The Flames Nation Faceoff Period 2 is NOW!

Here is Part 2 of the Faceoff that was necessitated after the asshole host had his internet connection drop and the whole damn process had to be started over again

Watch as Christian, Taylor, Byron, and myself (and maybe Justin, that tardy bastard) discuss the rise and fall of the Flames empire.

Whatever that means.

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  • Dayzz

    Islanders win tonight and are now 3 points up on the Flames which positions them for 4th pick (5th if a lower-seeded team wins the lottery).

    Speculation on FN suggests that Bennett or Dal Colle will be available, with an outside chance of Ekblad if he falls like Jones last year.

    So…in order of preference…who should the Flames pick?

    • So…in order of preference…who should the Flames pick?

      1. Reinhart
      2. Ekblad
      3. Bennett
      4. Draisaitl
      5. Fleury
      6. Dal Colle

      Given the way he plays, it wouldn’t surprise me if Burke had Bennett #1 on his list, actually.

      • T&A4Flames

        Interesting with Fleury. I keep coming back to him as well and wonder, particularly with Burke taking Morgan Reilly in the #5 slot a couple years ago, whether he would look to do the same.

        The prevailing theory is to take the skilled forward before defencemen…defenders take longer to mature and are usually available lower down in the draft.

        But we’re desperately short of any high-ranking defensive prospect and we need to renew the blue line in 2-3 years with top 4 talent post-Gio. As such Brodie, Wotherspoon and Fleury along with a smaller offensive D-man would look good, along with a lumberjack or two on the third pairing aka Kanzig, Breen(?) etc.

        Only downside is Fleury isn’t right-handed..:(


      • McRib

        I like your thoughts on Haydn Fleury think he goes higher than most expect likely in the 6-7 slot, but Michael Dal Colle would be ahead of him for me.

        Just so explosive offensively and he still hasn’t started to fill out yet. I do have a feeling that Leon Draisaitl suprises by going in the 2-3 spot to either Edmonton or Florida. As Edmonton seems to be big fans of his game after he tore it up the last two months of the WHL season (He had 45 in Final 21 Games 2.14 PPG) and they need size up front as much as they need a defender or even more considering Darnell Nurse.

        Florida needs a defender, but has been burned by Erik Gudbranson and GM Talon was burned by Cam Barker in Chicago so they might pass. Personally I would perfer Sam Bennett over Aaron Ekblad so I hope the defender goes to Florida, Sam Bennetts compete level just reminds me of Jonathan Toews the kid is a Warrior!!! As long as we Draft 4-5 which looks almost certain now we are getting a legitimate player.

        • Byron Bader

          The only reason I have Fleury ahead of Dal Colle is because the Flames need a defenseman THAT MUCH. In a vacuum, Dal Colle is probably ahead of him.

          That said, I see the drop off between Draisaitl and Dal Colle (and Fleury) as quite significant. This draft has a very clear top 4 IMO. Major drop to the next two, and an even bigger one to the next 10 or so.

  • Dayzz

    Can you provide any insight into what the flames 2014-2015 line-up could potentially look like, considering whoever Burke drafts, possible free agency signings, and prospects who could be ready to step up (like Gaudreau)?

  • Fire It Up

    Draisaitl. My fave for the last 2 years.

    Now watch Edmonton snatch him up like they did Eberle when I was following him through jr and the world jr’s.

    F**k I hate the Oilers.

  • T&A4Flames

    Well this kinda’ sucks:

    Dave Isaac of the Courier Post: Flames prospect Johnny Gaudreau is a Hobey Bakey Award finalist this year. The dad of the 5 foot 8, 160 pound forward may be a little concerned with his son’s size knowing that Brian Burke is the current GM.
    “If the management they had there before was there, like (former general manager Jay) Feaster, the ones that drafted him, I’d be really comfortable letting him go,” Guy Gaudreau said. “I know that (Calgary president of hockey operations) Brian Burke likes big boys, big hockey players. My son is not a big hockey player. He’s made it clear that he likes him or whatever, but I don’t think he’s sold on him. That’s been John all his life, wherever he tried out. It’s always been, ‘He’s got to prove himself, prove himself, prove himself.’ He’s done that over and over and over.”

  • McRib

    Sports Club Stats says if we loose tonight we basically have a 91% chance of finishing in fifth place at the best. If we loose three of our next six we have a 88% chance to finish in fourth. The NYI play (Wash, Clb, Ott, Mtl, NJ, Buf) so as long as they win two against likely Buffalo and either (Ott, Wash, NJ) we have agood chance at fourth. They could easily win three of those games and we would just need to loose two of our next six which include (TB, Fla, NJ, LA, Winn, Van). Four of our last six are on the road and we have LA and desperate Winnipeg at home that fourth pick seems within reach.

  • Byron Bader

    That was lots of fun. I think the internet hat will be a staple of my wardrobe if I’m ever invited back.

    S. Reinhart, Ekblad, S. Bennett, Draisaitl, Dal Colle is how I see things shaking out. I’d love to get Bennett if he falls to 4 (assuming we choose 4th).