Quick Flames Contract Rundown

The Flames have added two contracts of late, inking Kenny Agostino and Brett Kulak this week. This leads to some questions about how many bodies they have under contract for the coming 2014-15 season.

Here’s a quick and dirty contract primer for y’all. Two way deals are noted with a double asterisk (**).


  • Karri Ramo – $2.75m
  • RFAs: Joni Ortio, Olivier Roy
  • UFAs: Joey MacDonald

DEFENDERS (10 + 1 slide)

  • Dennis Wideman: $5.25m
  • Mark Giordano: $4.02m
  • Ladislav Smid: $3.5m
  • Kris Russell: $2.6m
  • T.J. Brodie: $2.125m
  • Shane O’Brien: $2m
  • Tyler Wotherspoon: $925k**
  • Patrick Sieoff: $925k**
  • John Ramage: $900k**
  • Brett Kulak: $817k**
  • Keegan Kanzig: $693k** (in potential slide year)
  • RFAs: Chad Billins, Mark Cundari, James Martin
  • UFAs: Chris Butler, Derek Smith, Chris Breen

FORWARDS (15 + 2 slides)

  • Jiri Hudler: $4m
  • David Jones: $4m
  • Corban Knight: $3.75m**
  • Matt Stajan: $3.125m
  • Curtis Glencross: $2.55m
  • Sean Monahan: $1.775m**
  • Mikael Backlund: $1.5m
  • Sven Baertschi: $1.425m**
  • Markus Granlund: $925k**
  • Josh Jooris: $925k**
  • Morgan Klimchuk: $925k** (in potential slide year)
  • Emile Poirier: $925k** (in potential slide year)
  • Kenny Agostino: $900k**
  • Max Reinhart: $878k**
  • Michael Ferland: $798k**
  • Brian McGrattan: $750k
  • Turner Elson: $565k**
  • RFAs: T.J. Galiardi, Ben Hanowski, Paul Byron, Lance Bouma, Joe Colborne, David Eddy
  • UFAs: Mike Cammalleri, Kevin Westgarth, Blair Jones, Ben Street

In terms of contracts that will definitely be on the clock next season, presently the Flames have 26, plus three contracts that can potentially slide. And this obviously excludes a good many players that could potentially sign, like Bill Arnold, Johnny Gaudreau and others.


Join us tonight at 7pm MT right here (and on Google Plus and YouTube) for the first FlamesNation FaceOff (#fnfaceoff). We’ll be discussing whether ’tis better to tank or to not tank.

  • redhot1

    I’ll organize the flames roster into a couple tiers (Not including the young guys or call ups

    Untouchable tier

    Generally like / Serviceable Tier

    Chris Butler Tier

    Trade Bait / Disinterest Tier
    D Jones
    B Jones

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    RFA’s that should be re-signed:

    Ortio, Roy, Billins, Galiardi, Hanowski, Byron, Bouma, Colbourne

    UFA’s that should be re-signed:

    Butler, Smith, Street, B. Jones

    26 + 12 = 38

    Others prospects to be signed for next year:

    Gillies, Gadreau, Arnold, Culkin

    38 + 4 = 42

    That leaves room for contracts to play with whether through free agency, undrafted college kids, etc. Plus leaves room in case some of those slide contracts turn pro.

    • redhot1

      RFS’s & UFA’s, OTHERS

      Ortio, ORoy
      Billions, Cundari, Butler, Breen
      Galliardi, Hanowski, Byron, Bouma, Colburne, Cammaleri, Westgarth, BJones, Street
      OTHERS: Gaudreau, Gillies, Arnold, Culkin

      Martin, Smith
      OTHERS: DJones, O’Brien, Elson

      Look to trade out 2-3 defensemen and 4-6 forwards (from above & current roster) for younger, faster, bigger, grittier(2 of the above…) players or picks while adding 2-3 UFA’s and continuing youth development. Possibly adding 2-3 more contracts from 2014 draft crop.

