Welcome back to the Flames Fifteen – this is our 3rd annual ranking of the Flames’ prospects.


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It is thought that a player’s 23 year old season is the one where he goes from prospect to NHLer – or, for some, to tweener. Therefore, that is our cut-off line. I asked the evaluators to base their rankings on four things – performance, NHL readiness, age and impact of their position. The weight each judge put into each category was up to them. 

We asked our panel to rank every player under 23 in the Flames system as of March 30th (when I sent out the request), with points being awarded to the top 15 – 1 point for their 15th ranked player, and 15 for their 1st ranked player, etc. In the event of ties, the highest overall single ranking prevailed. The panel this year includes myself, Kent Wilson, Ryan Pike, Book of Loob, Christian Roatis, Byron Bader and Taylor McKee.

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There are numerous faces who didn’t make the cut, graduated or left the rankings.

Not Top-15, but received Top-15 votes:

  • Pat Sieloff (16th) – one 15th place vote, one 10th place vote.
  • Mike Ferland (17th) – two 15th place votes, one 14th place vote, one 13th place vote.
  • Coda Gordon (18th) – one 15th place vote, one 14th place vote.


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  • TJ Brodie (1st last year)
  • Mark Cundari (7th last year)
  • Lance Bouma (8th last year)

Ranked last year but not this year:

  • Roman Horak (4th, traded)
  • Laurent Brossoit (10th, traded)
  • Mike Ferland (14th, injured)
We’ll have our profile on the 15th ranked prospect up on Thursday. Until then, formulate your own top-15 and play along over the next few weeks.

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    • FeyWest

      Those 2 are bad examples though as they basically had a write-off year due to injury, they may actually be just as good as our top-15 prospects of 2013/14 so I wouldn’t discount them yet.

      However, I do get what you are saying and agree I’m excited for the future! Gone are the days that guys like Nemisz are our hope for the future 😀

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    In my opinion:

    1. Sean Monahan
    2. John Gaudreau
    3. Max Reinhart
    4. Sven Baertschi
    5. Tyler Wotherspoon
    6. Markus Granlund
    7. Emile Poirer
    8. Jon Gillies
    9. Joni Ortio
    10. Corban Knight
    11. Bill Arnold
    12. Morgan Klimchuk
    13. Ken Agostino
    14. Mark Jankowski
    15. Pat Sieloff

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      This just emphasizes the Flames excellent forward prospects but lack of D prospects.

      not that it’s a huge problem right now and it can be addressed.

    • FeyWest

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, I may only switch Arnold and Knight around just because I really like Arnold and don’t know as much about Knight, but great list! BCC

    • Robear

      I see your opinion, and raise you MY opinion:

      1. Sean Monahan
      2. Markus Granlund
      3. The Gaudfather
      4. Sven Baertschi
      5. Tyler Wotherspoon
      6. Joni Ortio
      7. Max Reinhart
      8. Corban Knight
      9. Bill Arnold
      10. Pat Sieloff
      11. Emile Poirer
      12. Jon Gillies
      13. Ken Agostino
      14. Morgan Klimchuk
      15. Mark Jankowski

      basically the same list of guys, different order. I’m basing mine off proximity to, and impact at, the NHL level right now. Lots of parity in the 5-10 spots

      Only disturbing thing is the dearth of defencemen.

      • prendrefeu

        1. Sean Monahan
        2. Johnny Hockey
        3. Sven Baertschi
        4. Markus Granlund
        5. Tyler Wotherspoon
        6. Joni Ortio
        7. Emile Poirer
        8. Corban Knight
        9. Bill Arnold
        10. Jon Gillies
        11. Max Reinhart
        12. Morgan Klimchuk
        13. Pat Sieloff
        14. Ken Agostino
        15. Mark Jankowski

  • prendrefeu

    I’ve got a type five, if that counts.

    1. Dylan
    2. Dylan
    3. Dylan
    4. Dylan
    5. Dylan

    Because he spits hot fire. He rhymes and he rips, he rips and he rhymes. When is he going to get a contract? Does he need to start his own team just to get signed? Come on Burke, stop delaying.

  • prendrefeu

    This is how I see it

    1) MoneyHands (Monahan)

    2) Gaudreau

    3) SVEN

    4) Poirier

    5) Granlund

    6) Gillies

    7) Ortio

    8) Klimchuk

    9) Reinhart

    10) Wotherspoon

    11) Arnold

    12) Knight

    13) Agostino

    14) Kulak

    15) Jankowski

    • prendrefeu

      If we are evaluating potential by the time each prospect is 23 yrs old, then I like your list with Poirier at 4, Gillies at 6 and Klimchuk at 8. I would question whether Jankowski could be higher but he is still so far away that he’s an unknown.

      And yes two things inevitably pop up…Poirier is the only RW (as a left-handed shooter) and few D prospects. No doubt this will be one of Mr Treliving’s first order of business as he continues the process of re-shaping the team.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      1) Johnny Hockey
      2) Moneyhands
      3) Sven
      4) Poirier
      5) Granlund
      6) Arnold
      7) Ortio
      8) Gillies
      9) Wotherspoon
      10) Reinhart
      11) Knight
      12) Billy Hayes (just kidding)
      12) Ferland
      13) Janko
      14) Kulak
      15) Agostino

      Moneyhands is more established thank JH, but JH has a higher ceiling. Depends on the transition, but I can see Johnny Hockey living up to his name in the NHL. Poirier, Granlund and Sven are all skilled guys, so I think they could be fairly equal in point production in the NHL. Arnold is the wildcard here. He is fairly big and could transition fairly quickly.
      The other guys will see setady improvement, but they are depth guys mostly. Ferland could still become a Lucic type, and Janko could become a #1C.

