AHL Board Approves Heat Move To Glens Falls, NY


In a move that was preceded by a lot of chatter, the American Hockey League’s Board of Governors have approved the move of the Abbotsford Heat to Glens Falls, NY, where they’re expected to play in the Glens Falls Civic Center.

The Flames formally announced the board’s decision via a press release earlier this afternoon.

Flames GM Brad Treliving released a statement as part of the press release:

“Glens Falls has had a
terrific history with the American Hockey League and will be an ideal
location and environment for the development of our prospects. When we announced on April 15th our
discontinuation of operations in the City of Abbotsford, we had a few
options available to us and there was much speculation about Glens
There has been a high level of interest demonstrated to ensure
the AHL remains in that market. We look forward to finalizing details
and beginning this new partnership.”

More details about the move will be coming in the near future, as (per the release) the Flames still need to finalize their deal with the city. A press conference in Glens Falls in tentatively scheduled for next week.

    • Jeff Lebowski

      Then no Granlund, Wotherspoon and Horak.

      How do people think BT/BB are going to structure roster?

      -2 scoring lines + 1 energy-checking line + 1 goon line
      -3 scoring lines + 1 energy/goon line

      I want to see a 3 scoring line (I want all the lines to score but that doesn’t seem to fit Burke’s philosophy) set up.

      I think this is how Hartley likes to play (and this point is what concerns me about BT. Is this a potential philosophical divide?). I think his system is about getting all players to make plays and have fun (and be fun to watch!).

      I hope Calgary can ice a team that is noticeably faster next year – not just guys who can cover ice defensively by skating well – but guys like Byron who actually push the pace and put teams on their heels.

      • beloch

        Oh, I agree that the Flames have come out of the Erixon debacle ahead. It’s Erixon who lost.

        As for team structure… I’d like to see the team be able to roll four lines without getting murdered. Rest makes good players better.

        • I totally agree with rolling four lines and have outlined the reasons at least once. With no superstars at this time this team would be the most competitive and do the most development possible by rolling 4 lines.(Basic set up based upon what the organization currently has is: Solid two way centers(we have 4/5 of them currently with different experience and offensive upsides), skilled left wingers(we have again 4/5 smallish skilled players taht fit that mold) and bigger,physical and somewhat abbrassive RW(some have more skills than others)

          I’m happy they have a home, hopefully it will be a good fit and that they never go back to sharing an AHL team again. I wonder how much cheaping out in the past in development hurt this organization over the long run. Now we just need to resign Ward who has done an excellent job developing the prospects.A good draft year and the development of the current prospects and things look on the upswing.

        • Jeff Lebowski

          Quite right, I should have easily deduced that from your original statement.

          This team will dress 2 enforcers. I hope we see 3 scoring lines with one being a kid line.

          I think a lot of fans want to see the integration of youth but when you look at the org depth chart ….. Which shoes drop?

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Yeah I always kind of thought “the Heat” was a really bland name. Hopefully they take the opportunity to go for something more original, intimidating, and exciting.

    Of course, it’s just as likely we’ve seen the birth of the Glens Falls Flames

  • prendrefeu

    I live fairly close to Glens Falls. If history is an indicator, odds are that the team will be called the Adirondack (insert team nickname here) rather than the Glens Falls (insert team nickname here).