      • piscera.infada

        I actually haven’t minded Butler the last couple of months. He’s looked pretty good with Russell – although I’m not sure if that’s more on Russell, or what. It would all depend on what they can sign him for. The right dollars, the right term, it might make sense if there’s no one out there that is comparable. I guess it depends how he finishes the season.

        Don’t get me wrong early this season I’d be in the ship him out in a clown car club, but I’ve been as surprised as anyone. It’s strange. That said, I also kind of think Wotherspoon could be ready for a 5/6 role next year. He’s looked pretty solid, but small sample sizes…

      • Bean-counting cowboy

        Butler: has come on as of late, provides depth on defense, won’t lose him for nothing if under contract. Would rather see Sieloff and T-Spoon get meaningful minutes in the A. Good bridge player till kids are more ready. 1 year contract would be ideal.

        Smith: depth on defense for the big club and farm, can move up and down and likely wouldn’t get claimed on waivers, if so no big loss. My feelings aren’t hurt if not signed.

        Street: Leading Heat scorer, plays hard and would be a good vet for the Farm club as a mentor. Keeps Abby competitive. Absolutely re-sign.

        Jones: Struggled with putting his name down, but just thought he could help keep the Heat competitive and adds depth within the org. We have the contract room.

        • McRib

          “Butler: has come on as of late, provides depth on defense, won’t lose him for nothing if under contract. Would rather see Sieloff and T-Spoon get meaningful minutes in the A. Good bridge player till kids are more ready. 1 year contract would be ideal.”

          There has got to be a better option kicking around the UFA Market this summer or with a Trade. We found Kris Russell last years because he was buried in St. Louis there has to be another guy that deserves to be in the NHL that can be had for cheap in a trade.

        • Parallex

          RE: Street and Jones

          We really shouldn’t want them to “keep the Heat competative” for two reasons.

          1:If they’re the ones keeping the Heat competative then it means the actual prospects aren’t (that’s bad).

          2: Every minute they play is a minute that the actual prospects aren’t.

          Next year the Heat are going to be (hopefully) adding Agostino, Poirier, Arnold, and Gaudreau (and maybe that Wolf guy from Germany and maybe some NCAA free agents) and the realities of the cap floor dictate that we are going to have to spend money on signings for big league roster spots… that means we’ll have few, if any, graduations from the current heat roster. I just don’t see us having roster spots for everyone that needs the puck touches if we keep the Streets and Joneses.

          We’re not the team with the poor prospect base that needs to suppliment the farm with AHL vets anymore.

          • Bean-counting cowboy

            Fair points and I can agree with you to a certain extent.

            However, if you subscribe to the idea that keeping a few quality (team guy) vets for the Flames team during a rebuild (Giordano, Stajan, etc.) is a valuable exercise for reasons which have been discussed at great length on this site, then should not those same principles also apply on the Farm?

            We say Gio and Stajan are good guys to “teach the kids how to be pros”. Ward can preach that on the farm, but having a few good fellas to SHOW them how to do it in my mind is valuable to the long term future of our prospects.

            I think Street is that guy. Not so much sold on Jones for that purpose. It helps that that Street has the character but can also score! Plus it doesn’t hurt having those kids in a winning environment.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    As per whether ’tis better to tank, Burke and Hartley have made it pretty clear it’s not going to happen, so why not ride out the wins and roll with it! We’re probably drafting 5th, but what the hell, we got Monahan at 6th.

    • Truculence

      Nashville and Carolina have a history of tanking hard, so don’t be so confident in picking fifth. We may easily end up with the seventh overall.

      No worries, though. If we do end up picking seventh, I personally think we should draft Virtanen. People have concerns with his hockey sense, but the guy is really young for his draft year (born in August), is a plus-shooter, a plus skater (perhaps the best in the draft), and is big and physical. Another huge plus is the fact that he is a right-handed winger, who is competent on both sides. We really need some RW depth.