  • Parallex

    1. Johnny Gaudreau
    2. Sven Baertschi
    3. Markus Granlund
    4. Emile Poirer
    5. Jon Gillies
    6. Tyler Wotherspoon
    7. Joni Ortio
    8. Corban Knight
    9. Morgan Klimchuk
    10. Max Reinhart
    11. Bill Arnold
    12. Ken Agostino
    13. Mark Jankowski
    14. Brett Kulak
    15. Ryan Culkin

    If someone is wondering where Monahan is I’d consider him graduated.

  • Parallex

    Regarding D prospects, given the D pool is poorer than in relation to forwards perhaps it would be nice to have a separate top 10 vote for Defencemen to bring focus to this area.

    My top 10 D prospects at age 23 would be:
    1) Wotherspoon 2) Sieloff 3) Kulak 4) Culkin 5) Kanzig 6) Rafikov 7) Roy 8) Gilmour 9) Billins 10) Cundari

    Not an especially strong list. Would be great to see if a turnaround in quality similar to what we have seen with the forwards could be effected within the next 2 years, with up to 3-4 Top 3 D prospects being developed in the system.

  • T&A4Flames

    Baertschi, Granlund, Ortio, Gaudreau, Wotherspoon, Poirier,Reinhart, Knight, Gillies, Klimchuk, Kulak, Arnold, Agostino, Billins, Cundari.

    I put a stronger emphasis on experience and showings (small samples) at the pro and most importantly NHL level. HEnce why I have guys like Granlund and Ortio ahead of Gaudreau.

    I too agree that Monahan is likely considered graduated.

    • loudogYYC

      I too put more emphasis on big picture rather than raw potential but I will keep Monahan on the list for two major reasons; one age (23) was the age mentioned and he still has a fair amount of growth in his body and strentgh to do before he has arrived and secondly because I do fear the sopohmore jinx. Granlund is next as he had the best AHL season before his call up, prior to being injured he looked NHL ready and he has probably been their best forward since he went back down, After that I would go Gaudreau, Sven, Ortio, Wotherspoon, Knight, Rhino as all ready to push for spots on the team during the upcoming season, then Poirier, Arnold, Klimchuk, Agostino, Kulak, Gilles, Jankowski and Kanzig.

  • T&A4Flames

    Of the top 10 teams with the best prospect pools there are several who have D and RW prospects that could be of interest for the Flames.

    They are BUF, DAL, NYI, ANA, CLB and DET. FLA has RW but no D. A trade with these teams, whether to move up in the 2014 Draft and/or to add depth prospects, could be good trading partners based on what they have stockpiled.

    Also of interest..PHX appears to have less depth across most positions of interest to the the Flames so trading prospect likely won’t be happening in the near future.

    • T&A4Flames

      BUF- Armia, DAL- Chaisson, NYI- Colberg?, I think Gudbranson could be had for a bargain, especially if they pick Ekblad. A change of scenery could do him well. What would it take to get any of these guys? I would still give up a lot to get Coyle in a Flames jersey.

  • loudogYYC

    I like that the official FN list doesn’t come out till Thursday, gives us plenty of time to discuss.

    My top 15 based on impact at their position, NHL readiness, age and performance:

    1-Monahan 2-Gaudreau 3-Baertschi 4-Poirier 5-Granlund 6-Reinhart 7-Wotherspoon 8-Ortio 9-Knight 10-Arnold 11-Klimchuk 12-Ferland 13-Gillies 14-Culkin 15-Jankowski

  • loudogYYC

    Let’s put David Wolf on this list (I know he is 24 years old but has not played for the flames).

    As of this afternoon; the DEL season is over.

    Announce the Wolf signing already Burke…….I mean Treliving!!!!!


  • Jeff Lebowski

    1.Johnny Gaudreau
    2.Sven Baertshci
    3.Mark Jankowski
    4.Markus Granlund
    5.Emile Poirier
    6.Max Reinhart
    7.Michael Ferland
    8.Corban Knight
    9.Morgan Klimchuck
    10.Kenny Agostino
    11.Bill Arnold
    12.Tyler Wotherspoon
    13.Brett Kulak
    14.Joni Ortio
    15.Jon Gillies

    I’m hoping this year’s pick will top the list. I ranked them in terms of offensive ceiling but threw in the goalies cause who knows with goalies – ha!

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    1. Monahan 2. Gaudreau 3. Sven 4. Poirier 5. Granlund 6. Ortio 7. Gillies 8. Wotherspoon 9. Reinhart 10. Klimchuk 11. Knight 12. Jankowski 13. Arnold 14. Kulak 15. Sieloff/Agostino

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    1. Monahan
    2. Gaudreau
    3. Granlund
    4. Poirier
    5. Ortio
    6. Sven
    7. Reinhart
    8. Wotherspoon
    9. Gillies
    10. Arnold
    11. Ferland
    12. Jankowski
    13. Knight
    14. Klimchuk
    15. Sieloff