What’s Your Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime?


We’re back with Scotiabank and their ScotiaHockey NHL Debit promotion. Last time I talked about the actual experience of getting the card and touched on the benefits of having and using the card itself. Well, today I’d like to focus on the three prizes I’m most excited to have the chance to win.

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Every time you use your ScotiaHockey NHL Debit card, you’ll be entered into a variety of different draws and you’ll have a chance to win multiple prizes. I’ve already used my Flames-specific card about 30 times, so I’ve had that many entries into Scotiabank’s Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime contest.

My hockey adventure of a lifetime – at least for this year – would be to see Jarome Iginla finally win the Stanley Cup that is so rightfully his. I would travel to any place with an ice rink to see this happen, to be honest. I’d also like a set of all of the Flames’ game day gear, to play thumb wars with Brian Burke and demand of Ken King that in the new arena the press box will have an actual, real floor that is concrete and not just hanging 80 feet in the air suspended by 8 rebars bolted to the roof.

This is obviously the big prize here: if you win the Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime contest, you’ll have the opportunity to take in a game of the Stanley Cup Finals live and have the opportunity to attend behind the scenes experiences like a private viewing of the Stanley Cup, attendance at a team practice and/or a private arena tour. You’ll also have your accommodations and flights taken care of and Scotiabank is gonna hook ya up with $500 in spending cash. The other grand prize is the chance to go to next season’s NHL Face-Off and experience the same behind the scenes benefits. The Stanley Cup tickets are definitely what I want here.

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The second group of prizes are free tickets to hockey games, which is always great: you’re going to be at hockey games anyways, why not put the hundred you’d spend on the tickets towards the beer that’ll make it more tolerable?

Lastly, Scotiabank is giving away fifty $50 gift cards to shop.nhl.canada.com every month, which is cool because I want one of those grey hoodies you always see the Flames wearing but they cost like $100 and my girlfriend would kill me if I spent that much on a hoodie. Uh, where were we? Oh yeah. More free stuff.

Just visit your local Scotiabank and get the card already.