      • supra steve

        “Nashville and Carolina have a history of tanking hard, so don’t be so confident in picking fifth. We may easily end up with the seventh overall.”

        My fear as well, but nothing that a 4 game losing streak wouldn’t remedy. And NO, I’m not saying lose on purpose. Sometimes teams just go on losing skids, that’s what I am waiting for.

        • McRib

          I’m actually also worried about Ottawa as well when the Sens came into Alberta a few weeks ago they got blown out by BOTH Edmonton and Calgary and have lost 6 of 7.

          The worst thing of all though is the Flames have a fairly easy finish…. We play Nash, Edm, SJ, Anh, Nyr, Ott, Tor, TB, Fla, NJ, LA, Wpg and Van. Honestly we could easily go 8-5 at least 7. Lets pray we loose our minds out on that eastern swing. Because Nash, Edm, Ott, Tor, Fla, NJ, Wpg and Van are all winnable fortunately we play most of those teams on the road and the tough opponents are at home SJ, Anh, NYR, LA. This competing for last place is hard work how is Edmonton so good at it!!!

    • Parallex

      okay – so for every elc out there, there are certain bonuses built into the contract. depending on how old the prospect is, what league he comes from, etc. those bonuses are immediately counted into the cap hit, but the bonus totals are added to what is called the “bonus cushion”, which gives that cap space back at the end of the year. knight has a 3.75 cap hit, but about 2.8 of those are rookie bonuses – calder, hart, stanley cup, 41+ points, 20 goals, etc.

      knight is only making 881 plus signing bonuses this year, and that’s around what his actual cap hit may be. hopefully that was clear.

      • RedMan

        thanks guys

        wonder how many of his bonus’ he actually hit?

        How do you guys feel about knights play so far? wasn’t he advertised as a strong face off guy? seem to recall something like that

        • Parallex

          He’ll hit zero.

          Most Schedule A bonuses have a minimum 42GP requirement and the Schedule B bonuses are based on hardware (Calder, Hart, Vezina etc. etc.) which he won’t get.

          Monahan is going to earn some though (I believe he only needs 1 more goal to qualify for the goal bonus and I beleive he already qualifies for the TOI threshold).

  • RedMan

    I wish Brian Burke would post here anonymously…

    that could shed some light,

    plus, if he ‘signed’ his posts with “BB”
    everyone would think it was someone else anyway

  • T&A4Flames

    I still dont quite understand this “slide” rule. What exactly is the criteria for sliding a contract? is it age related or are we talking about leaving one of these kids (or all 3) in junior for another year?

    • SmellOfVictory

      Age and junior related, I believe. If they’re in a N.A. Pro league they get paid and their contract is underway. If they’re in juniors the contracts slide unless they’re in their 20/21 year old overage season.

      So in this case, we’re taking about the there of them being in junior. Klimchuk and Kanzig are almost guaranteed to be in junior. Poitier will probably be in the AHL.

  • SmellOfVictory

    I think it’s pretty easy to sit back and say whom you would not resign but much more difficult to discuss whom you would go after and how. For me I would prefer going after UFA’s rather than trade prospects and draft positions.(I did my list months back)The guys most of us don’t like are not going to be traded for any real value. An organization needs to have at least 46 contracts to be viable and some of the contracts need to be the tweeners(Street,BJones,Billins types) playing at the AHL level to provide mentorship, leadership and stability for the young prospects. i believe those guys helped Granlund, Knight, Rhino etc to be better pros and this will help down the future. The way Ward blended the kids and vets was very good this year. More of this will be needed for the next few years,

  • EugeneV

    Wonder what Burke’s relationship is like with Reimer? With all of mess in Toronto, Reimer will no doubt be on the move. He’s lost his confidence but who wouldn’t when the coach throws you under the bus after every loss? Might be a great opportunity for hiim to come in and take the #1 position until the youngsters are ready. Having said that, it all depends on the asking price but if he can be had for a 3rd rounder, he’s worth the gamble.