The FN Faceoff: The Treliving Daylights (7pm MT Live)

The Calgary Flames made a splash today, naming Brad Treliving as the 7th general manager in club history. Tonight at 7pm MT, join your pals at FlamesNation as we sit down to discuss the big move.

Chime in with questions on Twitter or in the comments, as well. What do you think of the move? Who should the Flames get for assistant GM? Are you relieved or excited by the hiring of Treliving rather than somebody else?

  • Jeff Lebowski

    I like how out of the opening press conference we already have our buzz word and it seems to be ‘Heavy’. Can we stop we with those buzz words. A kid who is 6′ and 180lbs just crapped all over the Wild in the first round of the playoffs. I don’t think you ever hear the words heavy, or truculent or whatever about that kid, but I would take that kid in a heartbeat.

    Other than that, still like the hire, it’s not some crony stooge from Toronto or Vancouver or Anaheim. It’s not some terrible retread either. Seems to be a move in the right direction.

      • Christian Roatis

        I firmly believe this team will not sacrifice elite skill like MacKinnon to get can’t expect an 18 year old to be 6’2, 210, after all. The idea is to get heavier as a team, mostly through free agent signings and trades. And these big guys will be able to play ice hockey, they won’t be a bunch of Westgarth’s. That’s only my opinion obviously, but all things considered, I think that’s the road the Flames will take. A remake of the Bruins or Kings. Big and skilled.

  • beloch

    I was only able to watch a little bit of this live. It looked like it was going to go on for quite a while! Hopefully they will post a recording of the whole Q&A eventually.

    From what I watched, Burke made a point of calling Treliving the new GM, but got evasive when questions about autonomy and final authority came up. Burke said Treliving is the king of the draft, but he will be talking to Burke. In general, they will have a talking, consulting process in place, etc.. By a complete coincidence, Treliving currently agrees with Burke on the vision for the team 100%. About the only difference is that Treliving appears to prefer using the phrase “playing heavy” to “truculence”. This does leave the door open to players who aren’t heavy, but “play heavy”, which certianly isn’t nothing.

    How much or how little autonomy Treliving really has may not be made public, but Burke is just too hands-on to step back and let Treliving do whatever he wants if they aren’t “talking and in agreement”. So, Burke’s the boss, but it sounds like he intends to rule Treliving with logic rather than the whip. This arrangement could work out well for the Flames if these two get along as well as they think they will. The Flames get to draw upon Burke’s experience and connections while adding Treliving’s (relatively) youthful energy, new ways of thinking and, of course, his own connections. Treliving gets to learn from Burke and get some GM experience without being totally alone at the top, as most lone-wolf GM’s are. Burke gets to golf more (He is 58, so semi-retirement might look pretty good to him). Everybody wins.

    Are both Treliving and Burke going to remain happy with this arrangement for a long time, or will one of them be gone in a few years? It would make sense for Treliving to use this role as a stepping stone to a lone-wolf GM position or a presidency. He could move on after a few years, although he did keep his job as an assitant job in Phoenix for seven years. Alternatively, Burke might decide to retire/move-on after a few years, in which case the Flames presidency could be Treliving’s if the Treliving/Burke rule has born fruit.

    Litmus test: Burke said this presser might be the last public speaking he does for several months. If this proves true, Treliving is doing well. If Burke keeps hogging the mic then Treliving might be a lame-duck!

    Next-up: Who’s going to be Treliving’s assistant GM?

  • prendrefeu

    Ryan, what’s it like to be at a Flames presser? You were on camera at the end of that. Or at least some dude that looked like you.

    Are y’all reading the comments while you have your “round” table?

    Also, not enough facial hair, Byron.

  • Scary Gary

    I’m not sure I agree with Burke that only interviewing one person is a good thing but I wish Treliving the best going forward!

    I’m not sure I buy into the whole size thing but we were 28th in height and weight so who knows…

  • I was all stoked when I read how giddy everyone was about our new GM!……then I had a look at his 6 year draft history with Phoenix………a long list of degenerates with a few ok picks mixed in.
    (I read somewhere he is an expert at the draft….???!!!)

    I’m sure glad Burke is here to call the shots!


  • And another thing: Treliving hardly exudes the kind of confidence and leadership to wheel and deal with the big boys….that is clear from just a few minutes watching the presser….

    Burke knows exactly what he is doing: hire a guy who can’t replace him……..or even do without him for that matter.


  • This day is about the Flames and their leadership moving forward but the thought just occurred to me: Burke, Treliving and Hartley or Lowe, MacT and Eakins. Game over. Like our choices and our future.

  • BitGeek

    Just finished watching this video.

    Some great opinions by the panel. It’s interesting to see the live interaction rather than back and forth in written blog posts (which tends to loose something in the process). The back and forth of the video format definitely adds value.

    The downside to a forum like this is that it can drift off topic fairly quickly and the moderator takes his time to get everyone back on point.

    Also, Mr Pike, I do like listening to your insights, but you sure beat around the bush before you finally make your point. Being more concise will definitely help your public speaking career.

      • BitGeek

        No worries. The only other thing I would suggest would be to make the videos shorter. I know everyone could talk about the Flames for hours on end, but sometimes I felt myself ffwd a bit through the video. no offense.

  • Ed Wailin'

    Does anyone know which analytics software Chris Snow and the flames use? or which ones are out there? it would be interesting to know how much they cost.