World Championship Round-Up, Week 1

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We’re just about at the one-week mark at the annual IIHF World Hockey Championships in Minsk, Belarus. There are many, many Flames properties at the tournament, so in the interest of answering your “How are they doing” questions, here’s a quick rundown of their tournaments thus far.


Backlund was player of the game for his team against Denmark and serves as an alternate captain.

Sweden’s won all four of their games thus far (one of ’em in extra time). They sit in first place in their group, just ahead of Canada.

Opponent G A P +/- S TOI
Denmark 2 0 2 +2 5 15:04
Czech Rep. 1 1 2 -1 3 18:26
Norway 0 0 0 E 3 16:38
France 0 0 0 +1 6 18:11


Sven broke a rib (or some ribs) in his first game and had to go home.

With no Sven, Switzerland has been…not great. They’ve lost three of their four games and aren’t expected to repeat their medal performance from last year.

Opponent G A P +/- S TOI
Russia 0 0 0 E 2 7:05


Don’t get your hopes up, but Gaudreau has been one of Team USA’s best players. Even when the team got lit up by the Russians, Johnny Hockey had a decent game.

Team USA has won twice and lost twice, and sits in fourth place. However, if Finland beats Belarus (using up both teams games-in-hand), they’d push the USA into fifth place and out of a quarterfinals berth. In other words – stop messing around, America. (Update: this did happen.)

Opponent G A P +/- S TOI
Belarus 1 2 3 +1 2 17:28
Switzerland 0 0 0 -1 3 16:08
Russia 0 0 0 E 1 14:51
Latvia 0 1 1 E 4 19:16


Hudler hasn’t been the best Czech player, but he’s been quietly productive. In four games, the Czechs have a regulation win, an OT win, a regulation loss and an OT loss. They’re in third place in Group A.

Opponent G A P +/- S TOI
Slovakia 0 1 1 E 2 13:51
Sweden 1 0 1 -1 3 18:41
Canada 0 1 1 +1 1 15:03
Italy 0 1 1 +1 2 23:06


Monahan’s the 13th forward for Team Canada. He’s barely played, but he hasn’t played poorly. Canada’s won three of four, losing one game in OT to the French. They’re in second place in Group A.

Opponent G A P +/- S TOI
France 0 0 0 E 1 3:01
Slovakia 0 0 0 +2 0 9:18
Czech Rep. 0 1 1 E 1 12:11
Denmark 0 0 0 E 2 8:47
  • DragonFlame

    Too bad Monahan isnt playing more but I love hearing about him getting high praise from Tippet in his limited ice-time.

    Gaudreau and Backlund playing huge roles for their teams is great to see.

    Too bad for Sven, but other than that I feel like the other 3 will grow from this experience!

    Heres hoping for a CAN vs Sweden/USA final!

  • FeyWest

    Yeh sucks Mony isn’t playing more but has had steady play and making the best of his chances. But I guess that happens with a more depth team. Wish there was a bit more coverage on the goings on of Canada (or atleast forum coverage).

    Happy to hear and see Gaudreau playing his game and having success, I have a feeling he’d have some more success with just a lil more experienced guys but still the US has been a decent team just not spectacular. All the highlights I’ve seen from Johnny have been pure skill love all the gifs Ive seen!

    Fun Fact: He attributes the support of Chris Kreiders tips when he (Gaudreau) was a freshman, on creating offense using screens created by the opposing team.

    Backlund is awesome too should really provide even more swagger to his game come next year!

    Too bad for Sven…. He can’t catch a break!

    Hudler… Steady as she goes hahah 😀 love it.