Johnny Gaudreau: Worlds Highlight Reel

The round robin of the IIHF World Hockey Championships have finished up today. The good news is that all Flames participants in the event – Czech Republic’s Jiri Hudler, Canada’s Sean Monahan, USA’s Johnny Gaudreau and Sweden’s Mikael Backlund – have qualified for Thursday’s quarterfinals.

The better news is that Johnny Gaudreau, the most pint-sized of Calgary’s undersized forward prospects, has been on an absolute tear.

Gaudreau had 10 points in the round robin, third overall behind Russia’s Victor Tikhonov and France’s Antoine Roussel. He leads the entire tournament in both assists…and sweet dangles.

The USA opens the quarters against the Czech Republic. Canada plays Finland. Sweden plays Belarus. Russia draws France.

  • Rockmorton65

    I wonder if there’s a way we could get 1st overall without giving up 4th? I wonder if a package up to and including Baertchi, Hudler, Wideman/Klimchuk, Cgy 2014 2nd & 2014 Col 2nd would get Fla to listen?

    I’d tell them to take their pick of 2-4 players/prospects not named Monahan, Giordano, Gaudreau or Brodie and any 1-2 picks except our 2014 or 2015 firsts.

    My judgement may be off on this. The idea of getting Ekblad AND one of the Sam’s has me feeling like I just had a really good Jack & Coke.

    • supra steve

      Several speculated last year about the same scenario (trading for #1 overall and keeping #6). It’s NOT gonna happen!

      Could they use the #4 pick in a package to trade up to #1 overall? Perhaps, but last season Feaster offered his 3 first rounders (#6, 22, & 28) to COL for the #1 overall and that offer was rejected. It’s like trading a car, sometimes when you get to the lot and learn what the difference is (price wise) between your 2012 and the new 2014 on the lot…you end up going home in the 2012.

      Also, it is entirely possible that the Flames expect that they are going to get their first or second choice with the #4 overall pick, as I have not seen a clear consensus on what the order of the top 3 picks will be.

      • Rockmorton65

        People often quote Feaster’s offer of 3 first rounders. Don’t forget that was for Mackinnon/Jones. As far as I can tell, no one in this draft approaches that level.

        I agree with you though, the price to move up probably wouldn’t be worth it.

        • supra steve

          Agreed, Mackinnon quality player is not on the table this year. Thing about last year though, the players we got at #6, 22, and 28 were also better then what is going to be available this year at those picks(at least that’s the way I see it).

          I don’t think it would be a good move to pay the price that would be required to move from 4th to 1st.

          Also, I really don’t think the Flames would be willing to pay the price to get that #1 overall (while keeping #4), as it’s not going to be a package like Wideman and Glencross that gets the deal done. More like Gaudreau and or Monahan plus, and that’s more then they can/should pay.

          • MonsterPod

            It becomes an appetite thing & when you already have # 4, you just don’t feel the need to spend to get that pick. I am all for the acquisition of that pick if it included GlenX & or Wideman & or Sven. But other teams will pay more & have a bigger appetite for that #1 pick. If it was Mackinnon/Jones that’s different. I suspect that Panthers want that type of return & plan to use the hype at these drafts to make a GM make a misstep in acquiring that pick. I would like to acquire the Islanders #5 pick, wonder what it would take as they have young prospects up the Kazoo & may want the type of vets Flames could dangle. Hudler + a 2nd would be a nice addition for them. Wideman or Russell & both our 2nds for that 1st would be sweet for us but may work for them. That 1st is going to have such a whacko asking price, Florida will wind up using it themselves.

            Turn it around, what would we expect for our #4 pick. Probably not that much less than the #1 pick. Someone is really going to covet what falls to us. Who knows, maybe a deal we cant turn down gets dropped on BT’s lap.

          • supra steve

            Agreed, Isles could be interested in moving that pick for something that helps them NOW (nice thought). Not sure what it would require exactly, but I’m thinking more than Hudler and our 2nd (at least I would expect a lot more for our #4). But that is an idea that I hope they explore.

  • Rockmorton65

    I’m getting very impatient for the draft and development camp to start. I think the flames are going to clean up in the prospects tournament this year too.

    I personally don’t think it would be worth it to trade for the 1st pick if it involved trading away the 4rd. But if the Flames can get 1 and keep 4 that’d be excellent.

  • I would love to see the Flames pick up #1 overall (in addition to #4), however, I’d be surprised if BBBT pulled it off.

    I don’t see the Flames being able to (or willing to) pay the same price that another team, who doesn’t have a top 5 pick already, would be willing to pay.

  • Michael

    It sounds like the first overall pick might be in play, but the Flames would have to pay a steep price, their fourth overall pick a major piece, likely one of Backlund, Brodie or Johnny G. I doubt Sven would be enough. It would be a pretty big move for a rookie GM. I’m not sure that it would be worth the cost.

  • FeyWest

    I’m pretty sure Burke said he won’t be trading the 4th overall pick as he doesn’t see a massive skill difference between one player and the rest. And unfortunately there are too many variables in play that trading our vets for picks is probably off the table due to cap restrictions.

    All that’s left is trading our up and coming skilled prospects and imo it’s not worth it in this draft, McDavid or Eichel level guys? worth considering.

    Florida wants the 5-7th ranged pick and prospects for #1

  • MonsterPod

    I guess it all comes down to what Burke thinks of Ekblad. He moved up with the Whalers to take Pronger. If Ekblad is Pronger 2.0 then do it. If not, then you’re looking at forwards, mostly centers. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus between Dal Colle, Bennett, Reinhart, or even Draisatl.

    The move to #1 would only be to get Ekblad, in my mind, not Reinhart. There is apparently a Jones in this draft (Ekblad) but there’s no MacKinnon.