Post-Game: Crowned


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Goaltending was once again the only reason your Calgary Flames were able to hang around tonight. Jonathan Quick had a bad bad night, allowing 3 goals on his first 13 shots against. Karri Rämö, on the other hand, did not, making 41 saves to drag the Flames all the way to the shootout in a game they had no business being in.

However, Rämö and Sean Monahan would combine in the shootout to give the Flames yet another win – a 4-3 final. 

The Rundown

Mike Cammalleri almost put the Flames up one less than a minute in, as Jonathan Quick had to make a nice save on an odd play. Kings rookie Andrew Campbell would then make a pretty nice move, saving a goal by scooping the puck out of the crease as Sean Monahan hovered above it about 8 minutes in. The Flames did control the play early on, as possession seemed to be about 50/50 with the Flames generating the better scoring chances overall. With about 8 minutes left in the period, Cammalleri would dish a nice no-look pass to TJ Galliardi for his 4th of the season off of the post and crossbar and in. A good chance for each team would come the very next shift, as Curtis Glencross and Anze Kopitar would both ring one off the iron. After that, though, things would come off the rails a little bit and the Flames would spend the rest the period attempting to hold the Kings off. Shots were 11-7 for the Kings and attempts were 28-17, all at even strength.

The second period started off with something that’s becoming regular around these parts: Karri Rämö making a fantastic save. (He’d go on to do that a lot this period.)The Flames would thank their goaltender four minutes later, as Monahan would score his 21st of the season. They now play that “Mony, Mony” song when he scores, and I can’t help but note that Sean was approximately -15 when Idol’s version came out. Not much happened between that and the Flames scoring another odd one – Matt Stajan would knock one out of the air after it careened off of Kenny Agostino past Quick to give the Flames a pretty undeserved (to that point, at least) 3-0 lead. Stajan’s now on a 5-game point streak. The three goal cushion was short lived, though – Jarret Stoll would deflect a Slava Voynov (god damnit, I’m playing him in my fantasy finals) point shot past Rämö to make it 3-1. 24 seconds later, Anze Kopitar (god damnit, I’m playing him in my fantasy finals too) absolutely embarrassed Mike Cammalleri whilst walking out from the corner to in front of the net (unimpeded) and put it top ched on Rämö to cut the Kings deficit to one. The Kings would almost tie it up with 20 seconds left in the period, but a couple of nice saves by Rämö would keep the home squad up by one. Shots were 14-6 for the Kings in the frame and attempts were 26-14, all at even strength.

The Kings Corsi% was 62 at this point. However, what came immediately after in the third period made me think that Stoll might’ve been correct. Somewhat inexplicably, the Flames fourth line was able to keep the Kings hemmed in their zone for extended periods of time in the first ten minutes of the period. They didn’t produce any shots on goal, which is obviously bad, but they killed about two and a half minutes, which was good! It got less good when Van Brabant had the single worst giveaway of the Flames’ season around the 12 minute mark: he just casually dished it off to Jake Muzzin, who then proceeded to set up Dwight King for his 15th of the season. Galliardi would just miss a chance to put the Flames up by one again, and we were headed to overtime. Shots in the frame were 13-5 for the Kings, and attempts were 25-12 for the Kings.

Overtime was one sided – Rämö had to make 5 stops; Quick couldn’t. However, it wouldn’t be enough, and we would go to a shootout – where Rämö would make a great stop on Kopitar before Marian Gaborik would score. Hudler would tie it up, though, ripping a shot into the top corner from the top of the circles. Monahan would improve to 5/8 on the season, though, and the Flames would give Karri Rämö the win he deserved.

Red Warrior


Karri Rämö did it again, guys. We’re on First Blood, Part MXXVII now.

Dude is an absolute criminal out there lately. Had Rämö somehow played every game this season, Calgary would have 86 points right now and be battling for a wildcard spot. Brodie and Galliardi (1+1) also had good games. 

Why The Flames Won

See above. Damn. Quick was also very poor on the night.


Yet another game the Flames probably had no business hanging around in – also, yet another game where Karri Rämö stole it for them. If this is his true talent level, well, then we’re in for a treat. We’ll see where he’s at when he hits 3000 ESSA, but for right now you should enjoy some of the best goaltending we’ve seen in a decade. Monahan’s also the first guy to get 21 since, you know, that dude.

The Flames’ last home game is on Friday versus the Jets.

  • Truculence

    Have we officially become the Maple Leafs West? We get terribly out-shot and out-chanced but above-average goal-tending keeps us afloat (not to mention we keep picking outside of the top-3 during a rebuild).

    • jeremywilhelm

      Except the Leafs did that for the entire season, it has only been since a mass amount of injuries hit, that the Flames started getting outshot by this margin.

  • Truculence

    If no game mattered one damn bit all year, I suppose we’d always be in the finals. Guys scoring, league best goaltending apparently, unparalleled depth that can overcome any injury or lineup omissions. Unreal

  • beloch

    Monahan played medium-tough competition and was given a punishing 26.7% offenzive zone-start percentage, but he had the best corsi percentage of any forward tonight. His 5on5 CF% was 46.2% on a night when the team’s overall CF% was 36.6%. This is good to see!

    • jeremywilhelm


      I have noticed since about mid Feb that the kids game took about 3 steps forward. I was a bit worried about him to start the season, but I think we might have a poor mans Mike Richards on our hands. Which is a good thing.

      • Truculence

        Richards did not score more than 20 goals until he was 22. Plus, he has not scored at a 20 goal pace for the last two 82 game seasons. Also, he is three inches smaller than Monahan.

        In other words, if Monny is a poor man`s Mike Richards (which he most definitely isn`t), then that mean`s he`s at best mediocre or replacement level.

        There are tremendous similarities in the games of both guys -as they are both on-ice leaders who exude confidence and come up clutch in big games -but Monahan will be a better player than Richards in 2-3 years time.

          • Truculence

            Hold on, I`ll grab my crystal ball….Or maybe we should borrow yours as it definitively predicts who is going to be a poor man`s version of so and so. I mean, it`s pretty damn specific. LOL.

            p.s. don`t post predictions you pulled out of your a$$ if you can`t handle debate, especially when you call somebody a poor man`s version of Mike Richards without offering any sort of supporting evidence. Sorry, bud, I have a tendency to call bull$hit bull$hit.

          • jeremywilhelm

            Yes, because I made a definitive prediction.

            That is exactly the wording I used…

            I said “I think we might…” two none definitive words

            While YOU said “Monahan WILL be better than Richards in 2-3 years time..”

            So while I made no real predictions, you did. Thus, can I get those lotto numbers there Miss Cleo?

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Well if comparisons are being thrown around:

    TJ Brodie is the second coming of Duncan Keith (same same but different)

    I don’t know about ‘advanced’ stats but pt totals at same stages are close.

    PS-It’s a good thing Cammy is still around, you know so we don’t pick in the top 4 and not play/develop Baertschi or Knight in his place. But at least Burke can say he didn’t give away for nothing…he just let him walk away for nothing.

    PPS-Burke looks like a Q-Tip.

  • jeremywilhelm

    So while watching the Hudler in the shootout, I saw him wind up big time from pretty much the blueline, and now i’m thinking ‘oh crap he mailed it in, can’t be sad about a shootout loss though’. And then he launches a rocket into the very top corner glove-side like he’s NASA or something, and like Jonathan Quick, I’m sitting there, befuddled and shocked, trying to process what just went down in our beloved Saddledome. Did anyone else feel the major goosebumps like I did?

    That was pretty fun.