Peter Maher’s Career Remembered

In the spirit of waving farewell to an old friend, here’s a brief snippet of Twitter reactions to the long-time voice of the Flames Peter Maher announcing his retirement.

  • Captain Ron

    “From the reactions my timeline, Peter Maher is almost as beloved as Iginla in this town.”

    Maybe even more than Iggy is or was.

    I met Pete on a couple of occasions at the Flames golf tournaments. Just a great guy who never ceases to leave a lasting impression on you. Sure going to miss hearing those calls on the radio broadcast of every game. Whenever I thought of the man I have always had a hard time picturing him retiring.

    Any chance we can land someone like Gord Miller to take over for Pete? Chris Cuthbert? Let the debate begin.

  • Michael

    Nothing against Iggy, but in my opinion Peter surpases Iggy in the ‘beloved’ status. Peter was here longer, was an outstanding broadcaster, a truly decent guy, and worked for the love of hockey, not the love of a massive hockey players salary. Iggy can be replaced, I’m not sure about Peter….

  • Michael

    Ran into Peter Maher by chance at, of all places, the dentist years ago.
    Cheeks numb and still frothing at the mouth – I excitedly gushed over his recent 3000 game streak, Hall of Fame induction, and memories of his voice over a beat up am radio as a kid.
    I embarrassed myself more than a school girl fawning over a movie star.
    And he was totally cool about it.

    Thanks Pete.

  • Bob Cobb

    Happy for Peter sad we won’t get to hear those sterling pipes calling flames games anymore…

    For me Peter Maher was the soundtrack to so much of my life. He was a voice to keep me company on long shifts at work. He was the sound of my room as a kid as I had to keep the radio low enough so no one would know I was still awake listening to the team I’ve adored my whole life.

    It was almost too easy to take his contributions for granted because Maher was always just… there… through every moment. He was the soundtrack of the triumph of ’89. He was the sound of Fleury’s Game 6 winner in 91. He was the sound of the Red Mile in all it’s glory and it’s heartbreak. He was the sound of every great moment Iggy ever had. He was the way my team sounded at its best and worst times; a constant and reassuring tenor that it will be simply impossible to replace.

    I only had the pleasure of meeting Peter Maher once but it was impossible to not feel like you knew him forever… Because you did. It was impossible to not see him as you would the closest of friends.

    All the best, Peter! thanks for all those moments.

  • Michael

    Just a suggestion, flamesnation should link the top 10 peter maher calls. My top of all time would be the multiple “ya babys” after gelinas scored to beat detroit in OT. Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

    Did he call Crosby’s goal in 2010 Olympics? I thought I heard that once but I can’t find it on the internet.

    This is a sad day. I grew up in northern alberta and would listen to peter mahers voice in my bedroom through the static. He will be missed.

  • Michael

    Say it ain’t so Pete! This is gonna hurt, THE BEST EVER. I was hoping Peter would help us through this rebuild phase and for his sake get to call some games with a good team. Im 42 Petes been calling Flames games for 34 years That’s basically my lifetime, I don’t know I can listen to another play by play guy.
    Heres hoping he is just taking a 2 year hiatus.

  • Michael

    Best there was at what he did. Best there was and the best there ever will be. Someone suggested to me they retire a Flames jersey with a microphone on the back of it and Maher’s name of course. I like the idea. He’s a legend and part of the team as much as any player has ever been.

    A year ago they lose Mike Rogers and now Pete. Fan 960 really has their work cut out for them.

    Well done Pete, ” You can put it in the win column. Yeah, baby,”

  • Bob Cobb

    He mumbles and yells into the microphone like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.

    Calgary’s version of Brian Hall.

    I just hope Peter Loubardious isn’t his replacement.