Line that started together after the lockout, but never really gelled. Cammalleri will produce with the youngsters, and be the hottest commodity at next trade deadline.

    The future is drawing closer!

  • piscera.infada

    So I guess Agostino isn’t eligible to play in the AHL this year per Steinberg – something about signing after the trade deadline makes him eligible for an NHL-only contract for the remainder of this year. Does anyone have any more information regarding this? Does this also apply to Gaudreau? Or, is it an age situation (ie: Junior, Senior)?

    It seems a little silly in my mind, I just wonder what the reasoning is exactly. So if someone could shed some light on this, I’d be extremely interested. Thanks.

    • seve927

      PI..I asked Pinder this question on 960 this morning and apparently NCAA rules apply to all players. Gaudreau, Arnold etc will not be eligible to play in the AHL this season.

      I am assuming this is correct.