Flames Sign Gaudreau & Arnold

And it’s official.

The Calgary Flames have formally announced the signing of NCAA standouts Johnny Gaudreau and Bill Arnold to entry-level contracts. Both are expected to meet the team in Vancouver and may be in the line-up for Sunday’s finale against the Vancouver Canucks.

Per the team, terms are three years for Gaudreau with a cap hit of $1.85 million, and two years for Arnold with a cap hit of $900,000. The first year will burn off both contracts (and neither can go to Abbotsford).

Arnold, 21, was Calgary’s fourth round selection in the 2010 NHL Draft. He’s had a pretty strong NCAA career; he made the All-Rookie Team, made the American World Junior team, won an NCAA Championship, and emerged as one of the best three-zone players in the entire NCAA. He put up 144 points in 159 games with Boston College. He’ll wear #46.

Gaudreau, 20, was the Flames fourth rounder in 2011, and has been probably the best collegiate prospect of any team over the past couple of years. He’s won an NCAA Title, a gold medal at the World Juniors, two Hockey East MVPs and just locked down a Hobey Baker. He put up 175 points in 119 games with Boston College. He’ll wear #53.

And now, everybody exhale. They both signed. Everything’s gonna be just fine.

  • BurningSensation

    Have to give Burke some credit for this. He put the fears (legitimate or not) to rest early and got it done. Still not a Burke guy but this is a good mark in my book.

    That said i was so stoked to hear the news, and i can’t wait to see if these two are as good as we hope they are.

    Being a Flames fan in Vancouver finally pays off as i can see their first game live, for cheap, you know, because of the dumpster fire here…

    • amaninvan

      See you there my fellow Flame Fan in Van friend. Another chance to wear my Flaming C and hold my head high. I’ll even bring some red crying towels for those idiot ‘green men’.

  • BurningSensation

    I sure am glad the Flames signed this dynamic duo. Gaudreau is a very special player and this tandem will be important for the Flames rebuild and future in general. I wonder if they will keep #46 and #53 for next season. Probably due to lack of choice as others are taken, but I suggest they keep them to be unique.

  • Burnward

    Hilarious…. Someone has an engorged hockey boner also gross. Hey Johnny G welcome to Calgary you give me a boner. That may make him think again about signing. How ever too late hahahahaha. Also Bookofloob why are you being a bonerkill? IT is pretty sweet to get some more potential awesomeness. I don’t care how much fetti it saves is the future I just like to cheer for the good shiznit and this seems to be some good shiznit. So woooooohoooooo and for those of you that were crying like little babies wahhh johnny hockey isn’t going to sign I agree you probably should’ve chilled out a little.

  • Flash

    The Flames seem to have a strict numbering system for players. Rookies have high numbers and need to earn a lower number.

    Are there any other teams that do that?

    • Flash

      It’s common practice in the NHL. Rookies get ugly numbers until they are proven and are told they have made the team. Then they get the selection of the so called premium numbers.

  • Flash

    What was the SCORE in tonight’s game ??? who won ? My CANUCKS will destroy the Flames and their two new DAFoDILS on Sunday night! Book it! Who is the TROLL now GENIOUS!!!

  • FlamesRule

    I think the nervousness was warranted, but only because 1) Gaudreau is a hell of a prospect and 2) The Schultz thing happened only a couple of years ago, so it was still fresh in everyones mind.


    Lol jk, but its a good start I’d say.

    Nicely done Burke

      • ChinookArchYYC

        I’m praising him for getting the contract signed, especially considering what Gaudreau’s parents reportedly wanted.

        He deserves credit for that, and I think his presence at USA Hockey might’ve factored in as well.

        But no doubt, you’re right. The guy who deserves the most praise for drafting Gaudreau is Feaster (or maybe Button).

  • Skuehler

    Hey big congrats to Feaster, Weisbrod, Button, Burke, Conroy, Gaudreau and Arnold. This is great news for the org and the fans. The drama made it sweeter in the end.

    While we have similar records to the other western Canadian teams, looks like the future is bright and the flames are finishing the season on a super positive note.

    Can’t wait for the tournament in Penticton if they have it this year. $9 tix to see all our prospects at once!! It’s gonna be awesome.

  • RedMan

    i just wish there were some way to actually lose the last game of the year against vancouver for draft position, but theres no way that happens.

    vancouver is currently more lost then flight 370 and no pings have been heard for months.